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Plateaux of Mirror (Mirror of the World)
Plateaux of mirror


Japanese Airdate

28 June, 2012

English Airdate

13 August, 2013

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Plateaux of Mirror (プラトー・オブ・ミラー Puratō Obu Mirā) (Mirror of the world) is the eleventh episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO.

Episode SummaryEdit

Team Pied Piper returns from a mission in Australia after they encounter something like one of Truth's shadow apparitions. They are unaware that they brought back trapar particles within a sand like substance that seems to make it's way towards the IFO pilots of Generation Bleu. When  these particles enter the body, they excite the brain and cause hallucinations in the IFO pilots. it is believed that her ability to pilot IFO's is a result of a brain alteration caused by the trapar. Before Elena was taken to Generation Bleu by President Blanc, she was kept in a research facility in America who specialized in experimenting on potential IFO pilots such as herself. It is heavily implied later in Episode 11 that the Elena at Generation Bleu is in fact an impostor of the original Elena Peoples, who died on a cruise during a Scub Burst.


Elena confronting Miller in a hallucination. surrounding Miller, such as her appearing in several hallucinations where Elena questions her own identity, implies that Miller is a split personality of some sort. Despite a 97% match in appearance, as well as the two never being seen in the same place, a fact noted by Pippo, Elena and Miller are shown to have different DNA, further mystifying the relationship between the two. Also in the episode, she had a vision of being carried through the sky by Eureka and sees the Nirvash typeZERO, including the world of the original Eureka Seven, many centuries later.Meanwhile, Gazelle and his friends investigate the past of Elena Peoples just to find out that she is even more mysterious than they previously imagined.

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