The Izumo hovers over Bellforest.
Captain Jurgens
Armaments Laser cannons


Capacity At least 88 crew members
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The Izumo is the battleship in the command of Captain Jurgens. Early in the series, the Izumo was also the tasked carrier of Nirvash type TheEND.

Armaments and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Izumo's default armaments include laser cannons (non-homing) and missile launchers. These are most likely standard issue for battleships of the Izumo's model. It is equipped for ship to ship combat and large scale KLF deployment. It can house at least 88 crew and a platoon of Mon-Soono. The Izumo's propulsion, attack, and carrier capabilities make it at least a match for the Gekko during several early encounters.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The Izumo is further upgraded into the "Super Izumo" during Dewey Novak 's "Operation Orange" at Tresor to be capable of combating his superior firepower of 13,000 ships.

Large engines were added to enable the ship to perform "trajectory flight", a low outer atmosphere technique used to quickly traverse vast distances on the planet. A homing laser and a larger hangar were also retro-fitted onto the ship. At the behest of Captain Jurgens, the Super Izumo was also painted red.

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