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The logo as seen in the first episode

Pied PiperCrew

Pied Piper crew, of Generation Bleu

In the anime series Eureka Seven: AO, team Pied Piper (チーム・パイドパイパー Chīmu Paido Paipā) is an IFO team that is part of the international organization Generation Bleu, who happens to be their main IFO response team with their backup being either Team Goldilocks or Team Harlequin. Team Pied Piper is the main protagonistic team in the series.

Members of the Pied Piper team are led by Chief Ivica Tanović, and Rebecka Hallström. There are other various members of Pied Piper, along with the teams IFO pilots.

The team has an IFO mothership, which is called the Triton, that is able to descend from low earth orbit, and it is able to float on or above the water.

The name Pied Piper was chosen by the Chief because of its reference to the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the Middle Ages. Ivica's goal was to lead the operation of IFOs, which could only be used by children.


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