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The sequel of Eureka Seven, which is called Eureka Seven: AO, was a brief anime and manga series that supposedly followed the storyline from the original series. However, there were numerous inconsistencies between the two series, and Eureka Seven: AO, although it followed the journey of the original Eureka Seven lead characters' son, it was poorly received by fans, who since the sequel's release and ending, have demanded a second adaptation.

BONES has been made aware of this page but pressure from supporters of third series or remake is required for this possibility to come true.

Eureka Seven: AO: Days AfterEdit

A possible second adaption to the sequel of the Eureka Seven series, Eureka Seven: AO. Due to the numerous negative rating from fans and inconsistencies from the show, a second adaption that closely follows the original series and characters, along with new ones, has been demanded from fans. This second adaption tells the story of Ao Thurston, the son of the original main characters, the recruiting of the Gekkostate, his relationship with his family and crew mates, and the true origins of the Scub Coral and the mystery of the Secrets.


Eureka Seven: AO: Days After consists of 51 episodes and an OVA episode which tells the story of Renton's and Eureka's Journey around the planet, it takes place after the final episode of E7 but before the series sequel' starts.

This adaption focuses on Ao Thurston, the 13-year-old son of Renton Thurston and Eureka, who married shortly after the Second Summer of Love and have been living in Bellforest for the last sixeen years. Ao lives a comfortable life with his parents, older adopted siblings, and great-grandfather, although he is teased for being an "alien" due to his mother being a Coralian. Ao loves his family dearly and wishes to follow in the footsteps of his father and late grandfather by making a difference in the world.

One day, that opportunity comes over him when some of the Scub Coral that had departed the planet several years ago to avoid the Limit of Questions begins returning, causing chaos among the human population and the newly formed Federation military to act out by using dark monsters that resemble LFOs to destroy them. Ao uses his mother's bracelet to awaken her IFO, named the Nirvash, and is able to destroy the monsters to save the city. Afterwards, the Gekkostate decides to recruit, and Ao agrees to go along. However, he finds that life in an anti-military ship is not as easy as he thought it would be and it takes more than words to do something that will shape his future. Along with his family and the Gekkostate, Ao embarks on a journey that will determine the fate of the world, as well as the entire universe.



The present Earth

Eureka Seven: AO: Days After takes place in the year 12021, which is fifteen years after Eureka Seven ended in 12006. In this timeline, the humans have adapted to the changes that resulted from half of the Scub Coral departing the world to avoid the Limit of Questions from happening again. Most of the original surface of the Earth is exposed for the humans to walk and live on; mostly the Pacific Ocean, Japan, and part of the United States have been uncovered from the remaining Scub Coral.


IFO (Intelligent Flying Objects)Edit

The successor of LFO. IFOs are the newest forms of mecha. They are similar to LFOs and KLFs, although they are simply mechanic in nature and have reduced capability compared to LFOs and KLFs. The first IFO, the Nirvash Mark I, was developed by Renton as a gift for Eureka. In order to awaken the IFO, he designed a bracelet that would allow the mecha to remember her as its' pilot. They used it in the battle against the first Secret and kept it preserved for ten years when the series first begins, and it eventually fell into the hands of their son, Ao, who was able to awaken it with the bracelet and become its' pilot. However, when he was knocked into the Zone during his first flight with it, he witnessed the Nirvash TypeZERO merge with the IFO, becoming the Nirvash Neo. The Nirvash Neo is a mix between biological and mechanic operations, Ao is able to communicate with the TypeZERO archetype and it will reverted back to it's original form when not in use. Unlike LFOs and KLFs, IFOs require no Compac Drives, due to being a machine, but has a Third Engine, which is similar to a Compac Drive; it is able to collect trapar waves and amplify them to operate the IFOs. While the Nirvash Mark I required the bracelet to operate, a Compac Drive is partially required after becoming the Neo.

Types of IFOsEdit

RA272 Nirvash The very first IFO developed by Renton, based and named after his and Eureka's own LFO. After the first Secret appeared in their world, it was used in combat to destroy it and later all subsequent IFO models were developed upon reverse engineering it. However, it was built as a gift for Eureka from Renton and no other pilot besides them managed to operate it until it fell into the hands of their son, Ao, who becomes the pilot. It possesses a special device named the "Third Engine", that increases its' capabilities in a fashion similar to the Amita Drive. It also possesses a wide range of weapons that make it suitable for combat. It flies making use of a ref board like most LFOs but not like any other IFO model.

Nirvash Neo The new form of RA272 Nirvash. When Ao first piloted the RA272 Nirvash to fight a Secret, he and the IFO were knocked into a naturally created Zone, where he encountered a holographic form of the original Nirvash TypeZERO. It merged with the RA272 Nirvash, becoming the archetype for it and giving it characteristics similar to LFOs. The Neo sports a new color scheme and upgrades weapons even more deadly than the original Nirvash, however It will reverted back to it's original form when not in use, but the TypeZERO archetype still remain conscious, as it already possessed an archetype. Ao sometimes pilots the Neo when he can't gain the upper hand to his enemy in his battles against Truth, the military and the Secrets, throughout the series. In the final battle, the Nirvash Neo sustained massive damage from firing the Quartz Gun with a force three times as destructive as an average Seven Swell to destroy Truth. After Ao decided to travel around the world, the Nirvash leaves to another dimension.

RA164 Alleluia Fleur Blanc's personal IFO, built for electronic warfare. It is highly mobile, but is not heavily armed. It is equipped with a Third Engine, but Fleur only managed to make it work twice.

RA304 Kyrie Elena People's personal IFO, built for long-range combat. It is heavily armed but is not very mobile, thus usually performing covering fire to help the pilots of other mechas. It is also equipped with a Third Engine, but Elena only managed to make it work once.

RA122EB Sanctus Holland Novak's personal IFO, built for long-range combat and is highly mobile. It is heavily armed and is equipped with a Third Engine, but he has managed to make it work only once.

Nirvash TypeZERO spec2+/RA714 Nirvash Eureka's personal IFO. A stronger version of it's Nirvash TypeZERO Spec-2. It was designed as an exact mechanical replica of their original Nirvash LFO, but is heavily armed for combat. Unlike the original and true to its symbol of "plus", it possesses lasers and machine bullets. It is equipped with a Third Engine but resembles that of the Compac Drive. Although Renton and Eureka can pilot together, it is mostly Eureka who alone flies it.

Nirvash TypeZERO specV3/RA816 Nirvash" Renton's personal IFO, designed for long-range combat. A very advanced IFO. It was designed based on data from the original's organic archetype from it's second evolution. It closely resembles the spec-3 but is taller and far more equipped than the TypeZERO, which includes floating devices that are built for laser cannons. It is consists of a bench-like circular platform and is able to move without controls because it was built to move by the commands of the pilot or Renton can also take control of his Nirvash if he needs to. This Nirvash, it's a fusion between Nirvash TypeZERO Spec-3 and Spec-V.

LFO (Light Finding Operation)Edit

LFOs are bio-mechanical hybrids in which armor and control systems are built upon organic humanoid "skeleton" excavated from the Scub Coral. While this is a predecessor LFO, they still primarily used for combat.

List of LFOsEdit

Nirvash TypeZERO spec3 The second evolution of the original TypeZERO that occurred in the final episode of Eureka Seven. As Ao struggled to fight against a Secret during his first flight with the RA272 and was knocked into the Zone, the Nirvash appeared to him in holographic form, and after explaining its' nature, it merged with the RA272 and became the Nirvash Neo.

TypeR202 Naru's personal LFO. It was originally received by Holland from the military as a compensation, but after he acquired his IFO from Renton, he gave ownership of the TypeR202 to Naru shortly after her 14th birthday. Her unit is white and purple and is equipped with a variety of weapons, including a boomerang, laser guns, railguns, rocket launchers, and missile launcher, which were added following the appearance of the Secrets.

TypeR606 Matthieu's personal LFO, which he has owned since the events from Eureka Seven'. It can take up to two people in the cockpit and easy to pilot. It is equipped with boomerang knives, an arm-mounted chain gun, and beams weapons.

TypeR808 Hilda's personal LFO, which she has owned since the events from Eureka Seven. It is equipped with flying disc knives and high-power long-range laser cannons. Due to its' limited range of activity, it is used mainly for rear position in battle.

Kanon The Kanon is an LFO that is later piloted by Truth. It is the smallest known LFO and is equipped with several weapons but no human pilot has been able to subdue it, causing destruction when it is not under control. It is able to collect and manipulate large amounts of trapar, creating storms capable of throwing IFOs off course. The high concentration of trapar it creates can have an adverse effect on those in close proximity, especially Ao for being part Coralian. As a result, it was hidden in the basement of the Capital's headquarters. It was taken control of in secret at the order of Stephen after discovering that it responded well to Truth as the pilot

Paradox PlanEdit

The Paradox Plan was developed by Ryoma Viktorin, who seeks to create the perfect world of freeing the planet from the Scub Coral by re-writing history. He proposed that the Scub Coral had a special substance inside of it called Quartz that enabled it to travel through different timelines. He secretly had several Quartz removed from the Scub Coral and placed them inside the Secrets in order to amplify their own weakened ability to alter timelines. The purpose of this plan was unknown for a long time, until it was discovered that the plan was to have the Secrets erase the Scub Coral and anything or anyone related to it disappear from history upon destroying their targets.


The Secrets are intelligent lifeforms like the Scub Coral, but their abilities and purposes with the human population differ. The Secrets are revealed to have come from an alternate universe. In subsequent investigations, it was discovered that the Secrets inhabited the Earth in the alternate universe and sought out to destroy the Scub Coral that attempted to settle in the world. As a result, the Scubs fled to the current universe, settling on the Earth for the next 10,000 years. When half of the Scub Coral traveled through worlds a second time to avoid the Limit of Questions and came into contact with the Secrets again, they fled back with the Secrets following them. The Secrets were destroyed by the combined efforts of the Gekkostate and military. The military uncovered the surviving remains of a single Secret, along with the first Humanoid Secret, Truth. Three years before the story begins, Ryoma orders the remains to be recreated and expanded for his own intentions. The Secrets are similar to LFOs but are black with dark pink strips, and can manifest into different forms. They have the ability to send lasers in profusion form, create a spherical void, and most importantly, alternate time and existences. They are especially hostile towards humans as a small part of of their original brains still holds the memory of being destroyed by humans. They only listen to orders if they are given by Truth, if by anyone else they are shown to become hostile to the point of homicidal. They have their own codename and species, these are the following codename of the Secrets:

  • Onyxer (オニクサー Onikusā): The first Secret that appeared in first Episode. It's a Ground-Type Secret with a sharp claw.
  • Starvader (スターヴェダー Sutāvedā): An Alien-Type Secret that have an ability to create clones of himself.
  • Bugtrail (バグツレアーBagutureā): An Bug-Type Secret that can sends a strong winds to push off his enemy.
  • Reaper (リーパー Rīpā): An Deep Sea-Type Secret with a high voltage from all of his body.
  • Gorom (ゴロム Goromu): An Armored-Type Secret with an Durable Armor that almost withstand any stronger attack.
  • Aerotive (アエロティブ Aerotibu): An Radioactive-Type Secret that able to put any electronic device malfunctions.
  • Mephisto (メフィスト Mefisuto): Another Alien-Type Secret that can turned his opponent to a stone or petrifying.
  • Glenzios (グレンジオス Gurenziosu): Another Armored-Type Secret pawned by Zenmael.
  • Zenmael (ゼンマエル Zenmaeru): The Final Secret that appeared in episode 46. It's a final Alien-Type Secret that able to performed a stop time for delaying his enemy's attacks.

Scub BurstEdit

A phenomenon that is referred to as a fusion explosion when a Secret collides with or destroys a Scub Coral. It is similar to the Seven Swell in regards to appearance and power. It appears as a pillar of light with large rings with crypted wrings and shapes within the rings. The first Scub Burst appeared in the year 12011 (ten years before the series' debut), when the first Secret appeared and attempted to destroy the first arrival of a Scub Coral. As a result of the Scub Bursts, a new civil war was ignited between the humans, Scub Coral, and Secrets.


The Quartz is a substance that is located within the nucleus of the Scub Coral. Its' purpose is to amplify the Scub Coral's abilities to communicate or travel, including through time. By removing it, the trapar waves plummet and the Scub Coral slowly weakens to the point of being semi-dormant. It is the Federation military's, under Ryoma's command, to collect the quartz and embed it into the Secrets to increase the latter's abilities.

Quartz GunEdit

The Quartz Gun is a weapon that is an aggregate of quartz and becomes Ao's newest and strongest weapon. It takes on the shape that is similar to a giant flying board and sports a mouth that swallows additional quartz. Among its' abilities, it is capable of changing events of timelines and bring forth a Scub Burst that possesses trapar concentrations stronger than the average Seven Swell. When it changes events of time, only the gun's holder (Ao) has the memories of the "previous" time.



Ao Thurston The 13-year-old son of Renton and Eureka, and the protagonist. His name means "deep blue" in Japanese. He is half-human and half-Coralian, and is considered a gift from God. He closely resembles his father and has his brown hair but has his mother's eye and skin color and later on develops wings just like her's (though slightly smaller). In his debut, Ao starts off as a boy who dreams of becoming a hero greater than his father and grandfather but lacks the confidence. From classmates, he was teased for his purple eyes, and he was snubbed by adults who distrusted his mother while others valued him due to the actions of his family. He is very intelligent for his age but constantly finds himself at the center of attention. Unlike his father, he is unskilled in reffing but shares his parents' love for piloting. As the child of a human and Coralian, he possesses extraordinary abilities, such as being able to see trapar, communicating with archetypes, and seeing/feeling the memories of the Scub Coral. Ao joins in the Gekkostate in stopping the Secrets and develops a hostile partnership with Naru due to their opposing personalities and they argue frequently. This often leads to physical confrontations, often started when Naru insults Ao and he retaliates. Towards his family, he tends to be very mature, caring, and protective. He typically tries to prevent any fights or arguments within the crew, although he has a temper and is prone to get caught in the heat himself. He becomes the pilot of the Nirvash Neo. When Ao accidentally commits his first murder, he is thrown into a pervasive and maddened depression, driving him to isolate himself from others. But learning that he will need to face the hardships that come with the task of becoming a hero, Ao has a revelation about his true nature and discards his fears and doubts as he vows to become the true protector of the Earth. Afterwards, he becomes more confident in himself and his abilities as an IFO pilot, as well as an excessive optimist. He truly dislikes Naru for her jealous and domineering personality, but as he watches her partner with Truth, he decides to save her from Truth and help realize her actions will only result in the death of innocent people. As time goes by, he realizes his love for Fleur Blanc, who reciprocates his feelings. As his journey continues, he learns that he is the prophesied "light called Hope", the one destined to led the humans and Scub Coral into a new future as one. Voiced by Micah Solusod, Julie Ann Taylor (child).

Naru Novak The 15-year-old daughter of Holland and Talho. She closely resembles her mother but has her father's eye color, and has a combination of both of their personalities. She is a skilled LFO pilot and is known for her prideful and headstrong personality. She prefers to pilot an LFO because she considers IFOs inferior. She is very mature and rational for her age, but her fierce temper often gets the better of her. She met Ao when she was 5 and he was 3, and ever since then, she has been jealous of him due to the attention he receives from others, and later claims to have despised Ao for so long it has consumed her mind to the point she wants nothing more than to prove she is more worthy than him. She often calls him an "abomination" and "a stupid Coralian boy", and she has a low opinion towards his parents, seeing their relationship as "weird" and "unnatural". She initially hated Ao during their childhood due to his shyness, but she became bigoted towards him due to the influence of those who opposed the co-existence and because he was assumed as the world's true hero. The tension between the two children also gets to point of a few physical confrontations between the two, but Ao refuses to tolerate it and lashes back at her. When she meets Truth, he manipulates her into thinking she will be disposed of by everyone due to Ao's growing importance to the world, and implants Dewey and Johansson's conclusions about the Scub Coral into her head. She becomes Ao's secondary enemy after she partners with Truth and sets out to prove the threat of the Scub Coral. However, she begins to reform only after Truth refused to save her during their final battle with Ao, with that she realizes her errors and turns against Truth, even admitting to Ao that as much as she hated him, she loved him the most. Despite her aggressiveness, she is shown to be a kind and caring person who is protective of her teammates and friends, and prefers to think things though before jumping into situation. Voiced by Lindsay Seidel.

Lily Sorel The 8-year-old daughter of Anemone and Dominic. She closely resembles her mother but her personality mirrors closer towards her father's. A reserved girl who enjoys reading and is a bit knowledgeable of the things happening, but is not capable of piloting a LFO or IFO. Voiced by Felecia Angelle.

Amber Thurston The daughter of Renton and Eureka, and Ao's younger sister. The pregnancy with Amber is discovered in episode 7, and due to Eureka's anxiety of giving birth during a war, she is constantly worried about her unborn daughter and what the effects of the war may have on the baby. Despite this, they decide to have the baby and choose the name "Amber" after the gemstone her parents found during their first trip to Earth. While unborn, she appears in holographic form to Ao to warn him about the Secrets, along with the potential fate of the Earth if the Paradox Plan is activated. In person, she closely resembles her mother and has her hair color, but has her father's blue eyes and skin color. Voiced by Lara Woodhull.


Renton Thurston The original male protagonist. Now 30-years-old, he is married to Eureka and they have two children: a son named Ao and later a daughter named Amber. In the years following the end of the original series, he became a famous mechanic and hero, but is more committed to caring for his family. He works as a full-time mechanic and part-time excavator at the Tressor trapar mines to support his family. He succeeded his father and grandfather when he created the first IFO by combining his knowledge of Scub Coral and LFOs. Through his IFO project, he became an active scientist and mechanic for the military, but not to the extent to his father and sister due to his promise to not be absent in Ao's life. He has become mature, calm, and serious, but is a loving husband and father, and still has a soft spot towards his family. Inspired by the events from when he was in the Gekkostate, he raises Ao with a combination of discipline and independence, letting Ao make his own decisions but to make sure he doesn't avoid facing the consequences. Due to being the "chosen one" from the original series and knowing he still has the duty to protect the planet, he rejoins with the Gekkostate to protect the Scub Coral and humans from the Secrets and military. Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Eureka The original female protagonist. Now 30-years-old, she is married to Renton and they have two children: a son named Ao and later a daughter named Amber. Now known as Eureka Thurston, she has become almost entirely human-like, and is a loving wife and mother. After the end of the original series, she devoted her life to raising her children, hoping to be able to give them, especially Ao, a normal life. While she loves all four of her children, she considers her biological son, Ao, to be her pride and joy. After the appearance of the Secrets, Eureka was reluctant to return to the Gekkostate out of fear of putting her son in danger, as she believes that violence is terribly senseless and should not be used with children. She discovers she is pregnant with her second child early on, and constantly worries about giving birth during the conflict with the Secrets. Due to her pregnancy, she is unable to participate in many of the battles against the Secrets and military. Voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Holland Novak The leader of the Gekkostate. Now 45-years-old, he is married to Talho and they have a daughter, Naru. After the end of the original series, he became a traveler and ref shop owner, but sometimes acted as a consultant for the military in order to make sure another war doesn't occur. He is very protective of Naru, and is often annoyed with Naru and Ao fighting with each other. When the crew was recruited, Holland attempted to partner Naru with Ao, thinking that they could bring an end to the war between the Scubs and Secrets, but this failed due to incompatibility between the two. Initially blaming him for Naru's hospitalization and even becoming violent towards him at one point, he genuinely cares about Ao and is determined to protect him. He is horrified when Naru pairs up with Truth and fights against Ao for purproses that oppose the Gekkostate's, putting him in a difficult situation. Although he still has a fierce temper and intolerance for mistakes, he has grown into a mature leader and recruits the former Gekko crew mates to fight against the new military and Secrets. Voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Talho The head pilot of the Gekkostate. Now 42-years-old, she is married to Holland and they have a daughter, Naru, who was born several months after the end of the original series. She loves Naru and comes to think of Ao as a son. Since the end of the original series, she remains generally the same as before but with a new outlook on violence. She constantly worries about Naru and Ao as they become IFO pilot and battle the Secrets. She is devastated when Naru betrays the Gekkostate by pairing up with Truth, but refuses to believe that her daughter no longer has any good in her. Voiced by Kate Higgins.

Maurice The eldest (adopted) child of Renton and Eureka. Now 21-years-old, he helps with maintenance on the LFOs and IFOs, and enjoys documenting the Gekkostate's adventures. He dreams of becoming a photographer. He is a protective older brother to his siblings, especially Ao, whom he later admits he cares for the most. Voiced by Jerry Jewell.

Maeter The second (adopted) child of Renton and Eureka. Now 20-years-old, she rejoins with the crew to stay with her family. She dreams of becoming a scientist. She is still protective of her brothers and has been taking care of Ao since his birth, and loves him as a true brother. Voiced by Michelle Ruff.

Linck The third (adopted) child of Renton and Eureka. Now 19-years-old, he has matured but still retains his playful tactics. He dreams of becoming an artist. He is protective of his parents and siblings, and enjoys teasing Ao. Voiced by Aaron Dismuke.

Matthieu Now 41-years-old, he still an LFO pilot and still retains his easygoing personality. He is still in a relationship with Hilda. He enjoys teasing the fellow crew members, especially the children (particularly Ao). Prior to rejoining the crew, he worked as freelance disc jockey. Voiced by Kirk Thornton.

Hilda Now 44-years-old, she is still an LFO pilot and in a relationship with Matthieu. Voiced by Megan Hollingshead.

Stoner Now 46-years-old, he rejoins the Gekkostate to document the new adventures for ray=out and expose the truth about the military's intents with the Secrets. Prior to rejoining the crew, he worked as a freelance photographer. Voiced by Doug Stone.

Ken-Goh Despite his age (60-years), he rejoins the Gekkostate to stop the military and Secrets from destroying the planet. The Gekko has been in his care since 12005, when the crew first disbanded. Voiced by Kyle Hebert.

Mischa Now 55-years-old, she rejoins the Gekkostate to take care of the crew's well-being. She was the one who delivered Naru and Ao when they were born, and puts their health above everything. Voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Jobs Now 48-years-old, he returns to his position of managing the Gekko's hardware and occasionally helps with the maintenance of the mechas. Voiced by Dave Mallow.

Woz Now 48-years-old, he returns to his position as a hacker and occasionally helps with the maintenance of the mechas. Voiced by Dave Wittenberg.

Hap Now 45-years-old, he returns to his position as second in command of the Gekko. Voiced by Tony Oliver.

Gidget Now 30-years-old, she is still in a relationship with Moondoggie, but she dreams of the prospect of marriage. She returns to her position in managing communications. She helps Fleur learn more about relationships and her feelings for Ao. Voiced by Jessica Straus.

Moondoggie Now 31-years-old, he is still in a relationship with Gidget, but is unable to commit himself to her. He returns to his position as the head pilot. Voiced by Steve Staley.

Generation BleuEdit

Fleur Blanc A 16-year-old IFO pilot and the daughter of the company president. Somewhat of a celebrity for her father's fame, she disdains her father, often blaming him for abandoning her after her mother's death. She is well-known for her headstrong and stubborn personality. Although she is critical of the Gekkostate and doesn't believe Ao is special (though she is shown in several episodes secretly staring with slight child-like fascination at his wings when he isn't looking), she gradually shows deep concern for him and later falls in love with him, which he later reciprocates. She later gets jealous whenever another girl shows Ao attention, with Naru being the only exception and is angry at her for betraying her family and friends. Upon realizing her feelings for Ao, Fleur goes at extreme lengths to help and protect Ao from harm. Voiced by Sainty Reid.

Elena Peoples A 15-year-old IFO pilot and best friend of Fleur. A reserved girl who prefers to read her favorite websites rather than associate herself with others. Orphaned from the chaos that followed after the appearance of the first Secret 10 years prior, she was recruited by Generation Bleu. Since Ao's parents were fighting the Secret that killed her family, she shows an unconcealed hatred towards them until she learns it wasn't their fault later on. Voiced by Jad Saxton.

Ivica Tanovic A military war veteran who took part in the mission with the military to stop the first Secret, which ended up being destroyed by Ao's parents but left a world confused and on the verge of another civil war. During the chaos, he lost his wife and young child, which left him determined to protect children from suffering from tragedies in the future. After this, he accepts Christophe Blanc's invitation to join Generation Bleu and becomes chief of the leading team, Pied Piper, and commander of its ship, the Triton. Voiced by John Swasey.

Rebecka Hallstrom The commander and strategist of Pied Piper. Of all the members of Generation Bleu, she is the one who is not eccentric. Voiced by Jaime Marchi.

Hannah Bester The helmswoman of Pied Piper, and acts as a mother to the comrades, even towards Ao when she first meets him. Voiced by Lydia Mackay.

Christophe Blanc The president of Generation Bleu and Fleur's father. He built the company after seeing the first Secret appear, and became interested in its' origin and powers. He is suspicious of the military's involvement with the Secrets, and leads his company to gather information on them. Before founding Generation Bleu, he was the CEO of an aeronautics business. Although many ignore or dislike him for his eccentric and seemingly careless behavior, he truly cares about his daughter and others; the first and only time he meets Ao, his advice towards the boy was to learn the "true enemy" he must face for all mankind. Voiced by Chuck Huber.

Georg The AI computer system on the Triton. He Completely knows the codenames of the Secrets. Voiced by Tyson Rinehart.

Federation MilitaryEdit

Truth A humanoid Secret who was created by the original Secret from 10 years prior. He was found and adopted by Johansson. After his death, Truth was taken by Ryoma and raised in the military after Ryoma proposed a partnership with him in exchange with helping him control his powers. Having memories of the battle that caused his "birth", he holds a deep hatred towards Renton and Eureka, who fought and destroyed the Secret. He also holds an even deadlier hatred towards their son, Ao, due to his human-Coralian heritage and Truth's belief that Ao is a threat to him. Truth believes that his species, the Secrets, are more worthy than the Scub Coral and are just as entitled to reside on the planet. He not only bigoted to the Scub Coral but to the humans as well, and takes pleasure in killing as many people as he can. As part of his plot, he manipulates Naru into siding with him, using her own negative emotions towards Ao by means and putting the Gekkostate in a difficult situation. As a Secret, he possesses extraordinary abilities and is hostile towards the humans. Near the end, Truth is displeased with the realization that he had been a lab experiment, and eventually realizes that Ryoma is merely using him as a weapon. Enraged, he murders Ryoma and destroys his headquarters. In the final battle, before Ao kills him, he reveals that the Paradox Plan was implanted within him so that, if he died, everything related to the Scub Coral would disappear from history.

As the episodes progress Truth is shown in more tragic light during his upbringing with Johansson. Because Truth was like a book mostly full of blank pages with only two pages filled up and down with pictures of the Scubs, Eureka and Renton with the word "HATE" written all over them it was much easier for Johansson to feed Truth's hatred with his own, instead of teaching him compassion and forgiveness. Therefore because of Johansson, along with Ryoma, Truth's blind hatred for the Scubs and Ao and his parents and his passion to destroy them were so strong that it kept him from seeing and seeking out the love the way beings similar to him (Sakuya, Eureka and Anemone) were able to find that gave them peace in their lives. Anemone even states that if it weren't for Dominic she would have ended up just like Truth in the end.

Ryoma Viktorin The antagonist and revealed to be the secret, illegitimate son of Dewey from the original. He is revealed to be as sociopathic and wicked as his father, which stems from the backstory of his childhood. Due to being an illegitimate child, conceived from an assault, his father never recognized him as his heir, and his mother, who both loved and despised Ryoma, committed suicide when he was 7-years-old. Although he disdains his father and was relieved of his death, Ryoma sought out his own quest to achieve revenge against the Scub Coral and its' human protectors for "stealing" the Earth and leading his father to commit suicide in a desperate attempt to rid them from the world. His own method is to re-write history rather than recreate the planet. As part of his plan, he joined the military, earning the title General, and orders the recreation of the Secrets and allies with Truth in order to carry out his plans. Voiced by Duncan Brannan.

Corrine Minato An executive officer under Ryoma's wing. She has known him since childhood, and appears to have feelings for him. However, once she realizes his true intentions, she aids the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu by telling them the truth about the Secrets. Voiced by Monica Riel.

Anemone The former second antagonist but later becomes an ally to the Gekkostate. She is an artificial Humanoid Coralian and is still physically and mentally incomplete. She is now married to Dominic, but had difficult conceiving a child until Lily was finally born with the help of medical treatments. She is now close friends with Eureka. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Dominic Sorel A former lieutenant for the military, he serves as an ally for the Gekkostate. He is now married to Anemone and they have a daughter, Lily. He is now an Air Force Captain, but serves as an informer for the Gekkostate. Voiced by Peter Doyle.

Captain Jurgens The former captain of the ship Izumo. Although he retired from the military right after the Second Summer of Love, he aids into the investigation on how to help the Gekkostate fight against the Secrets. Voiced by Michael McConnohie.

Maria Schneider A former executive officer for the Izumo. She retired from the military soon after the Second Summer of Love, and still works along side with Jurgens. Voiced by Megan Hollingshead.

Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan A scientist working for Tresor laboratories, and he has remarried to Mischa after finally achieving a reconciliation with her. He serves as a critical ally to the Gekkostate as he researches information on the Secrets. Voiced by Joey Camen.

Morita The head scientist of Tresor. He continues to help with the rebuilding and upgrades for LFOs, and actually helped with the design of the IFOs with Renton. Voiced by Terrance Stone.

Dr. Sonia Wakabayashi A scientist at Tresor who is still close with Eureka, and helps with the rebuilding and upgrades of LFOs and IFOs. Voiced by Bridget Hoffman.

Other CharactersEdit

Axel Thurston Renton's grandfather and Ao's great-grandfather. Now retired, he left the Thurston Garage in Renton's care, although he continues to pass orders on everyone and puts his three great-grandsons to work. He opposed to having Ao join with his parents on the Gekkostate, but decided that Ao is old enough to make his own decisions. Voiced by Steve Kramer.

Adrock Thurston Renton's father and Ao's grandfather. The military hero who sacrificed his life to stop the First Summer of Love and then merged with the Scub Coral. When the Command Cluster returns, Ao meets with him and Diane to learn how to destroy the Secrets.

Diane Thurston Renton's older sister and Ao's aunt. After merging with the Scub Coral, she stays by her father and meets Ao when the Command Cluster returns to Earth. She explains the history of the Scubs to him and only he can save the two races from the Secrets. Voiced by Peggy O'Neal.

Sakuya The first Humanoid Coralian to be born from the Scub Coral. She merged with the Scub Coral during the Second Summer of Love, and when the Command Cluster returns to Earth, she tells Ao more about love and nature. Voiced by Jennie Kwan.

Norb A powerful Vodarac priest who merged with the Scub Coral to be with Sakuya forever during the Second Summer of Love. When the Command Cluster returns, he tells Ao more about love, nature, and destiny. Voiced by Sam Riegel.

Gonzy A former member of the Gekkostate who was revealed to be a Coralian without no one knowing it until after the Second Summer of Love occurred. It turns out that he had merged with the Scub Coral and guides Ao as the boy tries to learn a way to stop the Secrets and save the two universe from their own creatures.

Libby Shijima A teenage girl who was orphaned from the chaos that occurred from the appearance of the first Secret. However, she holds no ill will towards those involved; preferring to forgive and forget rather than live a life of hate. She works various odd jobs of delivering supplies to civilians and cities. She takes in Ao when he ran away from the Gekkostate, and taught him about forgiveness and hope. She dies when the military tries to take Ao away; through her death, Ao learns he must face the hardships that comes with becoming a hero.

Johansson A popular author who opposed the efforts to form a co-existence between the humans and Coralians. He is revealed to have been the scientist that revealed the existence of the Secrets to Stephen and begin the recreation of them. Ten years ago, after the defeat of the first Secret, he adopted Truth following his creation. Soon after, he wrote a book called TRUTH, that declared that the Scub Coral is evil before committing suicide.

Potential Episodes + OVAEdit

(OVA) Eureka Seven: The Promised Land of Rainbow

After the Second Summer Of Love, Renton and Eureka landed to the Promised Land, the land that they ever lived before. Here, they started their journey over a year.

1) Deep Blue Sky

In April 12021, Ao Thurston is the 12-year-old son of Renton and Eureka. Growing up in his father's hometown, Bellforest, he lives a normal, comfortable life with his parents, older siblings, and great-grandfather, except for teasing from his classmates due to his lavender eyes. One day, however, his life changes forever when he encounters Naru, Holland, and Talho, who have come for repairs on their IFOs. In truth, they have come to tell Renton and Eureka about recent reappearances of Scub Coral and how the recruited United Federation military is building weapons to destroy them. In the intrim, another Scub Coral appears in town and the military arrives. The children's parents launch their IFOs to engage in combat while Ao makes a critical decision.


(Ao)"The color blue is known to symbolize the feeling of sadness, but people say it is used to symbolize new opportunities, and new beginnings. Blue, like the clear blue sky and the blue ocean that seemed so small yet so endless as the waves slowly crawled their way to the shore. The ocean was so beautiful, so calm, and so subtle that is called the astral ocean. Astral, the terrestrial world, the Earth. Ever since I was a very small kid, I thought of life following one road to the next generation after another with small hardships. But, that is a silly fantasy. I was a beautiful child, with brown hair, amethyst eyes, and flawless complexion. Everyone always said that being alive was the greatest gift of all, and I was the proof that miracles can happen. "Never beg. You earn by winning, or you won't get anything." as my father used to tell me. "Life is wonderful." as my mother used to tell me. But why? As I soon learned, beyond that endless ocean was a new adventure."

2) The Archetype is Back

The military KLFs continue their attack on the Scub Coral, leading to the deaths of a dozen people in the city. A black monster resembling an LFO appears and causes havoc on the city. With the bracelet needed to awaken the newly built Nirvash IFO, Ao pilots it but is defeated by the monster and knocked into the Zone. Inside, he encounters the original Nirvash TypeZERO, which merges with the IFO, becoming the Nirvash Neo and chooses Ao as its' pilot. With the Neo, Ao finally defeats the Secret and reverted back to it's original form after the archetype saying welcome to Ao while his parents watch nearby, realizing their son truly was meant to pilot the IFO.

3) Beyond The Sea

Ao is the center of attention for defeating the monster and is compared to the heroic acts his father and grandfather did, much to the boy's chargin. As a result, he tries to avoid people. He talks with Naru about his life and confides in her that, while he admires his father and grandfather, he resents being compared to them. He also has been subjected to discrimination due to his mother being a Coralian and some people have yet to accept her. Realizing another war with the military is coming, Holland suggests the Gekkostate recruit and asks Renton and Eureka to bring Ao along. Ao accepts the offer because he wants to restore peace.

4) New Beginning

The Gekkostate has reunited for the first time in 15 years. However, Ao discovers that being part of an anti-military crew is difficult and he is put in charge of maintenance of the LFOs and IFOs. The overcrowding on the ship and disagreements over chores causes tension between Ao and Naru, who have yet to get along since they first met. The Gekkostate assigns the two a mission to resolve their difference. Meanwhile, the military general is mysteriously found dead and a military officer named Ryoma is promoted to the position. Ryoma is revealed to have ties to the Novak family, and two things called "Secrets" and "Paradox Myth".

5) For A Season

Ao has second thoughts about joining the Gekkostate after having a fight with Naru and no one offers him ideas to make it easier for him. Holland and Renton take him to town to buy supplies for the Gekko while Naru goes on an errand with Talho and Eureka. When Naru is assaulted and nearly kidnapped by military officers, Ao defends her and begins to earn her respect. However, more military KLFs appear, and Ao takes it upon himself to protect Naru by going into combat without anyone's help.

6) Better Days

Ao's relationship with the other Gekko crewmates is harsh due to the numerous pranks they pull on him for their amusement. Renton compares the jokes to the ones he was subjected to when he was Ao's age and tell's him not to let the pranks get him down and that it is only the crewmates (admittedly twisted) way of showing their affection to Ao. When something within the Gekko's operating system goes wrong, Ao takes his IFO to the sky and repairs the damage from outside while the crew contemplates a way to avoid a military assault.

7) Blaze of Glory

Cleaning out the storage unit, Ao comes across old photo albums from when his parents were on the ship years ago. The crew reflects their past experiences and how those experiences have turned them into the people they are now. Talking with Naru, Ao wonders what the future has in store for him and what the purpose of his existence is. Meanwhile, Eureka discovers she is pregnant with her and Renton's second child, and worries about giving birth during a war.

8) One Fine Day

The military is growing anxious over the growing strength of the Gekkostate and Ryoma announces he is planning a new way to deal with them, which is revealed to be the monster Ao fought a while ago, called a Secret. Landing to gather monthly supplies, Ao and Naru go shopping in disguise, due to the military once again branding the Gekkostate as criminals, and meet Fleur Blanc, a member of the mysterious company Generation Bleu, after getting lost. It turns out that Generation Bleu and the Gekkostate are allying together to learn more about the Secrets and stop the intentions of the military. When the military finds the children, the two groups save them from being captured.

9) Dream Weaver

After arriving at Generation Bleu's headquarters, Ao and Naru have a big fight that involves Naru slapping Ao. Frustrated, Ao claims he hates her and runs off. He meets up with Fleur and another member, Elena. Through Fleur's father, Christophe, Ao learns the history of how the company came to be. Also, Fleur tells Ao her family's history; how her mother died in a car accident when she was five-years-old and how she came to resent her father.

10) Ride Like The Wind

The Gekkostate takes a mission to earn money by transporting illegal contrabands, but when they arrive at their destination, the residents react with fear and hate at Eureka and Ao, calling them monsters. When Ao is left confused and demands answers from his parents, they reveal to him about the animosity some humans still have towards Coralians, and the origins of that hate.

11) Shades of Gray

The crew decides to take a break after learning a batch of waves are heading their way. The crew wants to enjoy one day of reffing, but Eureka is still loathing over that she will be giving birth to her child during a war and refuses to come out of her room. In an attempt to cheer her up, Renton takes her to remote island that was the place of where the Second Summer of Love occurred and they remember the promise they made to each other years ago.

12) Cassiopeia Moonlight

Another Scub Coral appears and a Secret is sent out to destroy it, leading the Gekkostate and generation Bleu to investigate the monster's origins. Meanwhile, Ryoma orders his newest weapon, a person named Truth, to head towards the new appearing Scub Coral, knowing the Gekkostate will be there. As the military ship arrives on the spot, Ao and Naru, with the other IFOs and LFOs, go out to investigate the Scub Coral when Truth, encased in a large Secret, comes face to face with Ao and Naru, and aims his murderous rage towards Ao.

13) For The Sun

As the Nirvash Neo and Secret unleash their fighting powers on each other, they are drawn into an unknown world that causes them to lose unconsciousness. Inside, Ao finds himself in a dreamworld controlled by the Secret and is being attacked by Truth. Naru, having witnessed the battle, sees Ao knocked out and tries to get him to safety while the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu deal with Ryoma's military unit.

14) Magic Moment

A Secret appears near one of the most prestigious military bases, but on behalf of its own interests, the military forces the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu not to engage it. Ao talks about his dream from the previous battle with Truth, and his concern of Truth's influence over Naru. Renton, Eureka, Holland, and Talho mull over the recent events and wonder the outcome of this war. But they manage to cheer Ao up and they return with renewed spirits to battle when they are finally allowed to confront the Secret.

15) Not There

It is Ao's 13th birthday, but no one except his parents and siblings seem too happy about it. They have no time to celebrate it due to their busy schedules, and on top of that, Ao has a falling out with Maurice, accusing his older brother of not caring for him at all. Meanwhile, Ryoma reveals the creation of a Secret at a private military base that specializes in creating military weapons.

16) A Thin Line

The Gekkostate lands at Tresor Laboritories for repairs on the IFOs. Naru has been withdrawing herself from Ao due to the praise he gets from everyone who calls him one of the best pilots ever. While trying to get Naru to confess what's bothering her, Ao goes on a tour around the laboratory with Lily, Dominic, Anemone, and a few other crewmates. Suddenly, after touching a fragment of the Nirvash's original archetype, Ao suffers from a headache and finds himself in a hazy room where he hears the voice of a young girl calling out to him and sees images from the past that involve his mother.

. 17) Movin On

As the Gekkostate continues to be repaired, Ao learns more about the Scub Coral's origins and how his mother became the original Nirvash's pilot. He meets a researcher, Abel, who is interested in the mechanic system of IFOs. The two becomes friends as they share an interest in creating their imaginations into reality. However, once Abel discovers that Ao is part Coralian, he is determined to sell Ao to the military to earn himself a big score.

18) Free Your Mind

Ao's friendship with Naru worsens as she continues to stay away from him, and Ao is confused. On top of that, the Gekkostate is forced to leave before the repairs are completed due to Abel calling in the military to capture Ao. In frustration, Holland blames Ao and verbally vents his anger at the boy. Renton retaliates, defending his son, and accusing Holland's immaturity the same as ever and the two nearly get into a physical confrontation. Seeing everyone upset, Ao decides to take the Nirvash Neo and fly away to clear his mind. However, he finds himself in a situation against the military, who have come to take him and the rest of the crew. When Naru swallows her pride, she decides to rescue him, but it may become a risk to her own life.

19) Why Not Me?

Naru is brought to the medical room after her LFO takes a nasty hit in an attempt to save Ao from the military, although it becomes clear she is not seriously injured and will recover. Holland angrily accuses Ao of being at fault for nearly getting Naru killed and the altercation nearly turns physical, which is stopped with Renton once again defending his son. In midst of guilt, Ao locks himself in his room and decides to stop trusting everyone if it causes so much pain. Meanwhile, more Scub Coral arrives and Ryoma, who is watching this unfold, bring Truth in, calling him his "precious child" and calling him the successor to Dewey's old work.

20) Matter Of Time

Naru is banned from piloting ever again by Holland, which angers her. Things worsen when everyone, particularly Talho, accuse him of treating Ao and Naru the same way he used to treat Renton and Eureka (badly for Ao and Renton; favorably for Naru and Eureka). After Naru claims she hates her father, Holland hastily jumps in his IFO to fight against Truth, but Renton and Matthieu come to his aid when things turn sour. Wanting to prove Holland wrong about himself, Ao joins the fight, against his father's protests, but he is quickly overwhelmed, and in desperation, he unleashes his most powerful weapon, only for him to accidently kill military soldiers and Truth taunts him before leaving at Ryoma's order.

21) Ao's Sorrow

Holland refuses to apologize to Ao, calling him a brat, which makes Renton and Eureka angry. Ao is so disturbed by the recent battle, which left dozens of soldiers dead because of him, that he keeps to himself and rejects any of the crewmates' attempts to talk to him. When Naru tries to talk to him, he calls himself a monster, just like what others used to say. When Naru rejects this and the conversation turns into an argument, Ao decides that not only can he not trust people, but he is a burden to everyone. He decides it would be best if he left his family and the ship to ease their pain.

22) Just Live More

Ao manages to sneak off the ship and wonders around to find a place where no one will find him. When the crew finds out, they are concerned but feel they can't do anything. This angers Renton and Eureka even more, accusing their crew mates of still being too dependent on Holland to do anything, and they go off to find their son themselves. After a day of traveling, Ao meets a girl named Libby, who takes him to her home and offers to let him stay with her. Touched by her kindness and seeing how she lives alone, Ao agrees. However, during his first night Ao begins to notice a peculiar bump appearing between his shoulder blades.

23) Warm Wings

Ao learns that Libby lost her family ten years prior, and now she works as a freelancer but she longs for a chance to start a new family. The bump on Ao's shoulder starts giving him a great burning pain after Libby finishes her tale, and in her worried haste she takes off Ao's shirt to examine the cause and is taken aback as the bump grows larger and large glowing a bright green. Wings begin to spread out from his back (wings just like his mothers) and Ao, begins to panic thinking Libby will become terrified and throw him out, calling him a monster. But to his surprise she instead's call's them beautiful, and caresses them (the same way his father had caressed his mother's). She calls Ao truly amazing, and this brings Ao to tears, and Libby holds him as he sobs. He begins to feel the same peaceful warm feelings he hadn't felt for a long time before when he was in Bellforest with his family: acceptance and love.
 24) Mission and Vision
Ao comes to view Libby as a big sister figure, but he misses his own family. They travel to a city to deliver supplies for a workshop though Ao is reluctant to do so at first because of the attention his wings will inevitably give off (as they are too big to be hidden by clothing). Libby manages to convince him after much encouragement and coaxing. When they get there, locals react by staring at Ao, much to his embarrassment while Libby tries to keep things positive for him. As they finish their delivery some locals begin to throw rocks at Ao, acting towards him with intense hate, calling him a Coralian monster and murderer. Libby immediately comes to his defense and takes him away from the locals. This causes Ao to remember that some people, no matter what, can't let go of the past. Although, soon after they are a safe distance they are approached by some children who are fascinated by Ao's wings and ask relentlessly if he'll fly them in the sky. When Renton and Eureka are unable to locate Ao and start to panic, Holland realizes he must swallow his pride and do the right thing.

25) Walk This Path

Holland finally admits that he was wrong to blame Ao for everything and promises to fix the problem by helping Renton and Eureka look for him. Meanwhile, Ao considers going back to the Gekko to see his parents again, although he is reluctant to leave Libby, especially after she says she thinks of him as a little brother. A Scub Burst appears, and while Generation Bleu is on stand-by waiting for the Gekkostate to arrive, Ao meets Truth as he holds a group of survivors hostage while the Federation military comes up with approaching Truth and the secret with dire consequences.

26) Long Run

Despite Truth's attack, Ao manages to save the lives of some of the hostages, but is unable to stop the military from intervening, resulting in the death of many people. Ao learns that the Gekkostate is nearby and more Secrets are likely to appear soon. Upon learning he is the pilot of the Nirvash Neo, the Federation military declares that Ao is to blame for the death of the officers who died in combat and attempt to take him in custody, but Libby's intervention leads her to suffer a tragic ending.

27) Redemption

Saddened by Libby's death, Ao is lost in thought and calls himself a curse because everyone around him seems to suffer or die. He wants to continue running away in order to spare more people from suffering, but as he continues with his traveling, he happens to encounter Generation Bleu as the group helps with many survivors. One member, Hannah, has a heart-to-heart talk with Ao, which allows him to conclude that he needs to face the hardships of becoming a hero. He returns to the Gekkostate, boards the Nirvash Neo, and defeats the Secrets.

28) Sea Of Love

After the initial ambush on the Gekko failed, Ao is banned from going into the battle while his parents and the rest of the crew gear up for combat. Several military spies evade the ship, leading to confrontations between the crew and military soldiers. Holland and Talho deal with the soldiers inside the ship while Renton takes the Secrets in midair. Eureka joins him, against his protests, but at the end, the Secrets are destroyed, the military spies are killed, which forces the military ship to retreat, but the impact on the IFO nearly causes a miscarriage. With the support of everyone, Ao vows to follow his own path and protect everyone.

29) Walk Of Life

Ao tries to deal with all the things that have happened recently and is worried about his mother, who has been banned from piloting until she is stabilized. In midst of recovering from nearly miscarrying, Eureka finds out the baby is a girl, and everyone is overjoyed. In a stunning revelation, Ryoma is revealed to be the illegitimate son Of Dewey Novak, making him Naru's cousin. He believes his father was right to try to destroy the Scub Coral and vows to follow the late man's wishes, no matter what has to be sacrificed. Naru, having dreams of Truth, tells Ao that the Secrets are not enemies and the humans will be pushed aside by the Scub Coral.

30) With You

Uneasy after his last encounter with Truth and Naru's claim that the Secrets are not enemies, Ao is sortied to confront a Secret that has appeared beside a Scub Coral that activated the Antibodies. Ao is shot down by the enemy and when he wakes up, he learns that more Antibodies are being activated, putting the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu on high alert to confront multiple Secrets and Antibodies appearing near them.

31) Sun Goes Up

In order to learn more about the Secrets, the crew invites Dr. Bear to help them with their investigation. During this, they suspect the Secrets were designed by the military, but realize that, while they have similar abilities to the Scub Coral, the Secrets seem to be more capable of manipulating minds and time. However, the public opinion starts to turn against the Gekkostate and Ryoma concluded the book of Johannson, who believed that the Secrets came from another world - where the world was less than half of its original number due. In her dream, Naru encounters Truth once more and pledges alliance to him.

32) Velvet Sky

Corrine, a military officer, meets with Ryoma on his plan to deal with the Scub Coral reappearing, but she is worried about the consequences of his Paradox Plan. Stunned by the betrayal of Naru, Ao surrenders himself to the army in order to find and confront Naru and Truth. With the whole world in doubt regarding the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu's intentions, they two groups decide to launch an attack to where Ao is being held to bring him and Naru back.

33) Be One Now

Ryoma decides to let Truth go into battle after the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu's ambush. Truth has been angry that he's been kept on the ship for a long time and he is ready to come face-to-face with Ao again. Unknown to Truth, however, Ryoma merely wants to see how much Ao and the Nirvash Neo has improved. With renewed ambition to fight, Ao takes to the sky, and he proves his match against Truth.

34) Twin Duel: Renton Vs Renton

Furious over Ao's strength, Ryoma orders Truth to go in disguise as Renton to get the Renton's LFO blueprint inside the Gekko for creating they're own LFO. Before he did that, he orders him to froze Renton in the middle of nowhere to avoid get caught by his crew. Once he already froze Renton, Truth as Imit Renton proceed his mission leaving helpless Renton alone since he got froze up. The only way to get founded, is to send a Signal (As a Red Flash) to Eureka. Meanwhile, in the Gekko, Eureka become worried to Renton when she trying to find him but to no avail only to be meet Truth (As Imit Renton) at the same time. But somehow at the long time, Eureka feels something wrong with Renton characteristic; he didn't have any scar in his left arm as opposed to Renton. At the same time, she received a signal from Renton, telling her that Renton is not Renton.

35) Strong Survival

Ao and the two groups manage to escape after learning of Naru and many people across the world have switched sides to support the military's use of the Secrets. With nowhere to run, the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu are contacted by the Tressor laboratory, offering them shelter and support. From there, they begin planning for their next move. Meanwhile, Ryoma introduces his new weapon, an LFO called Kanon, and assigns Truth as the pilot.

36) Wipe Out

A month following the recent encounter with Truth and the military, the Gekkostate receives word of a new batch of trapar waves in the area, and decide to spend the day lifting. Ao is still uneasy with the growing threat of the Secrets and of Naru's betrayal. Renton and Eureka take the opportunity to decide on a name for their daughter, and decide on Amber.

37) Can't Smile Without You

Cristophe advises Renton that since Ao carries human-Coralian blood in him, he is the worst target in Truth's eyes, but as his natural enemy and equal match in battle abilities, Ao must be the one to confront him. Fleur talks with all the women on the ship about boys and relationship. Ao also becomes curious relationships due to his feelings for Fleur, and taking the boy aside, Renton tells him about how he and Eureka met and fell in love.

38) Under The Sea

From Johansson's book, everyone develops a theory on the Secrets' origins, they resided in the alternate universe half the Scub Coral attempted to inhabit. They chased the Scubs back to the original world but were destroyed and the military, hoping to prevent panic from the public, hide the Secrets' existence. They accuse the military of using Dewey's actions to create the Secrets as a new military weapon to assault the humans for their own satisfaction, although he says Ryoma truly despises the Scub Coral and wants to destroy it. Ryoma has crafted a carefully planned plot to rid the planet of the Scub Coral, using Truth in the form as his main weapon and only hope to sway in other's favor. His method, the Paradox Plan, is being discussed as Ryoma assures Truth that he is the world's last hope of fulfilling Dewey's last wish.

39) Gesture Of Image

Fleur comforts Ao as he dwells with the realization he will have to fight Truth on his own soon, and Fleur tries to confess her feelings to Ao, but instead he freaks out and accuses her of teasing him because no girl has ever liked him. This leads to a fight and they avoid each other. Everyone notices this, but they think Ao was rejected by Fleur instead. The crew also learns that Ryoma is having Secrets destroy cities and then blaming the Scub Coral in order to gain the public's favor.

40) Walking Miracle

Eureka enters in her sixth month of pregnancy, and everyone wants to do something to cheer her up. They decide to give her a party, in case the baby will be born before the war ends. The men are disappointed that they have to attend and question the women's reasons for making them go to the party. At the capital, Ryoma announces that the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu are actually forcing the Scub Coral to attack the humans and prepares to attack the ships for a final showdown.

41) Bonds

The Gekkostate arrives at the location where the Scub Command Cluster is due to appear, where they hope to protect it before the Secrets and military reach it. However, it is decided that Renton and Eureka will protect it, and Ao is best left away for his safety. Ryoma orders his officers to deploy Secrets to the location after finding the Gekkostate's location. In the chaos, Ao travels with his parents to the area as the Gekkostate tries to stop the Secrets from attacking them.

42) Acperience 5

Drawn to the Scub Command Cluster, Ao enters inside of it with his parents, and finds himself inside the golden library. There, he meets his aunt, Diane, and grandfather, Adrock. After a family union, Renton and Eureka discuss the current situation about the Secrets with Diane and Adrock, who admit they suspected the existence of the Secrets for a long time. Meanwhile, the Gekkostate tries to defend the Cluster from the Secrets and military.

43) Slip Away

Ryoma orders that the Cluster be destroyed, despite being told about risking another Limit of Questions. In midst of the chaos, Antibody Coralians are released as the Scub Coral tries to defend itself from the Secrets. Ao and his parents race back to the Gekkostate to help them, but are faced against Truth, who is determined to eliminate Ao for good. Unwilling to endanger Eureka and Ao, Renton orders them to seek refuge near the Cluster, which forms a trapar barrier to protect them and violently ejects Truth.

44) Live Together

Forced to crash land near the Cluster, Ao and his parents are wondering what is going to happen now. The Gekkostate knows they will need help in order to come up with a counter-assault that will enable them to retrieve Ao, Renton, and Eureka safely. Ryoma tends to a frustrated Truth and tells him the background of his childhood and late father; Ryoma says he is not trying to destroy the Scub Coral for his dead father, but to get back at those who he believes ruined history. By erasing the Scubs and the humans who protect it, he will bring forth a new world with those who still regard it as evil.

45) Limit Break

The Gekkostate calls for help from Generation Bleu, and the two relate the information they currently have gathered. Ryoma orders that Truth be taken to a laboratory for upgrades. There, Truth finds evidence of human experimentations and remembers how he was experimented on upon being discovered by Ryoma. Realizing he has been raised by Ryoma not for the purpose of being a partner but as a weapon, Truth is enraged and vows revenge. Meanwhile, the stress of the situation is taking its' toll on Ao, Renton, and Eureka. However, Ao begins to hear the girl's voice in his dreams again, but much clearer.

46) Who Will Entrust The Future?

Ryoma's officer, Corrine, meets with the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu at Tresor to talk with them about her knowledge about the Secrets and Paradox Plan. She tells them everything she has learned about Ryoma's intentions and pledges support to the two crews in hope they can end Ryoma's plan. While Naru rallies supporters for her cause in supporting Truth and Ryoma, Truth discovers that is actually a humanoid Secret with no memories of his past, consuming him even more with revenge.

47) Beautiful World

With the upgrades on Truth nearly complete, Ryoma orders preparations for the assault on the Cluster. As the military gears into action, the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu spread the word of Ryoma's plans around the world, urging the population to relay the information to others. Upon learning of the military heading towards the Cluster, the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu prepare themselves for the final battle.

48) A Beautiful End

As they travel back to the Cluster, Ao meets a young girl who introduces herself as Amber. He realizes she is actually his unborn sister, and his parents learn she is their daughter. Amber tells them everything about the Secrets she learned from the Scub Coral, but also the possible consequences of destroying them. If the Secret that holds it is destroyed, the Paradox Plan will activate. Furthermore, the extermination of the entire Secret population will require the most powerful Seven Swell and combined Quartz, but it will cause the trapar to become abnormal and Ao, being a hybrid, may die. Despite this, Ao vows to stop the Secrets and save the planet. Meanwhile, Ryoma orders Truth into battle, but ends up suffering a brutal murder at Truth's hands.

49) Truth's Secret

with Ryoma dead, Truth orders that the crew deal with the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu while he will eliminate the world's protectors, which are Ao, Renton, and Eureka. As Ao and Amber continue to discuss the situation, he meets Gonzy, who reveals that Truth's plan is to kill Ao because he wants revenge against Renton and Eureka for what happened 10 years prior. Despite this, Ao decides that he should confront Truth alone, even though his parents insist he should stay away from Truth. Truth orders the Secrets to fire lasers into the trapar barrier so he can enter inside.

50) The Fateful Twist

Ao and his parents fly to the sky and encounter Truth. Truth and Naru engage in combat against Ao. The Generation Bleu holds off the military while the Gekkostate rushes to get to the family before it's too late. When he manages to dissuade Naru, Ao begs for Truth to see that he's destroying the planet, but Truth is determined to end Ao's life. When Ao has the advantage and fires an attack, Truth reveals what the Paradox Plan is; a substance that is connected to time that will cause everything on the planet that is related to the Scub Coral to disappear if he is killed because it has been embedded within him. Truth is killed as he finishes his speech with tears in his eyes and a maddening grin, before Ao can stop the attack.

51) Deep Rainbow Sky

All hope seems lost as the Scub Coral begins to disappear, along with those connected to it. Ao sinks into despair that he, along with his mother and unborn sister, will disappear forever. He decides to go back in time to stop the Paradox Plan from activating. Before leaving, Ao and Naru truly reconcile and he asks her to give his bracelet to Amber in case he doesn't come back alive, but Naru insists he will survive. Boarding Nirvash Neo, Ao goes back in time and is able to find and remove the substance from within Truth, allowing Ao to destroy the remaining Secrets for good and permanently incapcatating Truth (where he will never be able to cause harm to anyone ever again) who lands in unspecified area after the blast. As predicted, Ao's body is unable to handle the resulting high levels of trapar, and he turns into stone. As everyone realizes that Ao is dead, the Scub Coral performs a one-time miracle by using all its' ability and revives Ao. Amazed, Ao decides to travel the planet to learn things he still doesn't know. Two years later, everything has returned to normal. Eureka has given birth to Amber, and they are waiting for Ao's return. When Naru, her parents, and Fleur, and Elena visit the Thurston family, they see Ao successfully reffing towards them, having finally come home.

Cast (English)Edit

  • Ao - Micah Solusod
  • Renton - Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Eureka - Stephanie Sheh
  • Naru - Lindsay Seidel
  • Holland - Crispin Freeman
  • Talho - Kate Higgins
  • Maurice - Jerry Jewell
  • Maeter - Michelle Ruff
  • Linck - Aaron Dismuke
  • Matthieu - Kirk Thornton
  • Hilda - Megan Hollingsworth
  • Stoner - Doug Stone
  • Ken-Goh - Kyle Hebert
  • Mischa - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Jobs - Dave Mallow
  • Woz - Dave Wittenberg
  • Hap - Tony Oliver
  • Gidget - Jessica Straus
  • Moondoggie - Steve Staley
  • Dominic - Peter Doyle
  • Anemone - Kari Walgren
  • Lily - Felecia Angelle
  • Fleur - Sainty Reid
  • Elena - Jad Saxton
  • Ivica - John Swasey
  • Rebecka - Jaime Marchi
  • Hannah - Lydia Mackay
  • Christophe - Chuck Huber
  • Ryoma - Duncan Brannan
  • Truth - Todd Haberkorn
  • Corrine - Monica Riel
  • Captain Jurgens - Michael McConnohie
  • Maria - Megan Hollingsworth
  • Dr. Bear - Joey Camen
  • Morita - Terrance Stone
  • Sonia - Bridget Hoffman
  • Axel - Steve Kramer
  • Diane - Peggy O'Neal
  • Norb - Sam Riegel
  • Sakuya - Jennie Kwan
  • Amber - Lara Woodhull
  • Libby - Caitlin Glass


September, 12005

  • Fleur Blanc is born to Christophe Blanc and his wife.

April 2, 12006

  • Renton and Eureka marry.
  • Eureka and the children are listed in the Thurston family register as Renton's wife and adopted children.
  • Renton and Eureka leave the children with Axel and go on a one year journey around the planet.

April 13, 12006

  • Hap and Stoner resign from the Gekkostate.

April 16, 12006

  • Matthieu and Hilda resign from the Gekkostate.

April 22, 12006

  • Mischa and Dr. Bear remarry.

April 27, 12006

  • Ken-Goh, Moondoggie, Gidget, Jobs, and Woz use the Gekko to start their own shipping company.

July 12, 12006

  • Holland and Talho start their own ref board repair shop.

July, 12006

  • Naru Novak is born to Holland and Talho.


  • Elena Peoples is born.

April, 12007

  • Renton and Eureka return to Bellforest from their journey.

Fall of 12007

  • Eureka becomes pregnant with her and Renton's first child.
  • Renton starts on an IFO project to create mechanical duplicates of LFOs based on his knowledge on Scub Coral and LFOs.

June 27, 12008

  • Ao Thurston is born to Renton and Eureka.

Spring of 12010

  • Fleur and her mother get into a car accident; her mother is killed and Fleur is left critically injured. To save her, Christophe orders a full organ transfer from his wife to his daughter.

April, 12011

  • The first IFO, the RA272 Nirvash, is created by Renton and presented to Eureka.
  • A Scub Coral appears along with a Secret that causes destruction and chaos, including the death of many people. The Gekkostate members join forces with the military to stop the Secret, which is destroyed by Renton and Eureka.
  • A humanoid Secret is found among the remains of the secret and taken in by Johansson, a well-known author who opposes the co-existence between the humans and Scub Coral. The humanoid Secret is named Truth.

Summer of 12011

  • The remains of the Secret are taken to military laboratories for study, which leads to the discovery of Scub Bursts that occurs when a Secret and Scub Coral collide.
  • Christophe resigns from his CEO position at his company and starts Generation Bleu after becoming suspicious of the military's interest in the Secrets.


  • Johansson writes a book called TRUTH, which details his belief that the Secrets originated from an alternate universe and declares that the Scub Coral is evil.
  • Shortly after his book is published, he commits suicide. Truth is seized by the military at the order of General Ryoma Viktorin.
  • As part of the research on Truth, Ryoma develops the Paradox Plan, which will cause everything related to the Scub Coral to disappear from history upon activation.

April, 12021

  • Ao is 12-years-old and lives a normal life with his family in Bellforest, but his presence causes mixed reactions from people due to being a hybrid.
  • More Scub Corals being to return to the E7 world and as a result, more Secrets begin to appear and spread destruction.
  • Ao takes the RA272 Nirvash to fight a Secret, but is knocked into a Zone, where he encounters a holographic form of the original Nirvash TypeZERO. It merges with the Nirvash IFO and becomes the Nirvash Neo and declares Ao as its' pilot.
  • Due to a war beginning between the Scub Coral and the Secrets, with the humans caught in the middle, Holland recruits the Gekkostate, and Ao joins with his parents.
  • Holland tries to partner Naru with Ao, but fails due to the hostility between the two children.
  • The Gekkostate joins forces with Generation Bleu to learn more about the military's involvement with the Secrets, and search for a way to stop the war.
  • Eureka discovers that she is pregnant with her and Renton's second child.

April-August, 12021

  • Ryoma is given full authority over the Federation military and orders the recreation of the Secrets.
  • Truth discovers Ao's hybrid nature and sets out to kill him, out of revenge towards Renton and Eureka and also because of Ao's Coralian heritage that makes him Truth's natural enemy.
  • Naru withdraws from the Gekkostate as Truth starts to manipulate her by using her own negative feelings towards Ao by means.
  • Ao starts to fall in love with Fleur, who reciprocates.

August, 12021

  • Feeling tremendous guilt after accidentally killing several soldiers, Ao runs away from the Gekkostate and meets Libby Shijima, whom he bonds with.
  • Several days pass, as Renton and Eureka struggle to find their son. Truth attempts to attack Ao, and a military hostage situation turns deadly after several people, including Libby are killed.
  • Ao returns to the Gekkostate to fight Truth and stop the Secrets and military from attacking the Gekkostate.
  • Renton and Eureka learn that their unborn child is a girl and name her Amber.
  • Naru renounces the Gekkostate and joins forces with Truth to prove that the Scub Coral is evil.
  • With the help of Dr. Bear, the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu learn that Johansson's conclusion about the Secrets originating from another world is accurate, and because they believe that Ao is the true protector of the planet, he will have to fight Truth.
  • Ao receives the Quartz Gun after gathering numerous Quartz, and Truth receives the Kanon LFO from Ryoma.

September, 12021

  • The Gekkostate and Generation Bleu set out to protect the Command Cluster from Truth and the military.
  • Ao, Renton, and Eureka are sent to protect it, but in the chaos, they seek shelter in it from Truth while the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu fight against the military and Secrets.
  • In the Command Center, Ao and his parents reunite with Sakuya, Norb, Diane, and Adroc, who tell them of how the war between the Scub Coral and Secrets came to be ten millenniums ago. They also encounter a holographic form of Amber, who warns Ao that he will die if he uses the Quartz Gun because the force of the blast will cause the trapar levels to become abnormal.
  • After learning he was acquired by Ryoma as a weapon more than a partner, Truth is enraged and murders Ryoma, and gains authority over the Federation military. He orders for the final battle with the Gekkostate and Generation Bleu.
  • Ao, Renton, and Eureka join back with the Gekkostate and generation Bleu, with Ao taking on Truth and Naru.
  • Ao manages to convince Naru of her mistake in siding with Truth, but Truth is determined to kill Ao.
  • Ao uses the Quartz Gun to destroy Turth, but seconds before his death, he reveals that the Paradox Plan was implanted within him so that upon his death, everything related to the Scub Coral would disappear.
  • Ao uses a pillar of light to travel back in time to remove the Paradox Plan from inside Truth and permanently incapacitating him while destroying the rest of the Secrets with the deadliest blast from the Quartz Gun. As a result, Ao turns into stone and dies, but the Scub Coral performs a miracle and revives him.
  • Afterwards, Ao decides to travel around the world and the Nirvash Neo departs to return to the alternate world.

December, 12021

  • Amber Thurston is born to Renton and Eureka.

June, 12023

  • After a two year journey, Ao returns to Bellforest and is reunited with his family and friends.

Differences From Eureka Seven: AOEdit

  • The plot takes place in the year 12021 of the E7 world; in AO, it was during 2025 in an alternate world.
  • Ao lives with his parents, three older adopted siblings, and great-grandfather in Bellforest; in AO, he lived on the Iwato Jima Island in Okinawa with his adopted grandfather.
  • In AO, human-Coralian hybrids are unable to live in the E7 universe due to high levels of trapar, while this doesn't exist in this story and Ao is able to live a normal life without suffering any ill or fatal effects from trapar, except with the fact that abnormal trapar concentrations that caused by the combined powers of the Seven Swell and Quartz could kill any human-coralian hybrids and petrified them in seconds, although this is a dangerous phenomenon that is easily to avoid.
  • Ao was born three years after the Second Summer of Love, when his parents were 18; in AO, Renton and Eureka waited at least 5 to 7 years after the Second Summer of Love events to have their first child.
  • Ao is Renton and Eureka's first child; in AO, he is their second child.
  • Ao's hair color remains brown, while in AO, it turned turquoise when he first piloted the Nirvash IFO.
  • Ao's sister was conceived sometime prior to the series' beginning and her name is Amber; in AO, his sister was born at an unknown period of time before him and her name was never revealed.
  • Ao's sister, Amber, was unborn during the majority of the series, but appears in holographic form to Ao and was born three months after Ao's final battle against the Secrets, and was nearly two-years-old when he returned home; in AO, his sister died three months after birth and has never been seen (although she was covered by a blanket in a flashback of her burial).
  • Naru is a childhood acquaintance of Ao's, and is the daughter of Holland and Talho; in AO, she is Ao's only true friend and the child of a merchant.
  • Ao and Naru met once when he was 3 and she was 5; in AO, they met when they were 3-years-old.
  • Renton became a famous mechanic after building the first IFO and Eureka takes care of their children; in AO, Renton did become a famous mechanic after building the first IFO but Eureka was sent to the alternate universe to give birth to Ao.
  • Holland became a freelance ref mechanic and seller but him and Talho also work as consultants for the military; in AO, they do not appear and there is no mention of them.
  • Naru is Holland and Talho's first child and was born a year after Talho's first pregnancy from E7 ended in a miscarriage; in AO, there is no mention of what became of Holland and Talho's child after the end of E7.
  • Renton and Eureka's three adopted children are grown up and leading their own lives; in AO, there is no mention of them.
  • Dominic and Anemone are married and have a daughter; in AO, they don't appear and it is never revealed what happened to them.
  • Nirvash Mark I merged with the original Nirvash TypeZERO when knocked into the Zone and became the Nirvash Neo; in AO, it became the Nirvash Neo when Truth hit himself with the Quartz Gun and became the Nirvash's archetype.
  • The Scub Corals that left Earth in E7 slowly start returning after Renton and Eureka fulfill the prophecy of bringing the Scubs and humans together by having a human-Coralian hybrid child; in AO, they arrived in Ao's world without knowing Ao is the child they wanted to be born.
  • The Secrets are intelligent living creatures that are the longtime natural enemy of the Scub Coral. They lived in the alternate universe and were the cause of the Scubs arriving on Earth 10,000 years ago; in AO, they are still intelligent living creatures that were naturally created by Ao's world to stop the Scubs from settling on the planet.
  • Some former Federation military officers that were under Dewey's command still follow his beliefs and decide to initiate another war against the Scubs, and also with the humans who ally with the Scubs; in AO, various military unions use the Scubs for their own purposes, which are to destroy them, study them, or use them as weapons in wars.
  • The antagonist, Ryoma, is revealed to be Dewey Novak's secret, illegitimate son, and his intentions are to recreate the Secrets and use Truth to recreate the "perfect" world by rewriting history, and therefore, erasing the Scubs and their human allies; in AO, this doesn't exist.
  • Truth is a humanoid Secret created by the Secrets to fight against and destroy the Scubs and "The One" (Ao); in AO, Truth is an original Secret that turned into a human after being unable to materialize with the Quartz.
  • Truth's goal is to kill Ao out of disgust of his mixed human and Coralian heritage due to his personal belief that that Ao is a threat to his abilities; in AO, his intentions are to gain possession of the Nirvash Mark I. His hate towards Ao stems from his hatred towards Eureka.
  • Ao agrees to recruit with the former Gekkostate crew in order to restore peace on the planet due to the chaos between the Scubs and Secrets; in AO, Ao joins Generation Bleu in order to find and reunite with his mother, who disappeared when he was 3-years-old.
  • Ao and Amber look just like the children shown on the Vol 12 DVD cover of E7 (though their ages are much more far apart) while in E7AO, Ao's hair is like Eureka's and has no wings, while Amber's appearance is never shown
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