ray=out is the official magazine of the Gekkostate.


The magazine has become a popular magazine of lifters and has helped to propel the members of the Gekkostate to a certain degree of fame. ray=out is written by Stoner, a member of Gekkostate who is typically seen with a camera. The goal of the magazine is convey the truth that the Military is trying to hide, however, the articles are more or less viewed like news articles from tabloids and are not taken seriously. This changes when Stoner publishes the article on his interview with Dr. Greg "Bear" Egan and Master Norb where the two discuss the sentient status of the Scub Coral, Reaching the limit of Questions and Dewey Novak's real plan involving killing all of the Scub Coral even if it means killing all or most of humanity.


  • Despite being a rather well known magazine in some parts of the world, it is implied that it does not sell very well. In one scene, Holland and Stoner are discussing what the cover will be and settle on it being Talho after Stoner says "it doesn't sell unless she is on the cover." It is also admitted by Moondoggie that the magazine doesn't sell well in New Vision.
  • The magazine's cover takes inspiration from real-life magazine Surfer, whose iconic layout and font is imitated in ray=out. Surfer's cover would eventually change styles around 2015.
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