Compac Drive

A Compac Drive (コンパク(魂魄)・ドライヴ Konpaku Doraivu) is a device used mainly to allow a human to interface with machinery, such as Light Finding Operations, vehicles (i.e. cars and motorcycles) and computers. While there is little information as to the exact nature of the Compac Drive, it appears that it acts as an interface with whatever it is hooked up to, from simple machines, such as motorcycles, to more advanced heavy machinery, such as LFOs. Norb described these devices as "amplifiers" of the planet's thoughts (the trapar waves), and that their name is derived from kon (meaning soul), which is attracted to the planet, and paku (meaning body), which is attracted to people. Certain individuals, like Eureka and Anemone, are able to interface with LFOs without the need for a Compac drive. This is because of their connection with the Scub Coral; they are able to communicate directly with the Nirvash's archetype as a result.

The Amita Drive, an extension for the Compac Drive is able to be attached it. Once attached, the Amita Drive cannot normally be removed. It is used to start the "Satori Program", or otherwise, cause a Seven Swell Phenomenon.

A Compac Drive makes an appearance in Eureka Seven: AO, along with the Amita Drive while being attached to the Nirvash TypeZERO.

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