An IFO (Intelligent Flying Object) is a humanoid mechanical combat unit, or mecha, specializing in combat against the Secrets in the world of Eureka Seven: AO. Most of the world's IFO's are in the possession of Generation Bleu, an orginization with several international alliances, who combat Secrets around the world. IFOs are powered by trapar, and have both a humanoid form, and a vehicular form, akin to an aircraft, for increased aerodynamics and movement speed. IFO's possess extremely high-caliber and destructive weapons of various design, including but not limited to, high powered machine guns, electric melee gauntlets, rockets, and extreme strength for being in the 21st century. While the IFO's of Pied Piper have IFO's of varying overall design, this is shown to not always be the case, such as the IFO's of Goldilocks. The RA272 Nirvash Mark I has been recognized by several people as the first succesful IFO, and all subsequent IFO's are based upon its design.

IFO's are extremely similair to the LFO of the original Eureka Seven, though their exact relation, if any, is as of yet unknown. Most IFO are, however, purely mechanical, lacking the organic component of Archetypes that the LFO are built upon. Thus, they are supposedly less mobile in comparison to LFOs due to being just a machine, as it is noted that IFOs are shown to be unable to match the complex movements of the few LFOs left in Eureka Seven: AO. This seems to be the distinguishing feature between LFOs and IFOs, as when Truth was revealed to be the RA272 Nirvash's new Archetype, he refered to it as an LFO instead of the original IFO. 

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