Hannah Bester
is a character in the series Eureka Seven: AO. She is the leader of Team Harlequin. She is often called Mama Hannah.


Hannah is very kind towards members of Generation Bleu and treats all the children of the group as if they were her own children, especially Ao, who had grown up as an orphan since he was 3-years-old. Like the rest of Generation Bleu, she is displeased with Christophe Blanc's eccentric behavior and dislikes him. She also acts as an advisor to Ao's mother, Eureka, during her first trip to Ao's world in episode 13. Eureka confided in with Hannah about her concern of giving birth to her first child, Amber and that her daughter would come to resent her. Hannah said that she made the decision to have a child with her husband, Renton because she loved him and she needs to accept it all. She was also cautious when Renton arrived in episode 24, due to her being unaware he was Ao's father. She plays small roles throughout the series.

During the events of the OVA: One More Time in the year 2027, Hannah and Team Harlequin were stationed in the Posideon. Having found time drifting Ao's weak signal from the traper pillar and possible location of his arrival, she relayed the information to the main office of Generation Bleu. She and the team participates in "Operation Astral Ocean", shooting the Quartz Gun to the traper to force Ao and Truth in a form of Nirvash Neo out, allowing Team Pied Piper to handle the rest.

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