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Rebecka Hallström
First Appearance

Episode 1: Born Slippy (Deep Blue)

Last Appearance

Episode 24: The Door into Summer

Voiced by:

Chie Nakamura


Jamie Marchi

Biological Information


Physical description


Personal Information

Pied Piper
Generation Bleu

Rebecka Hallström (レベッカ・ハルストレム Rebekka Harusutoremu) is a communications specialist, and the second-in-command for Team Pied Piper.


Rebecka is a tall woman with maroon hair and green eyes. She wears the standard Generation Bleu red vest as well as frequently using a head piece to fufill her role as a communications officer.

Character BiographyEdit

Rebecka was first seen with Ivica Tanović observing the destruction of a city, as a result of a Secret attack. Rebecka was a Big Blue World employee, a PR group headquartered in the USA, who was sent to Generation Bleu to keep an eye on them. Later in the series, she renounces Big Blue World and goes with Pied Piper after Generation Bleu's headquarters is destroyed by the Allied Forces and Truth.

Rebecka does have some history with Ivica Tanović. Big Blue World once started a PR campaign against his home country before the series, which Rebecka and a future US state governor were behind it. Whenever she is reminded of this, she feels indebted to him and goes along with whatever plan he has at the time, such as reinstalling the Secret-infected version of Georg that was on Ao's mobile device onto the Triton so it could fly once again.

During the events of One More Time in 2027, she rushes to find both presidents regarding Ao's whereabouts, having found time leaping Ao's next possible arrival. She gave a full briefing on the operation to Fleur, having worked with Christophe on this plan.

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