モーリス (Mōrisu)
First Appearance

Anime Episode 3

Last Appearance

Anime Episode 50

Voiced by:

Michiko Neya


Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Biological Information

5 (debut)



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Dark brown/Black

Personal Information

Eureka (adoptive mother)
Renton (adoptive father)
Ao (adoptive younger brother)
Maeter (adoptive younger sister)
Linck (adoptive younger brother)
Amber (younger adoptive sister, deceased)
Adroc Thurston (adoptive grandfather)
Axel Thurston (adoptive great-grandfather)
Diane Thurston (adoptive aunt)




Dewey Novak

Maurice is one of Eureka's adopted children. He is about 5 years old, and is very protective of his family, which consists of Eureka as his mother, and Maeter, and Linck as his younger siblings. However, by the end of the series, he comes to accept Renton as his father.



with Maeter (middle) and Linck (right).

When Eureka first found him and the children, he was huddled protectively around Maeter and Linck. Then, he sprang up and stretched out his arms, trying to protect Maeter and Linck, and scratched Eureka to defend them. This caused her to realize the terrible thing she had done (which was killing their families) and decided to take care of them. Although he is the only one of the three that remembers what exactly happened to their parents, he holds no ill will towards Eureka and loves her as his mother, which causes him to be overprotective of her and fear that she will one day leave them. Like his siblings, he didn't like Renton and often pulled pranks on him. This was due to his belief that Renton was trying to take Eureka away from him and his siblings, and although Renton treated Maurice like he was his own son and helped take care of him like he did with Maeter and Linck, Maurice refused to acknowledge him as part his family. His negative attitude towards Renton grew further when he became convinced Eureka loved Renton more than her own children. By the end of the series, Maurice comes to term with Renton's presence in his life, and as a result, is more accepting of Renton as his adoptive father.

Maurice, along with his siblings, do not appear in Eureka Seven: AO and it is unknown what became of them.



Although he remembers when Eureka killed his parents before rescuing him and his siblings, Maurice loves Eureka very much and considers her to be his mother, dedicatedly calling her "Mama". He is the most protective of her and sensitive to her well-being, and the change in her often caused him to fear that Eureka will one day abandon him, although she maintains she loves all the children.

Renton ThurstonEdit

Of the three children, Maurice accepted Renton the least and did not like him at all, often preferring to pull pranks on him to keep him away from Eureka. By season 3, he starts to distance himself from Renton once he sees Eureka and Renton's relationship grow and Renton starts to adapt the role of a father figure to the children. He initially rejected any attempt to have a better relationship with Renton out of jealousy, although he does acknowledge most of Renton's achievements. In season 4, when his jealousy reaches it's height, he finally confesses his resentment towards Renton, who instead said he loved the children. After this, he fully accepts Renton and kind of loves him, even calling him "Papa".


Being the oldest, Maurice is protective towards his siblings, Maeter and Linck. When they cry or become distressed, he does not hesitate to console them. It is possible that before Renton came along, he saw himself as a father figure to his two siblings, or at least, someone they can look up to. In addition, Maurice becomes the older brother to his adoptive parents' biological children: Ao and Amber. He never meets Ao, who ends up being born and raised in an alternate universe, but he may have met Amber before her death. In total, he has two younger brothers and two younger sisters.


  • Unlike Maeter and Linck, he can read and is a little more knowledgeable of the events happening on the Gekko.
  • He has an interest in books and photography, which Stoner introduced him to.
  • He is the one who gave Renton a photo of Eureka to make up to him after a prank, that Renton took responsibility for to keep Holland from punishing the kids, landed Renton in the brig for a week.
  • His dislike towards Renton is apparent throughout the series, such as him refusing to associate with him, showing no interest when Renton deflected, and even threatening to shoot him for "taking" Eureka away from him.
  • Although he was the child who was the least accepting towards Renton, he is the first one to call Renton "papa", and in the final scene of episode 50, he wears a jacket similar to Renton's as a sign of affection for him.
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