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Nirvash type TheEND
Driver Anemone (Anime and Manga)
Dominic Sorel (Manga only)
Seating Capacity 1
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The Nirvash typeTheEND (The End) (ニルヴァーシュ type the END(通称 ジ・エンド) Niruvāshu type the END (Tsuushou Ji Endo)) is a Light Finding Operation piloted by Anemone.


TheEND is the other Nirvash which is piloted by Anemone. Nothing is known about its creation, but, like the Nirvash type ZERO, it doesn't seem to need a Compac Drive due to the nature of its pilot. To pilot it, Anemone is interfaced directly with the machine through an amorphous, organic frame. Overall, it is much larger than the type ZERO and colored black instead of white (until shortly before its destruction). Like the Nirvash type ZERO, TheEND is capable of moving on its own, though it doesn't do so until episode 48. It also has actual eyes, like the type ZERO. TheEND perishes in its final appearance in episode 48, where it sacrificed itself to protect Dominic and Anemone.

TheEND after transforming in episode 48.

TheEND, unlike the type ZERO, is equipped with many weapons. Both arms have a retractable set of claws, both of which can be fired to attack opponents at a distance. Each set of claws remains attached to TheEND with a large cable and can be controlled through rockets attached to them. Alternatively, it can utilize a pair of scythe-like knives, similar to the Type ZERO's, seen in episode 48. TheEND also comes equipped with three sets of homing lasers, one on each shoulder and another on its pelvis. Its most powerful weapon is a massive directed energy weapon known as "Vascud Crisis", which is fired from two plates on TheEND's chest. It is also able to combine the powers of the Ageha Squad's KLFs, which use a similar attack like Vascud Crisis, to utilize an attack called Bahaluc Swell which encircles the KLFs in a dark sphere which destroys all the Antibody Coralians around it. It also features a unique lift board that can be split into two skis for better maneuvering.


TheEND making an appearance in Eureka Seven:AO.

  • The Nirvash and the TheEND are shown to be polar opposites of each other; with TheEND being black and the Nirvash being white. It is interesting to note that theEND's name alludes to the ending or Omega, and the Nirvash signifies the beginning as the first LFO.
  • Shortly before its destruction, theEND's color switched from black to a silver-white and red color scheme.
  • In episode 20 of Eureka Seven AO, theEND is shown in white and red in a pile of white ash, before being destroyed when Truth revealed himself and escaped from the ash aboard the Kanon. It is currently unknown as to why it was there.
  • Its theme sounds very similar to the intro of the 1998 fighting game Ehrgeiz.