Captain Jurgens Annoyed
First Appearance

Episode 1

Last Appearance

Episode 50

Voiced by:

Tetsuo Komura


Michael McConnohie

Biological Information


Physical description


Personal Information
  • Unnamed Wife (deceased)
  • Unnamed Two Daughters (deceased)

United Federation
Gekkostate (later)


Dewey Novak (later)

Captain Jurgens is a member of the United Federation.


His character plays an interesting role in the series, starting out as an antagonist. Jurgens is the captain of the ship, Izumo, which attempts to shoot down the Gekko when it first appears. He fails, and is temporarily removed from the command of the Izumo.

His appearances typically start with him complaining about the assignment he has been given. Near the end of the series, he reassumes command of the Izumo, and is given the task to fly Dominic Sorel to Warsaw to find a replacement for Anemone. There it is discovered that he once had a wife and two daughters, however, both were killed in a past civil war. After seeing the outcome of the experiment conducted by the Novak foundation, he asks Dominic about the truth of the ray=out article containing the interview with Dr. Bear and Master Norb. Looking for answers, he goes to meet up with the Gekkostate at the Tresois laboratories where he decides, along with the 88 members of his crew, to aid the Gekkostate. He then commands his ship to become a scapegoat so the Gekko can get to Renton and Eureka below the land to the true Earth and save them from Dewey's ship. Jurgens later goes on to adopt the kids from the Ageha Squad.

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