The Gekko.

The SL-1200 MkII Gekko (月光号 Gekkou-gou) is Gekkostate's ship.

Eureka Seven[edit | edit source]

The Gekko is a unique, prototype ship, stolen by Holland, along with the other members of Gekkostate during their mutiny. It was a military spec-ops ship capable of storing and launching numerous LFOs. It is heavily armed, with many anti-air missiles stored in its hull, along with 6 large laser cannons separated into two turrets on the underside of its fuselage. It has also been shown for its lasers to track moving targets, in cases of when it attacked the Orange missiles, though it's unknown to what extent they can track. It is capable of achieving escape velocity and entering low-orbit around Earth. The extent of this ability is unknown, as they do not specify how long it can maintain this state. It is equipped to accommodate numerous crew members, and has large refrigerators for food, and its own medical bay. It houses a unique trapar scanning device, known as the Compac Interferencer, which allows it to detect disturbances in the trapar and cloak its own signal from other ships.

Eureka Seven: AO[edit | edit source]

The Gekko's first appearance in Eureka Seven: AO.

After the events of Eureka Seven, the Gekko was decommissioned and the crew members went on with their lives. A few years later, it would later be used by Eureka and Renton to investigate the source of why the Scub were disappearing from their world. During one of these investigations, it and Eureka (in the Nirvash TypeZERO) would get caught up in a Scub Burst.

The Scub fragment appears just outside the atmosphere of another Earth, with Eureka (then six months pregnant with her and Renton's first child) and the Gekko deep inside. Pied Piper is sent to retrieve the Scub's Quartz, but the fragment is forced into the atmosphere by Truth firing upon it with nearby satellites, along with Ao who was stranded on top of the Scub. Eureka contacts Ao and tells him to use the Gekko like a liftboard to shield themselves from atmospheric friction. The Gekko then lands safely in the ocean.[1]

Shortly afterwards, several forces converge on the Gekko, intent on claiming it and Eureka for themselves. After a series of fights both inside and outside by the forces, Ao, Eureka, and Truth, the Gekko is finally sunk by Generation Bleu in order to prevent anyone from claiming it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

-Gekko means "Moonlight" or "Moonbeam" (Actually written as "Gekkou").[2] Thus when referred to as the "Gekkou-Gou" with "Gou" meaning "A Little", put together means "A little Moonlight".

References[edit | edit source]

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