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Kes is a minor character in the manga of Eureka Seven


In the manga, Kes is a young girl who is a member of the Vodarac. She meets with Eureka, who had wondered away from the Gekkostate in a hypnotized state during their brief stop to Ciudades del Cielo. She offered Eureka water but her grandmother stopped her and pulled her away from Eureka, declaring it was Eureka who destroyed the city and killed many of its' residents three years ago. This caused the rest of the surviving residents to recognize her and throw rocks at her while shouting insults at her. Kes, in tears, asks for Eureka to bring back her father after making the connection that her father was also a victim. However, she later helped Matthieu and Hilda by telling them that Renton and Eureka were captured by the military. Initially, she was reluctant to reveal this information but changed her mind after Hilda told her that Renton and Eureka are her dear friends. She is seen in the last chapter in the cemetery as Anemone visits Dominic's grave. She picks up a flower that Anemone says is an anemone and Kes says it is a pretty name.

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