Iwato is an island in the Okinawa Prefecture, an island chain near Japan. It is the birth place of Ao Fukai and several other protagonists in the anime series Eureka Seven: AO. After one of the largest Scub Bursts in history occured, it was devasted by a Secret attack. It has a very nationalistic and right-wing populace, who are racist against foreigners who live there, due to the island having been subjugated by several countries, most notably Japan, in the past.

The Okinawans have wanted independance from Japan throughout the series. They have allied with the Allied Forces in hopes of doing so. After the Quartz Gun is fired for the last time by Ao, the timeline has changed once again to where they have finally gained independance from Japan with Gazelle being at the front of it.

Iwato actually does not exist in the real world.

Iwato is home to many of the characters in Eureka Seven: AO. Most notably being:

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