E7: 10,000 years prior to 12004

  • The Scub Coral arrives on Earth after crashing into a satellite and landing in the Pacific Ocean. They fused with sea creatures and approached the humans to establish communication.
  • The humans leave Earth because they were afraid of the Scub Coral, believing it to be a threat and not understanding it wanted to communicate with them.
  • Lonely, the Scub Coral fused with the planet and any other lifeforms left on it.

E7: 3,000 years prior to 12004

  • The humans return to Earth after living in outer space for 7,000 years.
  • The Scub Coral hides itself in order to prevent the humans from leaving again. Because of this, the humans believe they have landed on a new planet, not Earth.
  • Some of the Scub Coral began to wake up after being dormant since the humans' return. If all the Scub Coral had woken up, the Limit of Questions would have been reached, causing a tear in the universe and everything would have been sucked into a black hole. The Scub Coral prevented this by forcing itself back into a dormant state, but a scar was left on the Earth, which is later revealed to be the Great Wall.

E7: 11924

  • The Scub Coral creates the first humanoid Coralian, Sakuya. She is mistaken as a messiah by the Vodarac tribe, and as a result, she becomes somewhat of a God to them and others are banned from interacting with her, which will go on for 40 years.

E7: June 19, 11937

  • Axel Thurston is born. He later marries a woman named Rose, has a son named Adroc and becomes a trapar miner before becoming the world's most famous mechanic by inventing the first ref board.

E7: 11961

  • Ken-Goh is born. As an adult, he serves in the Federation military and becomes the owner of the Gekkostate ship.

E7: 11964

  • Mischa is born.
  • Norb, a Vodarac priest, is assigned to be Sakuya's caretaker, but instead, they fall in love. When their relationship is discovered, they are rushed to the Great Wall in hopes of reuniting the humans and Scub Coral. They were unable to pass through the Great Wall and reach the promised land, causing her to turn into a lotus flower buld and him having a Compac Drive inserted into his chest.
  • Through his connection with Sakuya via the Compac Drive, Norb receives a prophecy that another humanoid Coralian named Eureka will be born and find a human partner, and together, the two will unite the humans and Scub Coral as one.

E7: 11968

  • Dewey Novak is born. As the first son of the prestigious Novak family that practices patricide sacrifices to "calm" the planet, he was expected to become the next Sacrificial King.

E7: 11973

E7: 11974

E7: 11975

  • Hap is born.
  • Holland, Dewey's younger brother, is born. His mother dies during the delivery and he is declared the new Sacrificial King by his father

E7: 11976

E7: 11978

  • Talho Yūki is born.
  • At 3-years-old, Holland meets Hap and they become best friends.
  • Adroc Thurston enters in the military as a scientist and marries a woman named Blau.

E7: 11979

E7: 11982

  • Dewey murders his father in cold blood to become the next Sacrificial King, but the planet rejected him, causing him and Holland to be kicked out and left homeless. (As they grow into adulthood, Dewey entered the military and Holland became a famous ref board rider and went on several world tours joining the military to be near his brother.)

E7: 11984

E7: 11986

E7: 11987

E7: 11988

E7: 11989

  • Gidget is born.
  • Holland meets Diane and develop an infatuation with each other, but they quickly part ways.

E7: February 28, 11990

  • Renton Thurston is born as the son of Adroc Thurston. His mother dies during childbirth.

E7: 11990

  • Eureka is born as the second humanoid Coralian to observe the humans. She was found in a trapar mine with a mecha archetype by scientists from Tresor Laboratory.
  • The first LFO is created and named the Nirvash TypeZERO. Eureka becomes its' pilot after it rejected every human who attempted to pilot it beforehand.
  • Eureka is placed in Adroc's care and he teaches her how to walk, talk, think, and fly the Nirvash.
  • As part of his research on Eureka and the Nirvash, Adroc develops the Amita Drive that can awaken Nirvash's true power upon being connected with a Compac Drive.
  • Adroc develops the Ageha Plan as his research on the Scub Coral leads him to conclude that it is a sentient being that seeks co-existence with the humans. However, his findings are rejected by the Sage Council and military leaders.

E7: September, 11994

  • During an experiment with Eureka on unleashing the Nirvash's most powerful weapon, the Seven Swell Phenomenon, the First Summer of Love occurred and would have destroyed the planet.
  • Adroc sacrificed himself to stop it, and after no trace of him is found, he is declared dead. The chaos from this event resulted in confusion among the human population and several civil wars.
  • As a result of the civil war, numerous casualties occur, including the parents of Dominic and Anemone; Jurgens' wife and two daughters also perish. Many cities and towns are left in ruins and refugees are scattered.
  • Eureka is taken into the Federation military and assigned to the SOF (Special Operation Forces) by Dewey Novak. She is then placed in the care of Holland who trains her to be an obedient child soldier.
  • The Sage Council orders that the Ageha Plan be sealed to prevent the human population from panicking about the Scub Coral being a living being.
  • Holland and Diane reunite after Adroc's funeral and date briefly.

E7: 11996

  • Diane ends her relationship with Holland and leaves Renton in the care of their grandfather in order to continue with their father's research on the Scub Coral. Afterwards, she mysteriously disappears.

E7: Between 11994 and 12001

  • Holland and Talho meet and begin a relationship. Before dating Holland, Talho had relations with Dewey, which ended when he rejected her.
  • Holland meets and befriends Charles and Ray Beams, and the three served in the military together. For reasons unknown, their friendship strained and set out to kill each other.
  • Mischa marries Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan, a famous Tresor scientist, but they later divorce.
  • Many young girls are struck with Despair Sickness. One of them, a child Anemone, is taken into the military, sent to the Joy Division laboratory in Warsaw, and experimented on into becoming an artificial Coralian.
  • Ruri is left orphaned and homeless by the war in the aftermath of the Summer of Love. However, she receives a ref board from a well-known lifter named Robby Flame, who notices her potential as a lifter. As a result, Ruri strives to be a lifter by entering in lifting contests, but is prevented because girls are banned.
  • As a teenager, Ruri begins posing as a male under the alias "B.B." to enter in lifting contests, and wins several awards and earns herself a famous reputation among other lifters.

E7: 11999

E7: 12000

  • Maeter is born.
  • Sumner is 14-years-old and is expected to enter in military school in order to become a decorated soldier like the rest of his family. However, he dreams of becoming a famous lifter like his idol, B.B.. However, he is unaware that the teenage girl, Ruri, he accidentally meets through an awkward encounter but fell in love with at first sight is actually B.B.. He is also inspired by his older brother, Torino, who dreams of joining the airliners to be a lifter.
  • Sumner receives his first lift board and attempts to pass through his former favorite lifting spot, which is now occupied for military testing, with his friends. However, when they are caught by a few soldiers, Torino murders a soldier who was the brother of one of Sumner's friends. As a result, Sumner doubts who he can really believe in.
  • The Sturgeon family disowns Torino to avoid a scandal for his actions and the military covers the murder up by classifying it as an accident. When Torino shows no remorse and plans to leave the family to pursue his dreams with his girlfriend, Sumner says he never wants to see him ever again and gives up lifting, and agrees to enter in the military academy.

E7: 12001

  • Linck is born.
  • Sumner enters into military school to train as a soldier, where he makes several new friends and begins to lift again.
  • Ruri is recruited into military school due to her excellent skills in lifting and is discovered to have a talent in being an LFO pilot. However, while she recognizes Sumner, he doesn't know her as B.B..
  • The SOF is assigned to kill all the people living at Ciudades del Cielo under the assumption they were terrorists. After destroying the city and killing several people, Eureka found Maurice, Maeter, and Linck traumatized but still alive, and after realizing that she was killing people, she rescued them and decided to stop fighting.
  • Holland encounters Norb, who tells him that Eureka is a Coralian and she must find her a human partner in order to create a co-existence between the humans and Scub Coral. Thinking that he will one day become her partner, Holland decides to take Eureka and run away from the military to stop Dewey from destroying the world via eliminating the Scub Coral.
  • Dewey is blamed for Holland's deflection, is striped of his rank, and is imprisoned by the military.
  • Holland forms the Gekkostate with Eureka, Talho, Hap, and Ken-Goh. The kids come along due to Eureka informally adopting them.
  • Ruri learns the dark secrets within the military and quits, and joins forces with the Vodarac.
  • Sumner meets and befriends Moondoggie, who is searching for the Gekkostate and dreams of joining the crew. Sumner is assigned to protect the Capital tower from the Vodarac, where he reunites with Ruri.
  • Ruri is secretly working with the Gekkostate to secure the Nirvash and deliver it to Holland, which puts her at odds with Sumner who is supposed to protect the tower from any form of terrorist attacks.
  • When Ruri is shot by his captain, Sumner realizes his feelings for her and the lies of the military, and quickly deflects from the military to save Ruri.
  • Sumner agrees to help Ruri steal the Nirvash TypeZERO from the military and deliver it to Holland, and they part ways in midst of the mission. After the mission is complete, Holland offered him an invitation to join his new group, the Gekkostate. Sumner declines joining them and decides to travel in order to find Ruri.

E7: Between 12001 and 12004

  • Matthieu, Hilda, Woz, Jobs, Mischa, Gidget, and Gonzy are recruited to join the Gekkostate.

E7: April, 12004

  • Moondoggie is recruited by the Gekkostate but deflects soon after due to mistreatment from the crew. He briefly meets up with Sumner and Ruri, who have reunited and became involved with the Azure, which are refboard manufactures.
  • Sumner, Ruri, and Moondoggie discover a conspiracy among the Azure with the military, led by Steven Bisson (former friend of Sumner's) and Robby Flame (idol and friend of Ruri's) who plan to use the Compac Feedback Systems of LFOs to cause mass destruction. Eventually, the three defeat Steven and Flame.
  • Moondoggie decides to return to the Gekkostate, and Sumner and Ruri continued their traveling.
  • Renton is 14 and leads a normal but boring life with his grandfather. After Nirvash crashes into the Thurston Garage under the guise of getting repairs in order to retrieve the Amita Drive, he meets Eureka and falls in love with her at first sight.
  • He is given the task of giving her the Amita Drive, which activates the second Seven Swell due to his overwhelming desire to protect Eureka from being captured by the military.
  • Holland and Eureka invite Renton to join the Gekkostate, which he agrees in order to be with Eureka.
  • Renton's time on the Gekko is intense; he is ignored by his crew mates, pranked on by Eureka's adopted children, and abused physically and emotionally by Holland whenever he makes a mistake. On top of all that, Eureka, who doesn't understand emotions and human nature, doesn't reciprocate his feelings. Despite this, he remains on the ship to train as an LFO pilot, and gradually, his skills rival against Eureka's. He is assigned to co-pilot the Nirvash with Eureka.
  • The Sage Council release Dewey from prison, promote him to Colonel, and provide him the means to advance the strength of the Federation military.
  • Dewey obtains Anemone from Joy Division laboratory after she completes the last transformation of becoming an artificial humanoid Coralian and presents her with the Nirvash type TheEND, making her the pilot.
  • Dominic joins the military under Dewey's wing, is promoted to second lieutenant, and is assigned to be Anemone's caretaker. He gradually falls in love with her, but she rejects him.
  • Jurgens is promoted to captain and made the commander of the Izumo ship, with Dominic as part of the officers.

E7: April-September, 12004

  • Eureka's health begins to decline after the Gekkostate encounters a Kute Coralian.
  • Renton and Eureka encounter Anemone and she becomes their first enemy.
  • In their first battle against Anemone, she, along with Renton and Eureka, unknowingly enter the Zone, where they have dreams or hallucinations.
  • After the first battle with Anemone, which left her and Eureka unconscious from the effects of the Zone, Renton and Dominic put their differences aside to get medicine for the girls, and Dominic developed a personal interest in Renton's past and character.

E7: September, 12004

  • The Gekkostate arrives at a trapar mine called FAC-51 to repair the Gekko.
  • Due to Holland's concern for Eureka's problems and jealousy for her relationship with Renton, he frequently beats the boy and tries everything he can to keep them apart.
  • Eureka's relationship with Renton begins to decline when she starts to think the Nirvash has come to favor him over her, and wanting to return things the way they were before she met him, she removes the Amita Drive from Nirvash, causing her to go into the depths of the trapar mines.
  • She attempts to allow the Scub Coral to absorb her, but is saved by Renton and left encased in scubs.
  • Holland rescues a Vodarac priest to heal Eureka but his rescue operation is botched when he is attacked by KLFs, and Renton saves him, but his hatred for Holland overcomes him and he brutally destroys the KLFs. When he calms down, Renton is horrified to learn that he had been killing people every time he destroys a KLF.
  • After Eureka is healed, Holland blames Renton for Eureka's problems in order to convince the rest of the crew to agree with him that Renton deserves to be kicked off of the ship, but they know he is just jealous of Renton and pinning the blame on him to force him away.
  • Renton's guilt is too much when he realizes all the people he's killed in combat, being apart from Eureka, and being mistreated by the crew. Thinking he is hated by everyone, Renton believes he made a mistake by joining the Gekkostate and decides to leave.
  • The crew discovers that Renton is gone but they are not concerned, believing he simply wants attention and would eventually come back, and don't want to tell Eureka because they know she will take it badly and its Holland's responsibility as their leader to tell her.
  • After wondering around for a couple of days, Renton meets Charles and Ray Beams, who invite him to live with them. Renton comes to view them as family and feels happy for the first time in months.
  • Pressured by Talho, Holland is forced to tell Eureka about Renton's departure.
  • Feeling guilty for how mean she was to him, she takes over his chores and discovers a desire to see him again. Everyone notices a change in her and suspect that she is in love with Renton.
  • Mischa tells Holland that her research indicates that the Nirvash will only function when Renton and Eureka are piloting it together, which makes everyone understand that Renton is indeed an important crew member, but Holland still rejects this.
  • Renton discovers the Beams' connection to Holland and they are on a mission to capture Eureka and the Gekko, and they discover that Renton is Adroc's son, a former member of the Gekkostate, and is in love with Eureka, whom they despise. Renton leaves the couple to warn the Gekkostate.
  • While trying to locate the Gekko, Renton meets William B. Baxter and his wife, Martha, who suffers from the Despair Sickness. William teaches Renton that the loved ones of the victims suffer more than those infected. With this in mind, Renton develops a new sense of maturity and vows to keep his word.
  • Seeing Eureka depressed without Renton, being told the Nirvash needs both her and Renton to function, and pressed by Talho that he needs to accept that Eureka has chosen Renton, Holland promises Eureka that he will bring Renton back for her. Instead, he learns about the Beams' coming after them and forces the Gekko to change its' course.
  • When confronted by an enraged Eureka, Holland justified his treatment towards Renton as proof of his devotion to her and he insists that she is more important than Renton. But Eureka rejects him and insists that he is wrong, leaving Holland disappointed and frustrated.
  • Having lost her trust in Holland, Eureka leaves the ship to look for Renton herself just as he was returning. She is caught in a dangerous situation against the Beams and is saved by Renton.
  • Renton and Eureka finally confess their feelings and realize being together is the most important.
  • Renton, Eureka, and the children are locked in the brig by Holland, who proceeds to kill Charles in a gun battle after he and Ray invade the Gekko but Ray escapes.
  • While waiting for Ray to attack again, Eureka comforts Renton as he blames himself for Charles' death, and Holland tells Renton that killing Charles was not preventable because SOF soldiers don't know any other way out except death.
  • Ray attempts to kill everyone on the Gekko by colliding her ship with the Gekko in a murder-suicide kamikaze attack, in hope she and Renton can reunite with Charles as a family. She is later killed when Holland destroys her ship.
  • Renton is deeply affected by the Beams' death, and Eureka comforts him as they promise to learn more about each other.
  • The crew comes to respect and accept Renton as a member of the Gekkostate, and Holland drops his abusive attitude towards Renton when he finally accepts him as Eureka's partner. Renton also discovers that Eureka is a Coralian but his love for her continues.
  • The Nirvash is repaired and then upgraded with the help from the Tresor scientists and Dr. Bear, who offers to help the Gekkostate understand the purpose of Eureka's existence and nature of the Scub Coral.
  • Renton learns more about his crew mates' pasts, including Holland's past relationship with his sister and how Eureka came to be Nirvash's pilot. Because Eureka is beginning to understand feelings of guilt and shame, she wishes to no longer fight and Renton takes over her role as Nirvash's pilot.

E7: September-December, 12004

  • Holland and Talho rekindle their relationship, presumably become engaged, and discover they are expecting a child.
  • Dewey forms the Ageha crew and starts firing giant bombs into the Scub Coral, releasing the antibody Coralians, which can destroy anything (including humans) in their path. He does this in order to win the human population's favor and make them think the Scub Coral is a threat.
  • Dewey murders two of the Sages and spares the only one, Coda, who doesn't oppose him and she gives him full authority over the Federation army.
  • Dewey orders that the Ageha Plan be released to the general public so he can gain favor from the human population about his intents to destroy the Scub Coral.
  • Holland decides the Gekkostate should be disbanded and gives them their last mission: retrieve Norb from the military.
  • After completing the mission, Norb tells Holland to get Renton and Eureka to the Great Wall if their feelings are genuine and they may be the ones who can change humanity's fate.
  • The Gekkostate holds a meeting with Norb and Dr. Bear to discuss the true nature of the Scub Coral and of Dewey's efforts and motives to destroy it. They speculate that Dewey wants to activate the Limit of Questions, which will occur when all the Scubs wake up from hibernation and all lifeforms will be absorbed in a black void.

E7: December, 12004

  • They travel to the Vodarac Shrine to get to the Great Wall.
  • With the Nirvash, Norb takes Renton, Eureka, and the children to Sakuya's lair, where she and Norb explain to Renton and Eureka how they fell in love and tried to pass through the Great Wall to reach the promised land but failed.
  • Norb and Sakuya help Renton, Eureka, and the children make their way through the Great Wall and enter the promised land as Anemone attacks them.
  • The Gekkostate deals with the Federation military while Renton, Eureka, and the children discover the promised land is actually Earth, much to their shock.
  • They are unable to leave when Eureka can't communicate with Nirvash and they don't understand why they are on Earth, which frustrates them.
  • Displeased with how Anemone failed to defeat the Nirvash twice, Dewey orders Dominic to travel with Jurgens to Warsaw to find a replcament for theEND, intending on disposing Anemone.
  • After seeing the impact of the war and experiments, Dominic confidents to Captain Jurgesn about his desire to save Anemone, and Jurgens admits his suspicion about Dewey's true intent.
  • Dominic, Jurgens, and the Izumo crew hold a meeting with the Gekkostate, and deciding to revolt against Dewey, the two groups join forces to find Renton and Eureka before Dewey gets to them and stop Dewey from destroying the Command Cluster or else the Limit of Questions will be activated.

E7: January 1, 12005

  • Dewey takes Anemone to a New Year dance party, where he tells her about his childhood, and makes arrangements to send her to the Command Cluster in order to help him activate his new weapon, the Oratorio 8, and destroy the Command Cluster.
  • As a result of her being replaced, Anemone questions the purpose of her existence and her feelings for Dominic. Although she realizes that she is falling in love with him, she believes that he will never understand and she has no point in living.
  • As they get closer to the Scub Command Cluster, Eureka's body begins to change when she develops green spots on her left arm and she distances herself from Renton and the children in fear they will reject her. However, Renton accepts the changes and proves his devotion to her through self-injury.
  • Maurice lashes out at Renton and Eureka because he thinks she loves Renton more than him, Maeter, and Linck, and accuses her of running away from her responsibility in taking care of them after she killed their biological families. He tried to shoot Renton in a jealous rage, but Eureka calmed him down and Renton said he wishes for the kids to consider him as their father because he loves them.

January 2, 12005

  • Renton's wound gets infected and he develops a high fever, and Eureka and the kids take care of him.
  • Eureka undergoes another transformation when her left arm becomes green and pink of a Coralian design and she develops wings.

E7: January 3, 12005

  • Renton and Eureka begin contemplating their future and decide to raise the kids together as a family. The kids also start to fully accept Renton as their father after he tells them how much he loves them and he is fighting to protect them as well.
  • When they arrive at the Command Cluster, they encounter Diane and Renton runs to her, and enters inside a golden library that was created by the Scub Coral.
  • Diane tells Renton about the history of the Scub Coral and the threat of the Limit of Questions if the Command Cluster is destroyed.
  • Diane advises Renton to convince the humans to merge with the Scub Coral in order to escape from the destruction of the Limit of Questions, but Renton disapproves of this and believes the world can be saved if the humans and Scub Coral reconcile.
  • Determined to save the planet, Renton vows to help the humans understand that the Scub Coral wants co-existence with them and wants to use his relationship with Eureka as an example that a co-existence is possible, even though he acknowledges that he and Eureka face ostracism from some people who wont be able to accept her as a Coralian.
  • He then meets with his father, Adroc, who looked after Eureka and the kids.
  • With the support of his family, Renton vows to protect the Command Cluster and leaves with Eureka and the kids.
  • Dewey fires at the Scub Coral to make a void deep enough for Anemone to enter through and reach Earth. Holland tries entering but is forced to fight against KLFs and allows Dominic to pursue her instead.
  • Anemone attacks the Command Cluster and engages in a battle against Renton and Eureka.
  • Renton, Eureka, and the kids discover that Anemone is in pain due to her belief she doesn't deserve to live and her fear that Dominic will never accept her. They attempt to talk to her, but she has trouble listening to them and is about to kill them.
  • Dominic arrives and Anemone saves him from certain death, and they confess their feelings for each other.
  • Dewey fires a missile cannon at the Command Cluster and destroys it, activating the start of the Limit of Questions. The impact of the blast partially destroys Nirvash and theEND is completely destroyed after it sacrificed itself to protect Anemone and Dominic.

E7: January 4, 12005

  • The Gekko arrives to rescue Renton, Eureka, and the children, and Holland engaged in a heated battle against Dewey's ship.
  • After thinking about their options, Renton and Eureka decided to merge with the Scub Coral to become the new Command Cluster and explain to Holland that the Limit of Questions won't occur as long as the Command Cluster is present.
  • Enraged that Renton and Eureka are forced to sacrifice themselves when they are just kids, Holland forces his way onto Dewey's ship and the two engaged in a gun battle.
  • Holland said Dewey is destroying the planet and Dewey justifies his actions because he thought the planet could be redeemed but he now sees it is beyond redemption due to being absorbed by the Scub Coral. He also states that he simply wants to restore the planet's dignity by eliminating the Scub Coral.
  • During the battle, Dewey commits suicide by a gunshot to the head, revealing that he inserted a Compac Drive into his chest to become one with the planet and his death will cause the planet to die. His suicide activates the collar devices Eureka and Anemone wear, and Eureka ultimately transforms into a Coralian event and starts becoming the new Command Cluster.

E7: January 5, 12005

  • The Gekkostate and Izumo crews discover that the Limit of Questions hasn't occurred yet and speculate that it is due to Eureka becoming the new Command Cluster, even though she is rejecting the transformation due to her desire to see Renton and the kids again. They also study the collars Eureka and Anemone wore, and learn that the collars were designed by Dewey to be activated upon his death and would send a self-destruct sequence into the Scub Coral in case either girl became the Command Cluster.
  • Enraged at losing Eureka, Renton vowed to save her on his own.
  • His plea to save her caused Nirvash to evolve into its' true form and he destroyed the antibody Coralians to reach her in the Coralian Zone.
  • He reminded her of his promise to protect her and they both agree to merge with the Scub Coral to save the planet before they share their first kiss.
  • Their true love activates the Second Summer of Love, and Nirvash creates new phenomenal waves that carve their names in a heart into the moon and creates a circle of trapar around the planet.
  • Nirvash becomes the new Command Cluster and ejects Renton and Eureka from the zone. It tells them that half of the Scub Coral will be departing to another universe to avoid the Limit of Questions from happening again and asks them to set an example to the world by living together and bring forth a new evolution by having a hybrid child, and the Scubs will return when the humans and Scub Coral reach a permanent co-existence.

E7: Summer of 12005

  • Holland and Talho's child is born, but the name and gender are never revealed.

E7: April 2, 12006

  • Eureka and the children are listed in the Thurston family register as Renton's wife and adopted children.
  • Renton and Eureka marry and travel around the planet for a year.

E7: April 13, 12006

  • Hap and Stoner resign from the Gekkostate and become world travelers.

E7: April 16, 12006

  • Matthieu and Hilda resign from the Gekkostate.

E7: April 22, 12006

  • Mischa and Dr. Bear remarry.

E7: April 27, 12006

  • Ken-Goh, Jobs, Woz, Moondoggie, and Gidget use the Gekko to start a shipping company.

E7: July 12, 12006

  • Holland and Talho start their own ref board repair shop.

E7: 12006

  • The departed Scub Coral arrives at another universe, which naturally produces the Secrets to destroy them because they saw the Scubs as a threat. Because of this, the Scubs travel back into that universe's past in order to escape from the Secrets, which continued to follow them, resulting in Scub Bursts.

E7: Spring of 12014

  • Eureka becomes pregnant with her and Renton's first child.
  • Renton begins a project of creating a mecha called an IFO by combining his knowledge of Scub Coral and LFOs, which earns him recognition as a genius. He and Eureka decide to name the first IFO the Nirvash Mark I.
  • Renton and Eureka are told that high levels of trapar concentrations will affect their unborn daughter and might potentially result in death. Despite their concerns, they choose to carry the baby to term rather than have an abortion.
  • The Scub Coral begins to disappear more frequently, leading Renton and Eureka to investigate.

E7: September of 12014

  • During an experiment using the Gekko, a Scub Burst occurred, taking Eureka (6 months pregnant) and the ship with it and arriving in the year 2025 in the alternate universe.
  • There, she met her future son, Ao, who knows she is his mother but she doesn't.
  • Eureka instantly bonds with Ao and she tells him about the world she lives in and how she was a member of the Gekkostate. When asked by Ao about the father of her unborn child, she tells him that Renton was also a member of the crew and although describing him as "immature, a crybaby, and a bit hopeless" she still loved everything about him.
  • Generation Bleu comes in to aid Eureka and Ao as Truth and the Japanese military are on their way to capture them.
  • Eureka confides in with Hannah about her concern of giving birth and that her child will resent her, and that her doctors warned her the consequences about having a human-Coralian hybrid child in an atmosphere with high levels of trapar.
  • Truth and the Japanese military arrive to take Eureka, but she and Ao fight back and Ao resolves to return Eureka to her world to protect her.
  • The Nirvash TypeZERO forces Eureka into midair to save her from Truth and she is taken to the pillar of light by Ao, who asks her to give birth to a healthy son. Eureka surprises him when she says her baby is actually a girl, and enters into the pillar of light.
  • Inside the pillar of light, Eureka encounters a destroyed and hazy form of the Nirvash Neo, and hears Ao's voice. Before arriving to her world, he tells her that he is her son and she realizes that Ao is actually her second child.

E7: Winter of 12014

  • Eureka gives birth to a girl, whom she and Renton name Amber Thurston.
  • Three months after the birth, Amber turns as hard as stone and dies. The cause of death is the high level of trapar created from the Scub Coral, which caused the human and Coralian cells in her to reject each other.

E7: Fall of 12020

  • Eureka becomes pregnant with her and Renton's second child.
  • Upon learning he is going to have a second child, Renton decides to destroy the Scub Coral in order to prevent his unborn son from suffering the same fate as his baby daughter had. He also decides that his son needs to be raised in a world with no trapar and Scub Coral in order to survive, and chooses the world where Eureka accidently met Ao.

E7: April, 12021

  • Just as the baby's due date arrives, Renton and Eureka (7 months pregnant) were attacked by the Secrets as they arrived in the future of Ao's world.
  • He sends her to the year 2012, where the atmosphere would be the safest for their baby to survive. He stayed behind to destroy the Secrets and later travels to different times in the world, searching for her.
  • He arrives in the year 12021 during his search and enters in a Seven Swell to travel to the year 2025.

AO: 1752

  • The first Secret appears in Philadephia, PA, USA, in pursuit of a Scub Coral, and used electricity to attack. It would reappear in Faisai Arabia in 2025.

AO: 1908

  • Numerous Scub Bursts occur throughout Suberia, causing a large amount of casualties.

AO: 1940

  • A Scub Burst occurs in South America, causing a massive earthquake.

AO: 1952

  • A Scub Burst occurs in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

AO: 1955

  • A Scub Burst occurs in Tokyo, Japan. The city was destroyed and the city was moved out to Nagoya.

AO: 1957

  • A Scub Burst occurs in Malacca.

AO: 1967

  • A Scub Burst occurs in Quebec.

AO: 1971

AO: 1980

  • Led by Christophe Blanc, Generation Bleu is founded to study the Scub Coral and Secrets for their own personal gain.

AO: 1981

  • In holographic form, Eureka rescues Elena from a Scub Burst near the Caribbean Sea and transports her to the year 2020. Sometime afterwards, she joins Generation Bleu.

AO: 1990

  • A Scub Burst occurs in the Balkan Peninsula, which ignites a civil war.
  • The PR Company gives out false information that led to the opposing country to lose the war.

AO: September, 2009

  • Christophe's daughter, Fleur, is born.

AO: April, 2012

  • Eureka falls from the sky and lands on the Iwato Jima island, where she is saved by Dr. Toshio Fukai, who takes her in.
  • To not draw suspicion, Eureka dyes her blue hair brown, but this does nothing to stop the villagers from resenting her and her unborn son. She is referred to as an "alien" and a "monster" for her strange appearance and arrival.

AO: June 27, 2012

  • Eureka gives birth to a boy, whom she and Renton decided to name Ao Thurston.

AO: Summer of 2012

AO: 2014

  • Fleur and her mother get into a car accident, which leaves her mother dead and Fleur critically injured. Christophe saves his daughter by donating his wife's organs to Fleur. Fleur, however, believes that her father deliberately allowed her mother to die and spends most of her life resenting him. Despite her hatred towards him, Fleur joins Generation Bleu as a teenager.
  • Chloe McCaffrey is born. She joins Generation Bleu as part of Team Goldilocks at 11-years-old with her older sister, Maeve.

AO: April, 2015

  • Eureka is taken away by the American Forces and is assigned to help investigate the recent appearances of the Scub Coral. She agrees to go in order to destroy the Scub Coral because it will cause Ao's death.
  • Eureka meets Ivica Tanovic, a fellow soldier who lost his family in a previous Scub Burst, during the mission to prevent the Okinawa Scub Burst.
  • As Eureka removes the Quartz from the Scub Coral, a Secret appears, triggering the most powerful Scub Burst in history. Eureka sacrifices herself by taking the Quartz to a nonspecific different time and disappears.
  • Many people who were in close proximity of the Scub Burst perish, including Naru's mother, and others are unknowingly left with fragments of Scub Coral growing inside their bodies, including Naru.
  • Everyone assumes Eureka died in the Scub Burst and the American military seizes the Nirvash Mark I.
  • Ao is placed in Toshio's care as an orphan and is renamed Ao Fukai.
  • Ao starts to become ostracized by the villagers after his mother's disappearance and they refer to him an a monster and blame him for all the island's misfortunes.
  • Ao meets Naru, and they become best friends because she is one of the few people who doesn't think Ao is a monster.
  • Feeling guilty for taking Eureka away from her son by not saving her, Ivica joins Generation Bleu and is nominated as chief of the company's team Pied Piper, where Fleur and Elena are assigned to.
  • Due to the Quartz being removed from the Scub Coral by Eureka before she vanished, the Secret from the chaos turns into a human male child.
  • He was found by Johansson, a popular novelist who opposed America's globalist tactis, who adopts him as his son and names him Truth.

AO: 2017

  • After studying the Scub Coral and Secrets, Johannson writes a book, called TRUTH, that proposed that an alternate universe with more Scub Coral existed and the current human population is halved due to the Scub Bursts. Because of this, in his book, he declares that the Scub Coral is evil.
  • This ignites fear among the human population, but they were cautious to avoid any more Scub Bursts by hiding and destroying the Scub Corals.
  • Soon after his book is published, Johannson commits suicide and Truth is taken by the Japanese Forces.

AO: April, 2025

  • Ao is 13 and is ostracized by the villagers for his mother's mysterious arrival and appearance.
  • After retrieving Noah from the woods, Ao and Naru witness two separate Scub Bursts, and Ao takes her home to keep her safe.
  • Ao then encounters Gazelle and his friends, Pippo and Han, who are trying to smuggle items for the Japanese military, and Ao finds a bracelet that he feels a connection towards.
  • On his way to his first day at middle school, Ao witnesses a fragment of the Scub Coral arrive, followed by a Secret that appears from a Scub Burst. In the chaos, Ao sees his name and his mother's name appear on the bracelet, leading him to realize it had belonged to his mother when he was younger, and he vows to never give it back to Gazelle when he demanded for it.
  • Gazelle takes Ao to an IFO that was also being smuggled to the Japanese military, which is revealed to be the Nirvash Mark I.
  • Eureka's bracelet allows Ao to activate the Nirvash Mark I and his brown hair turns turquoise. Although confused and experienced as a pilot, he destroys the Secret.
  • The villagers hate Ao more than ever and blame him for the Secret's arrival and destruction.
  • Gazelle's father holds him captive and tells him how the villagers resented his mother for her mysterious arrival and that the island's misfortunes didn't seem to happen until she arrived, and Ao is to blame for the island's problems due to him being Eureka's son.
  • Gazelle rescues Ao and takes him back to the Nirvash Mark I when another Secret appears, which Ao again defeats. Although he still struggles to understand his identity and the circumstances of his heritage, Ao resolves to continue protecting the island because he loves it as his home.
  • After defeating the Secret, Ao meets Fleur, and the next day, he avoids contact with others out of fear of how they will react to his blue hair and his involvement in the battle with the Secrets.
  • Ao meets with Fleur, Ivica, and Naru, and Ivica offers for Ao to join Generation Bleu after telling him about his knowledge on Eureka's disappearance.
  • Ao then joins the Generation Bleu after learning that the Nirvash had belonged to his mother and she still may be alive, despite her disappearance.
  • Through Generation Bleu, he meets Fleur and Elena, who become his crew mates and partners.
  • Although he is criticized for being an inexperienced pilot, he quickly develops remarkable pilot skills that rival against those of his parents when they were his age.
  • Although the government distrusts him due to being Eureka's son and several foreign countries seek to capture him, Ao continues to remain with Generation Bleu, hoping to reunite with his mother and learn the origins of his existence.

AO: April-August, 2025

  • Truth appears to Ao as his enemy, and is revealed to be the Secret that confronted Eureka 10 years prior.
  • Truth reveals to Ao that his hatred towards Ao stems from his hatred for Eureka and he seeks to have ownership of the Nirvash Mark I. Because Truth despises Ao for being Eureka's son, he also seeks to kill the boy.
  • Ao discovers that Naru's poor health is due to her being infected with Scub Coral growing in her lungs. He also learns that several people who lived in close proximity of a Scub Coral suffer from the same illness.
  • Truth manipulates Naru into thinking that the Scub Coral needs to be protected and Ao is trying to destroy it.
  • Naru believes him and tries several times to get Ao to join her and Truth to protect the Scubs, but Ao knows Truth is tricking her and tries unsuccessfully to get her to see it.
  • During a mission to destroy a Scub Coral entering the Earth, Ao encounters his mother, but learns she is from a time before he was born due to her being pregnant and not recognizing him.
  • Ao learns more about his father, Renton, and some small facts about his parents' past.
  • Generation Bleu comes to help Ao protect her from the Japanese military and Truth.
  • Gazelle and his friends travel aboard to tell Ao they plan to turn Eureka over to the Japanese military for their benefit, leading to a physical confrontation between the two.
  • Ao fights against Truth to protect his mother, but he and Eureka escape to reach a pillar of light that can return Eureka to her world, with Truth in hot pursuit for them.
  • Ao saves her by returning her to her world, but as he does so, he is shocked when Eureka reveals that her unborn baby is a girl.
  • Ao later admits to Toshio that he always believed that his father abandoned him and his mother, but Toshio tells him that was never true because Eureka told him that Renton is fighting to protect her and Ao.
  • Ao finally learns from Naru that the Scub Coral is a living being and that his mother is a Coralian, a being born from the Scubs and he is a hybrid.
  • Truth gives ownership of the Nirvash TypeZERO to Naru.
  • The present Eureka starts to appear in holographic form to Ao more often but briefly before disappearing during each encounter. During one encounter, she tells him that the Secrets are not his true enemy.
  • Holographic Eureka tells Naru that that Ao must destroy the Scub Coral before something horrible happens, but her pleas are ignored.
  • Christophe sacrifices himself to save Fleur and Ao from Truth. After his death, Fleur becomes the new president of Generation Bleu.
  • Ao learns that his mother is in limbo between different times as a result for trying to take the Quartz to a different time with no specific time and place in mind, which explains why she has been appearing in a holographic form to him.
  • Through Christophe's death, Ao receives the Quartz Gun, which he later learns has the power to alternate timelines.
  • Eureka, in holographic form, tells Ao that this is the weapon his father has been searching for all along to save them.

AO: September, 2025

  • Ao learns more about the Secrets' abilities and how the planet is becoming threatened by them as the their conflict with the Scub Coral ignites the frequency of Scub Bursts.
  • In a battle against the Secrets near a Scub Coral plant in Norway, Ao fires the Quartz Gun for the first time and sees that he has alternated history when the plant no longer exists and he sees that his teammates, Chloe and her sister, are leading normal lives and no one remembers them.
  • Disturbed by this and unwilling to change time and lose those dear to him, Ao vows to never use the gun ever again.
  • Naru leads a rally to gain supporters in Truth's cause to protect the Scub Coral, but this leads her to quarrel with Ao, who insists that Truth is manipulating her and is dangerous.
  • Although things are peaceful briefly between them, Ao and Naru end up battling each other after Truth initiates the conflict, and in desperation, he fires the Quartz Gun at Truth. He then realizes that time changed again, with him having defeated Naru and the Allied Forces instead.
  • Naru is hospitalized, with Ao feeling guilt-ridden.
  • Renton finally arrives and meets his son, Ao, for the first time. He and Eureka (in holographic form) briefly reunite and discuss the situation with Ao, who finally learns that Renton is his father.
  • Renton explains that Eureka is in holographic form because, ten years prior from the Okinawa Scub Burst, she decided to take the Quartz to a different time and world with no specific destination in mind, and thus, made her unable to stay in one location for a short time.
  • Renton reveals more about the Secrets' origins and his motivation to destroy the Scub Coral, which is to stop the Scub Bursts or else mankind in the future of Ao's world will be extinct.
  • Toshio tells Ao about his sister's death and then does he discover Renton's real reason for wanting to destroy the Scubs: to prevent Ao from suffering the same fate as his older sister had.
  • Saddened by his parents' sacrifices and touched that his father loves him, Ao decides to travel to the year 2012 to save his mother from disappearing and reunite her with his father, and send them back to their world.
  • Eureka refused to leave her son, and when Ao blamed himself for the sacrifices his parents made to protect him, she insisted that everything that has happened are her and Renton's responsibility due to their decision to fall in love and have children.
  • Although he knows he may never see them again if he returns them to their world, Ao is determined to free them from their curse of making sacrifices and restore their happiness.
  • Although saddened that they'll never see their son again, Renton and Eureka decide to let Ao deal with the Secrets on his own. Before departing in his Nirvash spec-V3, Renton gives Ao his old ref board as a farewell present and told Ao that the sacrifices he made to protect him were worth it.
  • He uses the Quartz Gun to absorb the Quartz and fires it at the Secrets, erasing them from history entirely. He catches a glimpse of his parents' world and gets embarrassed when he sees the moon with the large heart and his parents' names on it.
  • As a result for changing history for a third time, Ao and the Nirvash Neo disappear and wonder through time like his mother did.

AO: 2027

  • Gazelle negotiates the independence of Iwato Jima with Japan.
  • With no Scub Bursts existing, Generation Bleu no longer exists; Christophe is possibly still alive and a CEO of his aeronautics business, his wife is possibly still alive, and Fleur is leading a normal life.
  • Elena possibly lives in her original timeline prior to Eureka bringing her to the future.
  • Naru is now healthy and lives with her family, possibly including her mother.
  • After wandering through time for two years, Ao finally returns to the present.
  • Truth tells him that because he changed history three times, there is a possibility no one will remember him. It will also be difficult for Ao to lead a normal life if no one remembers him and he will be separated from his parents forever.
  • Ao is content with his decision because his mother suffered through enough hardships to raise him and she is now with his father.
  • Truth decides to continue wandering through time and bids farewell to Ao.
  • Ao then returns to the island to resume his life.

E7 Alternate UniverseEdit


  • The Azo arrives on Earth and crashes into the Pacific Ocean, and fuses with numerous lifeforms it encounters in the ocean.
  • Fearing the Azo, the humans attempted to destroy it, but failed.
  • As a result of the attacks from the humans, a war begins between the Azo and humans.


  • Renton Thurston is born in a city called Warsaw to a couple who are scientists specializing in researching methods to destroy the Azo.
  • Eureka is created by the Azo as a spy robot to gather information on the humans so that the Azo can learn a way to destroy the human population.


  • Eureka is found by the Liberation military and locked away in a military hospital to be studied.
  • Nirvash Larvae is created by the Azo and is given to Renton by his parents as a companion, and the military discovers that it can transform into an LFO.
  • Renton and Eureka meet for the first time and, later according to both, it was love at first sight. They become fast friends and his parents help take care of her, as she has no family.
  • Renton and Eureka become close to Professor Dominic, who teaches them the legend of the rainbow moon flower making wishes up come true if it blooms with the color of a rainbow.
  • Professor Dominic meets and becomes engaged to Anemone, and together, they set out to figure a way to stop the military human experiments after the deaths of many subjects.
  • During one experiment, the Major Genreal, Dewey Sorenstam, used twelve children who were war orphans as human subjects. The experiment, however, failed and the children briefly witnessed another world and were left with a three times aging accelerating condition as a consequence.
  • As a result of the chaos from the war with the Azo and the increase in military human experiments, these events were dubbed the "Tragedy of Doha".
  • Professor Dominic dies in an experiment to learn a way to destroy the Azo with Anemone's help. Anemone is left with an accelerating aging condition as a consequence.
  • Eureka is taken away by the military and used as the military's top secret project.
  • Devastated that he was unable to save Eureka and realizing that he loved her, Renton vowed to save her no matter what.

Between 2046 and 2054

  • Renton's parents die in a military experiment and he becomes a ward of the military.
  • Eureka is repeatedly experimented on by the military and contemplates suicide, but never follows through with it because she chooses to cling to her dream of being with Renton again.
  • Anemone arrives at and decides to reside at the Vodarac Shrine, and spreads the word of a legend in which a chosen boy and girl can open the gates to another world, unofficially called "Neverland", that can make dreams come true.
  • Believers of this dream call this legend "the Ageha Myth".
  • The war orphans from Dewey's failed experiment are able to enter into the military without detection of the true identities as they quickly grow into adults, and receive the Independent Youths Unit 303 ship (nicknamed the Gekko).
  • One of them murders a military official named Holland Novak, takes his identity, and steals the growth inhibitor drug, datu-RA, to maintain his and the other orphans' youthful appearances.
  • The other orphans steal or forge fake identities to keep the military in the dark of who they really are.
  • Together, after hearing about the legend of Neverland and finding the chosen boy and girl to get to that world, Holland and the others (all who dream of remaining eternally young) set out to find the boy and girl.
  • Lead by Prime Minister, Coda, the military begins building a doomsday weapon, called "The Hammer of God", that employs solar energy in order to destroy the Azo and end the war for good. A colony ship, called "Megaroad" is also build as precaution in case of a more severe attack from the Azo and can carry 20,000 people.


  • Renton enters into military school, and based on his brilliant LFO piloting skills, he is invited to join the Gekko.
  • Renton is promoted to Corporal and his first assignment is to help Holland locate and capture the military's top secret project.
  • During the mission, he accidently finds Eureka, and after getting over the initial shock and fighting over whether she should accept his protection, he saves her from a certain death and they share an emotional reunion. Renton is shocked when he finds out that Eureka is the top secret project.
  • As she recovers from her injuries on the Gekko, Renton asks her to return to Warsaw with him so they can be together, but she refuses and explains her true nature to him. Renton, however, doesn't care about that and listens to her story about her time as a military experiment.
  • Eureka also tells Renton that no matter what she or anyone else did, she was going to die due to her short life span and if the red rings in her eyes disappeared, putting Renton on edge with concern.
  • The Gekko crew, specifically Holland and Talho, reveals that they are aware that Renton and Eureka are the chosen boy and girl that can enter Neverland, and are determined to make their dream of remaining young forever come true no matter what.
  • They also reveal that they had long suspected that Renton was the chosen boy, even long before he joined the Gekko, and deliberately sought him out, and then led him to help them find Eureka, who, although a creation of the Azo, is indeed the chosen girl.
  • The Liberation military arrives and the Gekko fights against their own ally, shocking Renton, who is taken out of the battle while Holland destroys several of the military units.
  • Bound in a dark room, Renton is confronted by Holland, who reveals to him that he is not an adult and military leader, but a 17-year-old war orphan with an aging acceleration condition as a result of being experimented on and dreams of entering into Neverland. He asks Renton to join him and the others on the quest, but Renton refuses and calls them murderers for killing innocent people to achieve their goal.
  • Holland decides to use a brainwashing drug on Renton to get him to agree with them because now that they know Renton refuses to go with them, he will certainly see to that Eureka has no part in the plan. Eureka overhears this and goes to warn Renton.
  • More of the military arrives to confront the Gekko, and Holland is forced to be head pilot after Talho falls ill.
  • Eureka asks Renton to escape during the chaos and she will remain on the ship, but he refuses to leave without her or else she will die.
  • Eureka explains that the purpose of her existence is to help the Azo learn how to kill all of mankind, but she opposes that because she cares deeply for Renton and doesn't want him to die.
  • Renton makes a vow that he will fight the Gekko, the military, and the Azo in order to be together with Eureka, and with her, he pilots Nirvash to end the battle.
  • Renton demands for Holland to explain why he sought out him and Eureka, and Holland explains that Eureka possesses a crystal inside of her that contains the password to enter Neverland and only Renton can open it.
  • Holland offers Renton two choices: join the Gekko and help them enter Neverland where he can live with Eureka without the fear of her dying or run away and lose her when she dies. determined to remain with Eureka, Renton accepts the deal to stay on the ship.
  • After reading about the Ageha Myth and seeing pictures of the chosen girl having wings, crew members, Hap and stoner, suspect that Eureka is a fake.
  • The crystal inside of Eureka causes the LFOs in the hanger to go out of control, and Hap and Stoner take advantage of the chaos by attacking her to confirm their suspicions.
  • Renton comes upon the attack, and in a heated rage, beats them but ends up being shot in the abdomen by Hap. Holland comes to see what's happening just as Nirvash kills Hap and Stoner
  • Renton is hospitalized for his gunshot wound, and thinking what happened was her fault, Eureka vows to protect Renton no matter what because she loves him.
  • The Gekko arrives at the Vodarac Shrine, where they find a now elderly Anemone (who has a larval TheEND) at the front gate. Holland reveals that he knows she can allow them access into the other world, and at gunpoint, demands for her to let them through.
  • Anemone refuses to let them through because their dreams are not hopeful and they are running away from the truth.
  • A desperate Eureka holds Anemone at gunpoint and demands that the Gekko get Renton better medical treatment or else she will see to it that their dreams will never come true.
  • Renton sees the spirit of Professor Dominic and apologizes for his failure to protect Eureka, but Dominic tells him that he didn't fail but needs to focus more what's in his heart than his head.
  • Now filled with determination, Renton rises up and launches the Nirvash.
  • An Azo attacks Eureka, Anemone, and the Gekko crew, and Anemone uses her powers to stop time.
  • Now appearing as a young girl, she tells Eureka that the Azo is a living being that is unaware of its origins, merged with the planet as part of its nature, and she, too, was created by the Azo like Eureka was. However, if the two of them were to die, so would the planet. Anemone says that in order to avoid this, Eureka needs to have a dream that is real and will come true.
  • In the Nirvash, Renton destroys the Azo, confesses his love to Eureka, and asks her leave with him so they can have a future together, which she happily agrees.
  • Realizing that letting Renton and Eureka leave will end the dream of him and his crew, Holland chases after them and vows to never let them get away.
  • Holland has an advantage as he engages in combat against Renton and Eureka, due to Renton losing large amounts of blood from his gunshot wound.
  • Renton tells Holland that he is so wrapped up in his past with Eureka that he actually can't stand it, and berates Holland for his selfishness and using him and Eureka as pawns for his own desires.
  • Holland, filled with anger and sadness, screams at Renton that he doesn't understand what it feels like to have no future and to lose your life for no reason, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make his dream come true.
  • Just as he is about to finish the battle off for good, Holland activates his LFO's ability to see the souls of everything in proximity of him, and he discovers that Talho is pregnant with his child, and abruptly stops the battle.
  • Although shocked, everyone is happy of the pregnancy and conclude that, because the baby is unaffected by their aging accelerating, it is their new hope of living a new life and future, ending their dream of remaining young forever.
  • Renton loses consciousness from blood loss, and wanting to save him from dying, Eureka decides to sacrifice her memories. Before doing so, she tells him that while she now knows how hateful the world is, she wants to save it because it is where she met Renton and she will be happy as long as Renton remembers her in his dreams, even if she doesn't remember him.
  • She guides Nirvash to pierce the Azo Command Cluster at the moment that the military activates The Hammer of God so that the solar energy can enter the Command Cluster and destroy the Azo for good.
  • Due to the Command Cluster being breaches, environmental hazards occur, including a Second Great Flood, in which thousands of people perish.
  • The survivors of the chaos witness the Azo disappear and the planet return to normal for the first time in 45 years, including the Gekko crew, who crash land after the Gekko malfunctioned.
  • Coda arrives at the Vodarac Shrine to witness the changes on the planet and meets with Anemone, who expresses her happiness that Dominic's dream of ending the war has come true and disappears along with the rest of the Azo (presumably, she is reunited with Dominic in spirit).
  • Renton wakes up on the coastline of Warsaw and finds Eureka (naked, with long hair, and incapable of speech) and Nirvash (in large size larvae).
  • After bidding farewell to Renton and Eureka, Nirvash disappears with the rest of the Azo.
  • Eureka however, remains, and it turns out that because of her sacrifice to save Renton and the planet, Eureka turned into a full human but she lost her memories of Renton. But, her love for him remains.
  • Although saddened by Eureka's sacrifice and Nirvash's departure, Renton is happy that his dream of being together forever with Eureka and watching over the hills of Warsaw with her had come true.
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