Parallel Sign
Single by LAMA
Released November 28, 2012
Label Ki/oon Records

Parallel Sign is LAMA's third single, released on November 28, 2012.

The titular song Parallel Sign is an insert song in the anime series Eureka Seven: AO.

Track list Edit

  1. Parallel Sign
  2. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"-
  3. Know Your Lights (Short Version)
  4. Parallel Sign (Instrumental)
  5. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Instrumental)
  6. Know Your Lights (Short Version) (Instrumental)
  7. Parallel Sign (Acapella)
  8. Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Acapella)
  9. Know Your Lights (Short Version) (Acapella)
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