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Christophe Blanc
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Episode 1

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Episode 19

Voiced by:

Rokurō Naya


Chuck Huber

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Generation Bleu


Truth (former)

Christophe Blanc (クリストフ・ブラン Kurisutofu Buran) is a character from the anime series Eureka Seven: AO. He is the President of Generation Bleu, an international agency that combats Secrets with IFO's. He is the father of the IFO pilot, and Pied Piper member, Fleur Blanc, who he shares an estranged relationship with.


Despite being the President of Generation Bleu, Christophe Blanc is unshaven and dresses a bit unformally compared to the rest of the Generation Bleu employees. He is almost always wearing a blue suit, with a crooked tie. He has brown hair, and is fairly tall, standing only a few inches shorter than the massive Ivica Tanović.

Character BiographyEdit

Not much is known of Christophe Blanc's history before he became the President of Generation Bleu, except he was the CEO of a French aeronautics business before the Scub Burst at Okinawa prior to the events of AO. Sometime after Fleur was born, she and her mother were caught in a FP accident. Under unusual circumstances, Christophe Blanc had to choose who the doctors would save, as both were near-death and in critical condition. Blanc chose to save Fleur, his daughter, who hated him ever since, as she perceived the incident as Blanc "killing" her mother. He dies in an attempt to destroy Truth by using the rest of the Quartz in the Generation Bleu HQ via a "confluence explosion", which was proven to be in vain as Truth survives the blast. He leaves his position as CEO of Generation Bleu to Fleur after his death.

On the Final OVA entitled: One More Time, Christophe was alive, albeit injured and had waited for the right time to save Ao, with Fleur being the current president of Generation Bleu. He told her about the time she met time leaping Ao as a child. By using records of Ao's sightings in various locations and times, he concluded that Ao was under the influence of Quartz's time properties. He eventually starts his plan "Operation Astral Ocean", with Fleur and the real Elena Peoples as the main pilots of the operation. The operation was successful, with Ao and Truth being cleansed from the Quartz's time effects, allowing both of them to finally materialize in the world.
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