Eureka Seven AO ED2

Eureka Seven AO ED2

Eureka 7 AO 2nd Ending

Iolite (アイオライト Aioraito) is the second ending theme to Eureka Seven AO. It is performed by the band Joy.

English TranslationEdit

This uncertain world of mine

In a short period started to change

Becoming wider

Where's the continuation of the dream I saw that day?

Shall I go look for it?

Even now, I'm the only one who remembers

The nostalgic warmth

Come, let's go already

Even if you think that

Knowing it cannot be forgiven

To deny the existence

It bothered me you know

A past that cannot be returned to

Tomorrow too, I see the dream again

Repeating that again and again

And like that, I changed

The reason for the constantly drifting discomfort

Not to be discouraged, I continue to chase

I wonder if I'll find my true self

Let's go to the unseen future

It's filled with only sadness

But I'll still go

Even if I don't have the slightest confidence

The voice in my heart is ringing nonstop

whatever that is, reaching my memory

I'm a weakling

My heart again

The little hope I have disappeared in a burst

The uncertainty

My world again

Something is starting over

The fate awaiting

Frightened and paralyzed me

To never be lost again

I'll become stronger

The past will never return again

I'll provide for myself

Just like that I'll go and overcome it

And I'll become myself

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