ヒルダ (Hiruda)
First Appearance
  • Manga Chapter
  • Anime Episode 2
Last Appearance
  • Manga Chapter
  • Anime Episode 46
Voiced by:

Mayumi Asano


Megan Hollingshead

Biological Information
  • 28 years old (debut)(E7)
  • 30 years old (ending)(E7)
  • 44 years old (debut) (AO; if she appeared)
  • 46 years old (ending) (AO; if she appeared)


Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Dark grey

Personal Information



Dewey Novak

Hilda (ヒルダ Hiruda) is a member of the Gekkostate.

Character[edit | edit source]

Hilda is the pilot of the Terminus typeR808 and Talho Yuuki's best friend. She is a calm, wise, and friendly woman who holds a managerial position similar to a quartermaster on the Gekko, keeping track of Gekkostate's stores of provisions and mechanical parts. In this capacity, she is generally in charge of the frequent trips to cities to replenish the organization's supplies. When Eureka is absent, she also acts as a mother figure to Maurice, Maeter, Linck. She also at one point acted as a mentor to Eureka over the complicated relationship between her, Renton, and the Nirvash. She advised Eureka that the feeling she had at the time was jealousy and advised her to think if she was jealous at Renton or Nirvash. Hilda is shown to be very good at cooking. Hilda is in a romantic relationship with Matthieu, even though Matthieu seldom calling her "Honey" and she occasionally berates him for his childish and immature actions. She also tends to order around and berate the other men aboard the Gekko. Nonetheless, she is always looking out for him and scolding him when he does something wrong.

Towards the very end of the series, Hilda appears infrequently and has no lines when she did appear. This is in part due to the fact that all LFO usage on the Gekkostate at that point is left for Holland Novak. Interestingly enough, when Holland suggests the crew play soccer as a bonding exercise, she staunchly and uncharacteristically refuses. This could be evidenced by the fact that she is no good at the sport, and is decidedly outclassed by rookie Renton on the field.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the final anime episode, she left with Matthieu and resigned from the Gekkostate on April 16, 12006. It is speculated that they traveled the world as ref board riders.
  • In the final chapter of the manga, she is last seen surfing at the new ocean with Matthieu, Sturgeon, and Ruri.
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