Renton riding his motorcycle into BellForest.

Eureka Seven begins in the location of Bellforest . It is also the city where Renton Thurston grew up and lives with his grandfather, who runs a local garage in the city. He initially lived in Bellforest with his father, older sister, and grandfather, but after the "death" of his father, Adroc Thurston, he was raised by his grandfather and sister, Diane Thurston, until she too disappeared. Although the city appears normal, despite some unkept parts, Renton calls it a dirty and boring city, and his dislike towards it never wavered throughout the series.

Renton's hatred for the city stems from the fact that there is a negligent amount of trapar in Bellforest, making it very dificult for lifting and other trapar powered machinery to function. There has been only one hill within the city with good trapar concentrations, which was hailed as Renton's favorite spot, until it was claimed as test land by the military. Coincidentally, it is the same city where Holland Novak started lifting when he was fourteen-years-old.

Despite his hatred towards the city and his desire to escape from it, in episode 47, Renton told Diane that he would like to take Eureka back to Bellforest to live with him, and raise the children with her as a family there. By the end of the series, Bellforest becomes the home of Maurice, Maeter and Linck after Renton entrusts them in Axel's care until he and Eureka return. A year after the final battle, it is presumed that Renton and Eureka returned to Bellforest to get married and raise their adopted children. In Eureka Seven: AO, Renton and Eureka are still living in Bellforest with their family (minus their biological son (who lives in an alternate universe) and daughter (who died as an infant)).

Known ResidentsEdit

  • Renton Thurston - Main male protagonist.
  • Diane Thurston - Older sister of Renton. Former resident, disappeared.
  • Axel Thurston - Grandfather of Renton and Diane.
  • Adroc Thurston - Father of Renton and Diane. Former resident, disappeared.
  • Eureka Thurston - Wife of Renton. Moved after marrying Renton.
  • Maurice Thurston - Adopted son of Renton and Eureka. Moved after being adopted by Renton.
  • Maeter Thurston - Adopted daughter of Renton and Eureka. Moved after being adopted by Renton.
  • Linck Thurston - Adopted son of Renton and Eureka. Moved after being adopted by Renton.
  • Ao Thurston - Son of Renton and Eureka. Almost a resident, but lives in alternate universe.
  • Amber Thurston - Daughter of Renton and Eureka. Former resident, deceased.
  • Rose Thurston - Grandmother of Renton and Diane. Former resident, deceased.
  • Blau Thurston - Mother of Renton and Diane. Moved after marrying Adroc; former resident, deceased.