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Call It What You Want (Ao's Cavern)
The Sea Giant


Japanese Airdate

19 April, 2012

English Airdate

13 August, 2013

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Call It What You Want (コール・イット・ホワット・ユー・ウォント Kōru Itto Howatto Yū Wonto) (Ao's Cavern) is the second episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO.

The episode title is a reference to the song "Call It What You Want" by Tesla.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Secret continues its attack on Iwato island. With Gazelle's help, Ao pilots an IFO being transported by the Japanese Navy and uses it to defeat the Secret, his hair changing color to turquoise in the battle, all while Team Pied Piper pilots watch, realizing that the IFO is the first ever model made, Mark I.


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