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Greg Egan
グレッグ・ベア・イーガン (Gureggu Bea Īgan)
First Appearance
  • Anime Episode 31
Last Appearance
  • Anime Episode 50
Voiced by:

Banjou Ginga


Joey Camen

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Tresor Labs
United Federation


Dewey Novak

Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan (グレッグ・ベア・イーガン Gureggu Bea Īgan) is a civilian in Eureka Seven.


Nicknamed "Dr. Bear" for his physically large body, Bear is an iconoclastic scientist who was also part of the Tresor research team that initially studied Eureka and her relationship with the Nirvash. He was renowned as an 'out-of-the-box' thinker capable of combining various theories into a workable gestalt. He was previously married to Mischa of Gekkostate, and tends to act as if they were still lovers—for instance, he calls her "pony-chan" and "bear-chan". His behaviour often prompts Mischa to take an even sterner tone than usual with him. He is fond of candy, often has a stash of it somewhere on his person, and once told Renton that the candy was part of an important memory in his relationship with Mischa.

Possessing many insights on the Scub Coral, the Coralians, LFOs, and Eureka, Bear is both stunned and overjoyed to learn that from a scientific viewpoint they were found to be almost identical to the Vodarac teachings of Norb; the similarities were revealed in a taped meeting aboard the Gekko. The underground video of this, along with the information published in ray=out became one of the main factors for many people, including some military leaders, to reject what Dewey's group was doing.

His name references the science fiction writers Greg Bear and Greg Egan.