The "Terminus typeR606" LFO.

The mecha in the anime series Eureka Seven are called LFOs, which stands for Light Finding Operation. LFOs are bio-mechanical hybrids: armor and control systems are built upon an organic humanoid "skeleton," excavated from the Scub Coral. The LFOs in the series are primarily used by the military, which are typically labeled as KLFs, as an all-purpose assault unit, capable of engaging targets in both ground and aerial combat.

The LFO operates using transparence light particles and the Compac Drive (except for humanoid Scub Coral, like Eureka and Anemone).

Known LFOs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since there are numerous electronic dance music references in the series, LFO could be a reference to "Low-Frequency Oscillators", which are often used to modulate synthesizers, delay lines and other audio equipment in order to create effects used in the production of electronic music. The Terminus class LFO names can be a reference to popular drum machines/bass synthesizers(TR-909, TB-303).
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