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Logica is a minor character that appears in the manga of Eureka Seven.

Character[edit | edit source]

Logica was a member of the Special Operations Force and a colleague of Holland's. During their time in the military, Logica was apparently close friends with Holland and looked up to him. However, after Holland defected from the military and fled to form the Gekkostate in his revolt against Dewey, Logica developed a strong resentment for Holland for betraying him and the military. When Dewey is released from prison and orders the reinstatement of the SOF, he appoints Logica as the ace LFO pilot, knowing his deep hatred and desire for revenge against Holland. His hatred towards Holland is so strong that he keeps a photograph of Holland with a knife attached to it in his room, to remind him of his vow to make Holland pay for his betrayal.

He is the pilot of the Terminus 505 LFO, which the basic mech used by the SOF. He leads the SOF in an ambush against the Gekkostate and, as Holland tries to absorb the shock of seeing his former colleague battling him, Logica lashes out at him for how he broke his trust in him and how easy it is to hate someone. However, Logica is defeated by Holland in the battle and later killed by Anemone with the Nirvash typeTheEND.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His role in the manga is similar to that of Charles and Ray Beams in the anime; all had served in the military with Holland and bore deep hatred towards him for leaving the military.
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