Renton Thurston


(Renton Sāsuton)
First Appearance
  • Manga - Chapter 1
  • Anime - Episode 1
  • Anime (in AO) - Episode 22
Last Appearance
  • Manga - Chapter 23
  • Anime - Episode 50
  • Anime (in AO) - Episode 24
Voiced by:

Yuko Sanpei (child, teen)
Keiji Fujiwara (adult)


Julie Ann Taylor (child)
Johnny Yong Bosch (teen, adult)

Biological Information
  • 14 years old (debut) (E7)
  • 16 years old (ending)(E7)
  • 30 years old (debut) (AO)
  • 32 years old (ending) (AO)


Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Light Blue

Personal Information



Dewey Novak

Renton Thurston (レントン・サーストン Renton Sāsuton) is the main male protagonist of the anime and manga Eureka Seven. He begins the story as a immature, childish, and naïve young boy bored with his life, but grows up into a strong-willed and brave man. To many, he is the person destined to change the doomed fate of humanity and bring the humans and Scub Coral together as one. He falls in love with and marries the female protagonist, Eureka.

He is also the husband of Eureka, the father of Amber Thurston and Ao Fukai, the adoptive father of Maurice, Maeter and Linck, the son of Adroc Thurston and Blau Thurston, the younger brother of Diane Thurston, and the grandson of Axel Thurston and Rose Thurston.

In addition to being Eureka's husband, Amber's and Ao's father, and Maurice's, Maeter's and Linck's adoptive father, he is also the nephew of Yucatan Iglasias.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Renton has brown hair and blue eyes. In Eureka Seven, his clothes consisted of a red-and-white jacket with a small black Skyfish design on the upper back and a blue zipper, a black shirt that was worn underneath his jacket, dark cut-off jeans, and red-and-white shoes. He always wears a fanny pack that he uses to carry around necessary tools for the Nirvash, such as spray paint and mechanical tools. At age 14, he was average in height and was not as defined compared to the rest of the adults on the Gekkostate. He has light tanned skin, and his initial baby face in the first and second seasons reflected his immaturity and naivety. In seasons three and four, he noticeably grows taller and mature, which is mentioned by several members of the Gekkostate on numerous occasions. By the time he is 16, he has matured considerably and nearly overtowers Eureka, who had been about the same height as him.

In the series finale, "Wish Upon a Star", Renton dons a new outfit consisting of a red-and-white hoodie with the entire center of the hood being cream-colored while the hood itself is white and its sleeves are both a mixture of red and white. He also wears dark shorts, white socks and black boots.

In Eureka Seven: AO, at the age of 30, Renton has grown at about six feet and leaner. His face has leveled out and his voice has deepened. The front set of his brown hair has turned white, which remains unexplained. (Its possible the emotional trauma of losing Amber caused this; along with the foreknowledge of Ao's birth.) He wears a dark jacket with large black buttons which implies his occupation with the military, a black turtle neck that is worn underneath his jacket, dark pants, black gloves that come up to his elbows, and black boats that come to nearly his knees. In addition, he wears a replica of Eureka's necklace around his neck, which he had supposedly used to pilot the Nirvash Mark I. As a result of him having to grow up quickly at an early age, Renton is more serious and calm than he was in Eureka Seven, but he still puts the lives of his loved ones before his own.

Character[edit | edit source]

Renton Thurston is the son of the late military hero Adroc Thurston and pilot (originally the co-pilot) of the Nirvash TypeZERO. He is a very outgoing and emotional person possessing strong ideals and compassion yet is naive and tends to jump into matters before understanding what's going on. Before joining Gekkostate, he lived with his grandfather, Axel Thurston in Bellforest, attending school and learning to be a mechanic in Axel's shop. He was heavily influenced by his sister Diane Thurston and believes that he will see her again one day. Though somewhat of a celebrity, being the son of a savior, Renton feels uncomfortable being the son of Adroc Thurston. His surname is recognized everywhere he travels, and he constantly feels as if he lives in his father's shadow. Renton believed Adroc was a poor father and abandoned his family for his research.

Due to his naivety and his desire to do what he thinks is right, he often finds himself in trouble and has the relentless need to apologize for his mistakes. However, as he matures, he learns how to understand the situations around him and come up with rational solutions. When he learns that his actions in battle resulted in the death of many of his opponents, he felt tremendous guilt. However, he gradually learns how to come to terms with his own sins and takes responsibility for them by simply disabling his enemies and fighting to protect others. Even after he learns the disturbing histories of the Gekkostate and the world in general, he always finds it in his heart to forgive them, unless they express genuine remorse. This is evident with Eureka after she decides to protect others due to her guilt for the Ciudades del Cielo massacre, and with Holland after he admits that Renton is the rightful partner of Eureka and entrusts her to him in order to make amends of how badly he treated Renton.

In Eureka Seven: AO, Renton is married to Eureka and they have a son named Ao and a daughter named Amber.

Personality[edit | edit source]

At the start of the series, Renton was an immature, childish, and naïve boy bored with his life in Bell Forest and yearning for change. He is an outgoing, compassionate, and emotional person who possess strong ideals. After meeting Eureka, he became incredibly shy around her, although he became less shy after coming to understand her flaws and developing a personal desire to protect her. Despite this, he was still ignorant on whether or not his actions benefit or hurt her, no matter how good his intentions are. His realization to face his responsibilities and keep his word gave him the courage to do what is needed. Due to the impact of the war, seeing how the lives of everyone around him are affected, and understanding how everyone depends on him due to being the chosen one to stop the war between the Scub Coral and humans, he gradually became more brave, mature, and confident in himself.

During season 2, in midst of his rift with Eureka and the Gekko crew, he falls into a depression, due to his belief that he is resented by everyone. Initially, he tried to make his feelings clear to them, but after they ignored or rejected him, he concluded that he never belonged on the Gekko and was never wanted in the first place. This action also steams from the pressure of trying to help Eureka and the pressure to fight the way the crew does (although he was horrified when he finds out that he has unknowingly killed many people in battles and he had a mental breakdown). During the time he was away, he was able to sort out his confused emotions and try to figure out what the purpose of his existence is. With Eureka "rejecting" him and everyone else "abandoning" him, Renton felt alone and unwanted. His time with Charles and Ray helped him realize that he is simply a kid who often lets his emotions take control him and leave him little time to really think of the consequences of his actions. Charles' words of keeping his word enables him to finally believe in himself and he begins to mature into the young hero he wants to be. The deaths of Charles and Ray had haunted him until he began his relationship with Eureka. The deaths of the Beams had a particular effect on him, making him very guilt-ridden for unintentionally leading them to invade the Gekko and not doing anything to prevent their deaths. However, he can also be a person with strong resolve who is willing to do anything to accomplish something that is important to him without hesitation. When Renton learned the truth behind the current war and how Eureka required a partner to stop it and he was the chosen partner, Renton was willing to put the abuse he endured from Holland and the ill feelings he harbored towards the crew aside in order to fulfill his newfound responsibility. By seasons 3 and 4, his maturity is noticed by several crew members, especially Eureka and Holland. He chooses not to fight by killing his opponents, but rather disabling his enemies, which demonstrates one of his most important traits: caring more about others than his own well-being. As a result of the effects of the war and having to mature quickly at a young age, Renton gradually becomes more mature and confidant, and his actions stem from his motivation to end the war rather than receive recognition. He is more open about his love for Eureka, and comes into his own as a father to her adopted children.

In adulthood, Renton became matter-of-fact, calm and serious, evident in his mature and blunt expression when he first appears in Eureka Seven: AO. Renton also developed a strong sense of duty, becoming more like Holland, which included the tendency to make difficult, often illogical, decisions for the sake of his duties. However, he becomes obsessed with destroying the Scub Coral following the death of his daughter and often rejected any other resolution that involved protecting his son and maintaining peace with the Scub Coral altogether; he blamed the Scub Coral for Amber's death and saw it as a threat to Ao's life. He was willing to do whatever it took to protect his son even if it meant sacrificing his relationship with Eureka (who consented to this, as she too was desperate to keep Ao safe). Becoming a father had a major impact on Renton, as it is obvious that Ao and Amber are the most important people, next to Eureka, in his life, and not being able to have the happy family he so desperately wanted with Eureka left him a broken man. When Ao opposed his plan to use the Quartz Gun to erase the Scub Coral, Renton understood that Ao didn't want to put the lives of Eureka and others in jeopardy but, as much as he loved Eureka, he was unwilling to lose his son for the sake of others. Renton becomes somewhat prideful due to not even apologizing to Ao for trying to seriously beat him in battle. However, Renton still loves his son enough to risk his own life to protect him. He also acknowledges his mistakes and is willing to atone for them if it will make Ao happy. This is seen when Ao told his parents that he didn't want them to make any more sacrifices for his sake, and Renton agreed to stop with his efforts of destroying the Scub Coral and granted Ao's request to let him deal with the Secrets alone while he and Eureka returned to their world because he trusted his son to do the right thing, proving himself as a loving father and husband.

Story[edit | edit source]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Renton and Eureka first meet.

Renton was born in Bellforest, which he later comes to describe as a worthless, dirty, and boring city. He is the son of Adroc Thurston, who was a military scientist and was known for specializing in research of the Scub Coral. His mother died giving birth to him and his father disappeared after stopping the First Summer of Love from destroying the planet when he was about four-years-old. After his father's "death", Renton was raised by his older sister, Diane, and grandfather. Renton was very close with Diane and considered her as a surrogate mother figure. However, two years later, his sister also disappeared to continue with their father's research. Her last words to him were to believe in himself so that they can meet again, and gave him their father's Compac Drive as a farewell present. Raised by his grandfather as an orphan, he was trained to be a exceptional mechanic like his grandfather, and although he desired for independence and made it sound like he had little interest in it, Renton actually enjoyed being a mechanic. From childhood, Renton loved to ref with the trapar waves and dreamed of living a life of freedom and adventure, a dream inspired by the Gekkostate from their stories in their ray=out magazines.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

When Eureka Seven begins, Renton is 14-years-old and lives a very much normal life. He lived with his grandfather, went to school and was learning to be a mechanic. However, he was bored with his life and dreamed of becoming a member of the Gekkostate, so that he can experience fun adventures. Due to being the son of Adroc Thurston, who is thought to have died as a hero for saving the world from the First Summer of Love, Renton is subjected to unwanted attention for his family name and resents his father because he believed Adroc had abandoned his family for his research. He was snubbed by fellow classmates who thought of him as weird for always looking at his Compac Drive when it suddenly read "Eureka" or when he remembered his sister. To escape from his problems, he would ref on the outskirts of the city, where there was one decent area of trapar. One fateful day, however, his young life changes forever. After the Nirvash accidentally crashed into Renton's room next to Axel's garage, Renton met Eureka and fell in love with her at first sight. The next morning, as they talked and he observed the specs of the Nirvash, he noticed it lacked a Compac Drive and she said she never needed one before. He offered to lend her his Compac Drive and inserted into its place, saying he is a professional mechanic who knows machines have feelings too. Eureka surprises him by telling him that was common sense, but he is more amazed that she doesn't find him strange. However, he is dismayed when she uses a flamethrower on the remains of his room to give them a funeral and he burns his shoes as he tried to put out the flames. Later, she tells him to remove the Compac Drive and tells him that she can't believe in things she doesn't understand and believing will only bring misfortune. This conflicts with Renton's belief that believing will make his dreams come true, and is about to argue against her when Axel interrupts them and shows them the Amita Drive, knowing it is what Eureka came for. He goes to tell her that his family was torn apart because of it and if she wants it, she can have it but never come back. Suddenly, Eureka senses missiles heading towards them and flies away with Nirvash from the garage before its destroyed. Renton is unsure to follow her or not because he doesn't want to get involved with the military, but Axel asks him to deliver the Amita Drive to her and he quickly agrees. He risks his life going in the middle of the battle between the Gekkostate and several KLFs, performing a Cut-Back-Drop-Turn for the first time. He is knocked off his board when he and Eureka make eye contact and Eureka saves him from certain death. He clings to her, credits her for allowing him to do a Cut-Back-Drop-Turn, and confesses his love to her, but she was confused about "love". He pulls out the Amita Drive, explains it to her, and connects it with the Compac Drive. Initially, Nirvash deactivates and Eureka falls unconscious for a few moments. Renton is unable to pilot the Nirvash and panics about being killed until Eureka wakes up, puts her arms around him, and tells him to believe in her. Suddenly the Amita Drive activates and Nirvash releases the Seven Swell, defeating the KLFs, and both Renton and Eureka fall unconscious. Eureka later tells Holland about Renton releasing the Seven Swell and takes him back to the garage. He wakes up as he overhears an argument between Holland and Axel about Renton's responsibility for the Amita Drive, and Holland takes the boy aside for a conversation. He invites Renton to join the Gekkostate, which surprises him, but hearing Eureka ask him to come with them because she may need him, he agrees. Before leaving, Renton requested that he have three minutes to talk with his grandfather. He apologizes for "running" away from what he's supposed to do and wants to go to the Gekkostate so he can learn to become a successful mechanic like his grandfather. After saying goodbye to his grandfather, he leaves with Eureka and Holland, and boards the Gekko. He is then dismissed by the crew mates as being too "normal" to be the person who made Eureka smile and laugh. Until they have more space and jobs available, Renton has to sleep in a tent in the hanger and do odd jobs, and he is stunned to learn that Eureka is caring for three children that consider him their rival for Eureka's attention.

His time with Gekkostate had been a difficult transition as he was subject to many pranks from crew members (especially Eureka's adopted children) and abuse from Holland. He is forced to do maid-like chores, such as laundry and cooking, and rarely gets to participate in any of the Gekkostate's missions. He often rode the Nirvash with Eureka as the co-pilot, but he initially becomes sick by the motion. Gradually, he learns that the Gekkostate is not as glamorous as it is depicted in its' ray=out magazine; they often have money troubles that causes them to resort to desperate measures, such as illegally transporting human organs and using hostages as bait to get money from the military. He eventually comes to learn of the origin of Gekkostate and the atrocities that Holland, Eureka and the others are atoning for. He learns this during a trip to Ciudades del Cielo, in which Renton ran away after Holland assaulted him for the first time because Holland wanted to leave as soon as possible but Renton and Moondoggie wanted to lift in the area. Eureka was worried and went looking for him, and after he saw the residents react in fear and hatred towards her, Eureka told him about her role in the city's massacre. She also tells him that she feels guilty for what she did, especially that she killed the children's real parents, the Gekkostate was formed to stop the military and redeem from their sins, and she needs Renton to help her pilot the Nirvash. Renton, however, called her a liar for wanting to redeem if she's not fighting to help others, and after stopping a bomb attack on the city from the military, he told her that she made an important atone by saving the same city she helped destroy and she is not any different than she was before, but Eureka started crying and said she has started changing when he came into her life. Renton took full responsibility for what happen out of fear of Eureka getting in trouble, but Holland said Eureka already explained it to him, and to award him for his actions, he gave Renton the Gekkostate Offical Board Wheel as an official member of the Gekkostate. He was also given his own room, after having slept in the tent in the hanger since his arrival. After this, Renton developed a personal desire to help Eureka as much as possible. Renton stayed with Gekkostate to train and in time his skill as a LFO pilot developed on par or above Eureka. That development affected a rift with Eureka as he desires her to return his love for her, and although she said she thought he was the most interesting person she met, she considered him more as a child. His love for Eureka is not secret; he had confessed to her the day after meeting her and everyone on board Gekko interferes in his love life. The crew members constantly want to know his progress and cheer him on, but also tease him about it. His first attempt to kiss Eureka fails when she doesn't respond to him as he repaired Nirvash and he is interrupted by the crew, which causes him to hit his head. However, Eureka initially did not reciprocate his feelings due to her lack of understanding emotions and human nature. His relationship with both Nirvash and Eureka develops into a deep emotional and mental link that is noticed by Mischa. Once he understands how his presence affects Eureka and the Nirvash, he vows to protect her no matter what. However, he starts to question the purpose of his own existence, and often wonders what the future holds for him.

Renton has a special link with the Nirvash along with Eureka. Usually, both he and Eureka are necessary to activate the Amita drive, awakening Nirvash and allowing access to the power responsible for the Seven Swell phenomenon. Specifically, when Renton and Eureka achieve emotional agreement and wish for something, Nirvash reciprocates with the power of the Amita drive. If their feelings are in disconnect, the Amita drive cannot activate. However, there are some occasions where Eureka is present yet unconscious, and Renton alone convinces Nirvash to awaken. Renton summons the powers of Amita drive several times throughout the series. His very first time was triggered by an overwhelming need to protect Eureka during his delivery of the Amita drive to Nirvash and Gekkostate, resulting in the second Seven Swell phenomenon ever (the first being Adroc's disastrous experiment with Eureka).

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Renton and Eureka's primary antagonist early on is Anemone. During their battles with her, Renton usually ends up using the Amita drive. His first encounter with Anemone was when Gekkostate investigated an Aerial Coralian. He and Eureka traveled to it, and while battling Anemone in her TheEnd LFO, all three enter the Zone within the Coralian. There, all three share a strange "dream", with Eureka trying to find Renton, and Renton eventually meeting Anemone, who tries to kill him. As he is rescued by Eureka, he catches a glimpse of his sister before the dream ends. In the aftermath of the Aerial Coralian's disappearance, Renton and Dominic encounter each other, and although initially distrustful of each other, manage to cooperate to find medicine for the strange pain afflicting Eureka and Anemone. When the military and Gekkostate race to rescue Anemone and Eureka, respectively, Renton's wish to protect Eureka activates Nirvash, flooding the area with trapar, and he pilots the Nirvash back to the Gekko.

Several days later, while the damage the Gekko took during the battle is being repaired in FAC-51, Renton meets Eureka and Anemone again within a house in a dream/hallucination. This time, Renton, in the form of Nirvash, defends Eureka from Anemone, in the form of TheEnd. Renton and Holland are often at odds with each other, with Holland wanting to become Eureka's partner and protect her from harm, while Renton only wants to protect her rather than be her partner. Holland's overprotection of Eureka and jealousy of Eureka's closeness with Renton causes him to resent the boy to the point of physical and emotional violence; often beating him and saying anything he can to drive the two apart. He also doesn't hesitate to blame Renton for all of Eureka's misfortunes, although many of which was not his fault in the first place. Renton was confused over this treatment, and in turn, caused him to hate Holland, especially when he thinks Holland doesn't do enough to help Eureka.

Meanwhile, Gekkostate finds an old miner within FAC-51, who is a great admirer of Renton's grandfather. When the miner discovers that Gekkostate has the Nirvash, he betrays them and unsuccessfully attempts to hijack it by holding Renton at gunpoint. This leads to Holland brutally beating him because he blamed Renton for taking the Nirvash without permission (and because he thinks Renton is taking Eureka's place as Nirvash's pilot), even though it wasn't his fault. When Eureka acknowledges her helplessness and offers to let Renton be Nirvash's pilot, he is still too stunned by the betrayal of the miner and his crew mates, and shrugs her off. This, along with other problems unrelated to Renton, eventually leads to Eureka to conclude that everyone hates her and she removes the Amita Drive from the Compac Drive, which causes her to nearly being absorbed by the Scub Coral. Renton rushed to save her and was horrified to see her covered in scub, and in desperation to save the injured Eureka, he subconsciously triggers another Seven Swell Phenomenon, inadvertently saving the Gekko, which was trapped by military forces. Holland blames Renton for Eureka's condition and bans him from piloting the Nirvash again. To heal Eureka, Holland accepts a mission to rescue a Vodarac high priest - only Vodarac priests can heal injuries related to the Scub. Renton, ignorant of this fact and the fact that Holland regards Eureka more important than his own life, accuses Holland of not caring about Eureka (leading to a beating that leaves Renton unconscious) and he deserves to be ambushed by the military. This leads to Talho slapping him and shout that Holland cares about Eureka more than anyone. Angry about being lied to and yet everyone lashing out at him for not knowing the truth, he proceeds to launch Nirvash and rescues Holland when Holland's own rescue attempt is botched. In the process, however, overwhelmed by intense hatred towards Holland and frustration that he doesn't know anything, he reaches a "rider's high", losing the ability to control himself, and brutally destroys the enemy KLFs.

By the time he returns to reality and sees the dismembered arm of a pilot he killed, he realizes that he has been killing people every time he destroys a KLF. Disturbed by this revelation, troubled by the crew's apparent lack of concern for his troubles, and being blamed for Eureka's troubles, he tries to talk to Eureka and tell her that everything he has done is for her sake but she is scared and rejects him. Devastated and having lost his purpose on the Gekko, Renton comes to believe he is hated by everyone and decides to leave the Gekko. After traveling around for a couple of days, he encountered Charles and Ray Beams, former squad members of SOF with Holland, and they invite him to stay with them after he says he has no family and no where to go but kept his true identity a secret. During his time with them, he learned that his actions, no matter how good the intentions were, may end up doing more harm than good. Charles and Ray were glad to see that Renton had such a kind heart and began to love him. Renton learned to love the couple in return, and the couple proposed to adopt Renton as their son because Ray could not bear children. Renton seemed unsure of this, but didn't outright refuse them and asked that they take the steps in being a family slowly. Charles took Renton on a ride in his LFO and wanted him to take the controls, but Renton didn't want to because he now saw LFOs as killing machines. However, Charles and Ray soon learn that Renton is Adroc's son, he was once with the Gekkostate, and he is in love with Eureka, whom they despise. Renton also learns that the couple is working with the military to capture Eureka and the Nirvash, and to settle a serious score with Holland. This leads to a complicated altercation, leaving Renton confused and in the middle. He was faced with three options: stay with the Beams and become their son; return to Gekkostate to warn them; or run away from both. He ultimately left the couple to return to Gekkostate to simply warn them about the Beams' intentions.

On the way back, he encounters William Baxter, who told Renton a tale about how he met his wife, Martha, who suffers from the Despair Sickness. William teaches Renton that the illness truly affects the loved ones of the victims more than those infected themselves. He ended the conversation by asking Renton if there was anyone he wanted to be with should the world end, which hardened his resolve to see Eureka again and make up with her, even though he believes she hates him and he no longer wants anything to do with the Gekkostate. While Renton was away, Eureka fell into a deep depression and took over his chores (even wearing his tracksuit), and realized that she missed Renton. After Holland said that Renton was not important, Eureka left to go find him herself. She left the Gekko on a ref board just minutes before Renton's return, only to find herself in dangerous situation where she encounters Charles and Ray who have joined as part of a large military fleet. Renton stood up against Holland, who ordered him to leave the Gekkostate and refused to listen to his warnings on the Beams. Undeterred, Renton said he never wants to be a member of the Gekkostate again and he only came back to protect Eureka. When he learned she was in danger, Renton launched the Nirvash and rescued Eureka from Charles and the United Federation forces. Upon their reunion, Eureka told Renton that he has to be her partner because she is no good without him and tries to confess her feelings to him, but he embraced her and told her he was relieved she was alright, and they told each other that they had so much they wanted to tell the other. Since Renton knew that his previous way of fighting lead to the deaths of people, Renton took a more merciful method of combat by simply disarming enemy units. Nirvash responded to these feelings by releasing an energy wave that disabled every machine in the sky when Renton and Eureka shared this similar feeling. Before returning to the Gekko, they talked about how they've changed and how their time apart made them realize that being together is what is most important.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Renton and Eureka were sent to the brig after returning to the Gekkostate for leaving the ship and engaging in combat without permission. Moondoggie gave Renton, Eureka, and the kids bulletproof vests, gasmasks and a gun while they stayed in the brig because Holland was expecting Charles and Ray. Charles and Ray managed to infiltrate the Gekko and engaged Holland and Talho. During the infiltration, Ray was enraged with Eureka for having the three children call her "mama" and wanted to kill her. Ray's animosity stems from that she became sterile from the effects of the Seven Swell, and because Eureka was piloting Nirvash when it released the Seven Swell, she blames Eureka for her inability to have a child. Renton, however, was willing to fight Ray to stop her and pleaded with Ray to stop. Holland and Charles fought in the hangar bay until Charles died of excessive bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. Ray kissed Charles and detonated a bomb in his body, and Ray escaped back to her ship. As they waited for Ray to attack again, Renton went to Holland and demanded to know why he killed Charles, and Holland said Charles, as a member of SOF, knew no other way out. Holland tells Renton he has accepted his duty to protect him and Eureka because Renton was chosen by Eureka, and asks him to take care of her in case something happens to him. But the expression on Renton's face implies that he was doubtful of Holland being truthful and was reluctant to accept it all. Ray then tried to destroy the Gekkostate again in a murder-suicide kamikaze attack, with the intentions to kill everyone on the two ships so she can be with Renton and Charles again. Her second attempt failed and she paid the ultimate price of death when Holland destroyed her ship. Holland's injuries from fighting the couple left him bleeding profusely and required a blood transfusion from Renton, who initially refused to help him but changed his mind after Talho begged him to save Holland's life. Confused over the events, Renton blamed himself for the Beams' deaths and tells Eureka that he is angry at everyone because he is unable to do anything if no one tells him anything. Eureka comforts him as she says she trusts him more than anyone, and they then promise to tell each other everything. Eureka and Renton cooked and cleaned the entire ship to repay everyone for protecting them. Renton initially still didn't plan to rejoin the Gekkostate and only wanted to see Eureka again, but he decided to return for good when everyone assured him that he is a valued member of the crew, but Talho ruined the moment by explaining the true nature of Eureka — she is a Coralian. She also tells him about the war between the humans and Coralians was caused by his father when he became convinced that the Scub Coral is an intelligent lifeform and Holland formed the Gekkostate to not protect Eureka but to establish communication with the Scub Coral. She warns him that as long as he remains with the Gekkostate and Eureka, he is an enemy to the military, but he chooses to stay and is willing to face the responsibilities of getting involved in the war. Eureka admits to him that she didn't tell him sooner about her origins because she was afraid he would reject her. However, Renton did not care about it because she has been special to him since the day he first met her. After all this, Renton becomes a respected member of the Gekko, with his relationship with his crew mates becoming that of a familial one. He even earns Holland's trust as he matures and his skills as an LFO pilot improve, and he finally accepts that Renton was always meant to be Eureka's partner. Because Eureka is developing feelings of guilt and shame for her past sins, she wished to no longer fight and Renton takes over her role as Nirvash's pilot, and he constantly consoles her as she struggles to deal with her emotional problems.

During the Gekkostate's brief visit to Tressor to get the Nirvash repaired and upgraded, Renton and Eureka watched a film about the origins of the Nirvash, and Renton discovered that his own grandfather had been instrumental in the fabrication of the lifting board that it used for trapar surfing, and also how Eureka came to be involved with the Nirvash. It is during that time, they tried to share their first kiss but were interrupted when Nirvash started angrily rejecting the repairs. Renton and Eureka launch Nirvash in their second battle against Anemone after the upgrades were completed and were easily able to defeat her by activating the Seven Swell, and Renton later told Dr. Bear that it is much easier to pilot the Nirvash than before. However, he is troubled with Eureka's depression once Dewey has the Federation army attack the Scub Coral to release the Antibody Coralians, which kills numerous people; she blames herself because it is her own kind that is killing people. Renton was unsure how to cheer her up, but Dr. Bear suggests he find a memory item to share with her and Talho said the important thing is the memories he and Eureka share rather than the item itself. She goes as far as to send a fake report to have the Gekko land at an area with high trapar waves so that she can lend her and Holland's longboard to Renton and he can ride it with Eureka. She initially refused to come out of her room and thought she was a burden to Renton, but he assured her she wasn't and took her outside, where they happily rode the longboard together. Afterwards, Holland announces that he will be disbanding the gekkostate and gives them their final mission: rescue Norb from the Federation army at the Capital. Renton and the crew refused to allow him to disband them and they all vowed to go on the mission together, despite it being a suicide mission. A couple of days before the mission, Holland takes Renton and Eureka side to explain how he met Eureka and Norb to Renton, and advises him to believe in himself as Eureka's partner. In a carefully planned invasion on the Capital, Renton and Eureka are instructed to break through the city's defense and capture Norb, but Eureka was so scared at causing more innocent people to die that she refused to participate in the middle of the mission. Renton even requested to Holland that they stop for Eureka's sake but was refused, and she pulled Nirvash into hiding from the chaos. She broke down about her fears and how she wanted to run away from it all. Seeing her pain, Renton comforted her by hugging her and told her he will fight in her place due to his own desire to end the war between the humans and Coralians. This cheered her up and they completed the mission by rescuing Norb from Dewey. After seeing Renton and Eureka pilot the Nirvash and appear to be happily in love with the other, Norb told Holland to get them to the Vodarac Shrine so that they can pass over the Great Wall and end the conflict between the humans and Scub Coral.

While repainting a scratch on Nirvash, Renton's comment about things being pretty and shinny are better made Eureka ashamed of her scars and attempt to use makeup for the first time. Renton was taken aside by Holland who asked the boy to hang out with him in an attempt in reconciliation. As they took a bath, Holland told Renton about his first love - Renton's older sister, Diane. Holland says that Renton tried to ruin his first date with her by hiding her shoes, but Renton doesn't recall meeting Holland when he was younger, even though he remembers hiding her shoes. He further tells Renton that he can never change his way of fighting but Renton still has time to change his and only he can protect Eureka, but demands to know his progress with Eureka, such as if they've kissed, much to Renton's embarrassment. He saw that Eureka was humiliated when she used to much makeup to look pretty for him and he told her that he thinks she looks pretty without makeup, and he loves her no matter what she looks like. Days before their arrival at the Vodarac Shrine, Renton and Eureka have a conversation about what might be behind the Great Wall, and Eureka replied "future" because his father, Adroc, once told her that. Renton is shocked that she knew Adroc in his final days before he "died." Renton was upset over the matter because she knows more about his father than he does and she never told him she knew him in the first place, but it left Eureka confused because she didn't understand family issues and ran away. Renton felt he couldn't communicate with her and tried asking Norb for advice on the matter but the priest only asked him how did he want things to end up with her. He then looked at adult magazines for relationship advice. Hilda caught him reading the book and Renton knew it looked bad and even said, "It's not what you think!". She then told Gidget, Matthieu, and Moondoggie that she suspected he was thinking about sex. This and seeing Eureka cry as she asked if she had the right to be with Renton caused them to think he tried or asked her to have sex with him and she was confused. His earlier conversation with Norb about how did he want things to end up with her makes Renton realize that he had never thought about what his relationship with Eureka would be like in the future. He thinks about how he wouldn't have been born had his parents not fallen in love and got married, and Renton starts to like the idea of marrying Eureka and having children together. Matthieu and Moondoggie came into his room and gave him the magazines he was looking earlier, and began decorating his room, which confused him. After Holland suspected that Renton wanted to have sex with Eureka, he went after him and roughed him, Matthieu, and Moondoggie up before he realized Renton was trying to communicate with Eureka and find out about his father because he doesn't remember his father and resents him for abandoning the family for his research. As they reconciled, Eureka revealed to Renton that Adroc released the Amita Drive during the Seven Swell event and vanished. Before he was gone, he said he was doing it to protect his family. Renton always thought Adroc did not care for his family, but finding out that his father did care about the family and gave his life to save the planet allowed Renton to forgive his father. Afterwards, Norb forced the crew to play soccer, and unlike most the crew, Renton was excited about it because he used to play as a kid before he started lifting but had to play alone due to none of the other kids in Bellforest liking it. He displayed significant skills in the game, but his lack of ability to pass the ball became a disadvantage for him. In the final round, he and Eureka stepped on Holland's face to jointly score a goal, and as punishment for stepping on his face, they had to clean the hanger. Eureka told him that she told him "I believe in you" during the game but he didn't hear her, because she said miracles seem to happen when he's around, which embarrasses him.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

When the Gekkostate arrives at the Vodarac Shrine, they initially planned to enter in the shrine in disguise, but an incident with the kids accidentally activating Nirvash caused them to hastily get Renton, Eureka, Norb, and the kids inside. Renton, Eureka, and the kids were guided by Norb to a lair deep underneath the surface. As they get there, Norb introduces them to the firstborn Coralian, Sakuya, and they respectively tell the couple about how they fell in love and attempted to pass over the Great Wall but failed. Renton asks Norb what is behind the Great Wall but he doesn't know and tells him and Eureka that someone (Nirvash) is risking it all to take them over the Great Wall and to reach the genuine Promised Land. While the Gekkostate fought of the army, the Nirvash reappeared and Renton related everything Norb told him to Holland, who decided to act as a shield against the Antibodies to help them enter through the Great Wall. Renton initially refused to let him and the Gekkostate fight alone out fear of them getting killed, but he was reminded that he carries the fate of the world in his hand. Soon after, they are attacked by Anemone and quickly enter the Promised Land to escape. They realize that the Promised Land is actually Earth, and are stuck when Eureka is unable to communicate with Nirvash and they fail to understand what their purpose on Earth is, which frustrates them and causes a temporary rift between Renton and Eureka. They wandered around Earth for some time, slowly heading toward the Coralian Scub Command Center. Eureka's scars eventually started to turn green and Coralian features started to appear on her body in response to the Scub Command Center. Afraid Renton would reject her if he found out about the changes, she hide them for a short time. When he does find out, she ran away but he chased after her and comforted her. Renton went as far as to injure his own arm to empathize his acceptance of Eureka's changing body and he asked her to smile for him. This emotional moment caused Maurice to lash out at them; at Renton for "taking" Eureka away from him and ruining everything, and at Eureka for running away from her responsibilities in taking care of them after killing their real parents. He wanted to shoot Renton in hopes everything will go back as they were before he came along, but Eureka calmed him down and assured him of her love for them all. Renton then told him that he loves them as if they were his own children and wanted to make sure they don't endure the tragedies he and Eureka have experienced. His wound became infected, he developed a high fever and began hallucinating for a while. During that time, Eureka tended to him and her body changed further; she grew butterfly-like wings and her left arm became of green and pink Coralian design. When Renton recovered and saw Eureka was nervous over her form, he comforted her by saying that she looked prettier with the wings, which prompted her to finally tell Renton that she loved him. From that moment on, they begin contemplating their future, such as getting married, raising their adopted children, and having children of their own. When they finally reach the Scub Command Center, he encounters his big sister, Diane, and chases after her, leaving Eureka and the kids behind. Inside a large library, created by the Scub Coral, with a small group of people constantly reading about the Scub Coral, Diane tells him about the history of the Scub Coral and the hostility the humans harbor towards it. She also warns him that the Scub Coral is slowly waking up, and when the Scub Command Center is destroyed, the Limit of Questions will occur and destroy the world via a black void. She advised him to convince the humans to merge with the Scub Coral in order to survive. But Renton disapproved of this and believed that the chaos can be prevented if the humans and Scub Coral reconcile. Renton decides to help the humans understand that the Scub Coral wants co-existence with them, and believes his relationship with Eureka is proof that humans and the Scub Coral can live together peacefully. While he knows his grandfather will approve of the relationship, Renton knows that some people will still reject Eureka for not being human, but he still wants to return to Bellforest with her and the kids as a family. He rushes back to Eureka and the kids, and embraces Eureka as he apologized for running away and he asked her to be with him forever. He is surprised when he finds that his father has been watching them while he was away. Renton is able to express his forgiveness towards his father and vows to protect the Scub Command Center before leaving.

Immediately afterwards, Anemone appeared to destroy the Command Center. Renton, along with Eureka and the kids, boarded Nirvash and fought against her in order to protect the Scub Command Center. When they discovered Anemone's feelings of pain and sadness, Eureka told Renton that they should help her but Renton was more worried about the Command Center. Eventually, he agreed after being persuaded by her, the kids, and Nirvash. While attempting this, Dominic appeared and TheEND changed through Anemone's joy. All seemed at peace until the Dewey activated his Oratorio weapon to destroy the Command Center. Renton is distraught over that he failed to protect the Command Center, and now his father and sister are dead, and the kids hug him to comfort him. Dewey's ship, the Ginga, arrived to eliminate Renton and Eureka with the Nirvash, but then, the Gekko appeared to rescue Renton, Eureka, and the kids. After having discussed their options, Renton and Eureka tell Holland that they have decided to become the next Command Center in order to stop the Limit of Questions from happening. Holland fought against his brother in order to end his madness, but Dewey surprisingly ended his life. Dewey's suicide activated the collar devices that Eureka and Anemone have always worn, which would send a self-destruct sequence into the Scub Coral and destroy if either girl became the new Command Center. Realizing that her time with Renton was over, Eureka apologized to him over their failed dream of being together forever. She managed to avoid the event by rejecting the full transformation, but this still left her encased in a Coralian storm event with herself as the center. Renton was depressed at losing Eureka so suddenly, but Holland snapped some sense into him by reminding the boy of his promise to always protect Eureka and she is the one he loves. Now filled with determination to not let go of his dream of being together forever with Eureka, Renton said he would rescue Eureka on his own. He and the kids initially tried to make contact with her via the Compac Drive, but he decided to use the Amita Drive to get a better signal. Before boarding the Nirvash, he bid farewell to the rest of the Gekko members and requested that the kids stay with his grandfather. Renton pleaded with Nirvash to help him save Eureka, and it reacted to Renton's strong feelings to protect Eureka by changing into its true form.

Renton and Eureka's first kiss.

Nirvash's armor shattered, revealing a very different, evolved form of the archetype, with a single blue, human eye (the same color as Renton's eyes). The crew admits how proud they are of Renton of how much he's matured and accomplished, and the kids acknowledge Renton as their "papa". He used a destructive cannon to eliminate the Antibodies to reach to the center of the Coralian storm, but the force of it restrained him and it was desire to save her that allowed him to force his way through. There, Renton entered the center and reunited with Eureka. She is overjoyed that he really came to save her and he reminded her of his promise to always protect her. She tells him that she can never go back, but he says that she is making a choice of giving up being a Coralian in order to save the planet and he has made the choice to give up being human because he treasures the planet he met her on. He gives her a flower hair clip and comments how beautiful she is. Renton asks Eureka to merge with the Scub Coral with him, and she agrees without hesitation. They kissed for the first time while Nirvash broke forth through the Coralian storm.

Eureka and Renton's names on the moon.

The Command Center opened because of Nirvash, and the LFO's right eye opened to become pink (the same color as Eureka's coralian eyes). Nirvash emitted a powerful energy wave that etched "Renton loves Eureka" on the moon and a seven swell-like event that Gonzy said explained it as the "Second Summer of Love." Nirvash thanked Renton and Eureka for the experiences, and as it parted ways with them, it asked them to set an example to the world by living together and bringing forth a new evolution (Human-Coralian hybrid children). Renton and Eureka are relieved that they can now live a normal life together and, after agreeing to return Bellforest, they kiss a second time as they return to the planet. A year later, Axel, who is now taking care of the kids, examines the documents that confirm Eureka and the kids took on the last name "Thurston", and that Renton and Eureka got married shortly after his 16th birthday. Afterwards, Renton and Eureka are shown on the shoreline of a lake in a forest together, holding hands and their foreheads glowing (his red and hers blue) to symbolize their deep connection.

Eureka Seven AO[edit | edit source]


A few years later, Renton and Eureka were awaiting the birth of their first child, revealed to be a girl. However, during the pregnancy, they were warned that having a human-Coralian hybrid child in an environment with high levels of trapar might be dangerous and possibly kill the baby. Despite their concerns, Renton and Eureka chose to carry the pregnancy to term rather than choose abortion. Renton became a famous mechanic like his grandfather but also followed in the footsteps of his father in becoming a scientist. Around this time, Renton was being hailed as a genius for combining his knowledge of LFOs and Scub Coral, and thus, creating the first IFO. When Eureka was six months pregnant, they discovered that some of the Scub Coral began vanishing, prompting them to investigate. They used the Gekko as part of an experiment to see what was happening; in midst of a Scub Burst, Eureka was sent to the year 2025 in an alternate universe, where she met their future son, Ao. However, he was later reunited with his beloved wife when Ao helped return her home. Three months later, Eureka gave birth to their daughter and they named her Amber. Renton and Eureka were happy by their daughter's birth and Renton loved his daughter more than anything. However, when Amber was three months old, she turned to stone and died, leaving the two of them devastated. His grief nearly overwhelms him to the point that the slightest mention of Amber causes Renton to break down and cast all the blame for her death on himself. Furthermore, he and Eureka were told to not have anymore children due to that the trapar atmosphere in their world is inhabitable for a hybrid. Devastated by the death of his baby daughter and enraged to find out that the high level of trapar from the Scub Coral was responsible for her death, Renton decided to destroy the Scub Coral. However, they remembered that Ao would be born, and still wanting to have a child of their own despite the risks, they carefully planned a way to raise their son in a world with no Scub Coral or trapar in order to ensure his survival. Shortly after, they conceived Ao and decided to raise him in the world where Eureka first met him. As the baby's due date was approaching, Renton and Eureka (then seven months pregnant) traveled to Ao's world but were attacked by Secrets, and in order to save her and his unborn son, he forced her into a pillar of light to be taken to a different timeline with little to no trapar. As hard as it was to separate himself from her, even if temporarily, he said it was the only way to ensure that the child would survive. Eureka ended up in the year 2012 and gave birth to Ao, while Renton stayed behind to destroy the Secrets and prevent them and the Scubs from entering the timeline his son ends up being raised in. Ao spends much of his life angry at his father for "abandoning" him and his mother, but his adopted grandfather, Dr. Toshio Fukai, said that when he asked Eureka why her husband wasn't here while she was giving birth to Ao, she replied that Renton was fighting to protect her and their son. She later said that she always knew Renton would return to them one day and he has been searching for them.

Adult Renton in Eureka Seven Ao.

Renton is shown in the second opening for Eureka Seven: AO, although only seen from behind. He finally made an appearance near the end of episode 22 in Eureka Seven: AO. He is shown in the year 12021 near a ruined New York City of Ao's world; he comments that it's always the same no matter how far he goes and how many worlds he sees, and how "this" and many worlds have perished when the Scub Coral reached its' metabolism. Just then 7 pillars of light (similar to the one seen in episode 16) erupt into the Seven Swell Effect, and Renton calls to Nirvash Spec V3, and tells it that Eureka is calling them, and with that, they can put an end to everything and bring her back from that sky. It is revealed that he has been traveling to different universes looking for Eureka.

Renton enters the Seven Swell in the Nirvash and is transported to the year 2025. Ao witnesses the Nirvash emerging on his side and pursues it in the Nirvash Neo. Renton notices that this world has Scub Coral too, destroying a large Scub plant in one shot. The Quartz flies out of the destroyed plant and is immediately absorbed by the Quartz Gun. Renton notices his pursuers and immobilizes the Nirvash Neo, using his ref board to land on the LFO, and uses the security code to open the cockpit and demands to know the whereabouts of its original pilot, Eureka. He notices Ao's Coralian eyes and realizes that Ao is his son just as the Pied Piper team contacts Ao, telling him that Eureka has appeared on the Triton. Hearing Ao refer to Eureka as his mother, Renton asks Ao to bring him to Eureka. Aboard the Triton, Renton and Eureka are finally reunited (although Eureka is in holographic form), and are evidently happy and relieved to see each other again. Renton tried to reach for her but she stopped him, leading him to see that she was in holographic form and realized that she has sacrificed herself, and she apologizes for her actions. Renton insisted he was the one who should be apologizing due to his failure to stop the Secrets and Scubs. Eureka tells Renton that Ao has grown into a good and energetic boy, and is as honest as him, much to Renton's amusement. Eureka further tells him that Ao has what he is looking for before she once again disappears. Ao and the crew of the Triton then realize who he is; Renton introduces himself as Renton Thurston, and that he is Eureka's husband and Ao's father. Ao attempts to punch his father, but is held back by Ivica, who asks Renton about Eureka's situation. Renton explains that the Scub Coral, aiming to avoid the Limit of Questions, sought a way to travel between universes and used Quartz to achieve this. Renton speculates that Eureka must have turned herself into Quartz when she attempted to dispose of the dangerous large collection of Quartz, and she wished only to be transported to a different time and place with no specific destination, which caused her to be unable to materialize at a particular destination. Ivica and Rebekah tell Renton of the Quartz Gun and its ability to alter the course of history when it is used, and Ao tells him that there is enough charge left for one shot.

On the island of Okinawa, Renton meets Dr. Fukai, and thanks him for taking care of Ao and Eureka. Ao asks Renton what he was doing while Eureka was missing for 10 years, and Renton responds that for him Eureka has only been gone for a short time. Renton explains to Ao that Eureka had used the Gekko to travel to Ao's world, learning that the Scub Coral had travelled deep into this world's past in an attempt to evade the Secrets, who were produced naturally by the world to prevent the Scub Corals' invasion. The Secrets pursued the Scub Coral through their holes in time, causing the phenomena known as "Scub Bursts". In the future, mankind in Ao's world would become extinct due to these Scub Bursts. Eventually the Secrets considered him and Eureka as enemies too (possibly due to Eureka being a Coralian herself). Renton and Eureka, who was at this time pregnant with Ao, were attacked by a large number of secrets. To save Eureka and their unborn child from the Secrets, Renton forced her to enter the pillar of light to be transported to another time, telling her to go somewhere where there was little to no trapar and he will stay behind to stop the Scubs and Secrets. Eureka strongly protested in being separated from him but he didn't want her kill her own kind and his main priority was to protect her and their son. Eureka arrived in Ao's time where the she fell from the sky, was saved by the Okinawan people, and soon gave birth to Ao. Ao asks Renton why he's trying so hard to destroy the Scub Coral, to which Renton replies that it's his responsibility as an adult. In the past they fought to protect the Scub Coral and inadvertently caused the Scub Bursts to happen. Renton then leaves quickly, telling Ao that he's going back to the future, entering the Nirvash and taking the Quartz Gun. Ao pursues Renton in the Nirvash Neo. Renton apologizes to Ao, telling him that he will use the Quartz Gun to destroy the first Scub Coral in this world, erasing them from all the timelines effectively, returning everything to normal in the process. Ao angrily tells him that there is only one shot left, and his plans will strand Eureka in her state of limbo between worlds. Renton replies that Eureka is prepared for this outcome, and father and son begin to battle in each of their "Nirvash". Truth speaks to Ao, apparently having become the archetype of the Nirvash Neo after being hit by the Quartz Gun before. Renton angrily attacks the Nirvash Neo, asking why that machine has an archetype. He tells Ao to get out of that Nirvash, and that there should not be another one with an Archetype. Ao fires back at his father, and the Quartz Gun is dropped. The gun begins to fly high into the air, and both of them pursue it, continuing to battle.

Renton and Eureka burying their baby daughter.

Ao says that gramps told him about his sister, Amber, and Renton is shocked. Amber turned to stone and died when she was three months old. Renton still mourns the loss of his daughter and begins to cry profusely as Ao talks about her. In a high trapar density environment, the Human and Coralian cells in the child rejected each other. As soon as he learned that Eureka was pregnant with Ao, he searched for a world where they could raise him with no Scub Coral and trapar and increase his chances of surviving, and chose Ao's world that Eureka discovered by accident. They tried to destroy any Scub Coral that did exist there in order to protect him. Ao thanks his father for going so far to keep him alive, but tells him that it isn't right. He tells Renton that he has a dear friend who is infected by the Scub Coral, and wonders what would happen to all of those infected if the Scub Coral is erased. Renton says that if they've merged with the Scub Coral, they might disappear but insists that it's the only way to save Ao from suffering the same fate as Amber had. Ao angrily replies that erasing something that's wrong does not make it right. He flies ahead, grabbing the Quartz Gun. Ao heads for the Okinawan pillar of light, planning to save his mother. A tearful Fleur begs him not to go, but Ao and the Nirvash Neo disappear into the pillar with Renton in hot pursuit. Using the Quartz, Ao travels back in time to when Eureka disappeared with the quartz. He is reunited with his mother and they embrace, Renton arrives as well. Ao tells Eureka to go with Renton, and that he will send them home. Eureka protests at first but ultimately joins Renton in the Nirvash after Ao tells him he wants to repay them for sacrificing so much to protect him. Before departing, a tearful Renton gives Ao his old ref board and says he doesn't care about the hardships he had to endure to protect his son, showing how much he loves Ao. Ao absorbs all the Quartz with the Quartz Qun and fires it at a massive amount of Secrets entering the sky, destroying them and in the process erasing Secrets from all timelines. As Renton and Eureka are returning to their world, Ao sees a different Earth, one with a circle of trapar around it and the moon with Eureka's and Renton's name carved into it, much to the boy's embarrassment and amazement. After this, Renton possibly never sees his son ever again.

Manga[edit | edit source]

In the manga, Renton is unskilled in reffing and his mechanical skills almost surpass those of his grandfather despite his young age. Like the anime, his sister, Diane, left the family when he was little, but her whereabouts are never revealed (leading many to suspect she is dead). His father, Adroc, did save the planet from the first Summer of Love, but shortly after, he was murdered by Dewey and Renton was placed with his grandfather. Like the anime, Renton fell in love with Eureka at first sight and dreamed of joining the Gekkostate to escape from Bellforest. However, he was reluctant to join the Gekkostate out fear of getting involved with the military, but his desire to be near Eureka made him change his mind. He quickly became a favorite of Holland's, who proclaimed the boy as the true heir to Adroc's legacy and was the person destined to save the planet.

However, while Renton and Eureka's relationship developed quicker in the manga, their inability to communicate caused a strain between them, especially after Renton learns from Holland about his father's murder and the Gekkostate's war with the military. He even rejected her offer to pilot Nirvash in a battle with Anemone, leading her to nearly get killed and partially destroying Nirvash. During the time when Eureka was recovering, a guilt-ridden Renton resolved to repair Nirvash in order to prove his devotion to Eureka, although he doubted she would forgive him. He is horrified when he discovers that Eureka is not human but in fact a Coralian, and initially decides to leave the Gekkostate. But, when the SOF attacks the Gekko and some soldiers attempted to kill Eureka, Renton fought them to save her, causing him to get stabbed and shot. He then helps her pilot the Nirvash to release a Seven Swell to stop the ambush, and they reconcile and enter in a relationship. Their newfound happiness is short-lived when Eureka (controlled by the Coralian Zone) lures Renton to the Zone, but he pulls back in fear and is separated from Eureka. He is captured by the military and imprisoned with the rest of the crew. There, he finds out that the Coralians are creatures who seek to destroy the humans and created Eureka to find the "chosen one" whom they can "eat" to enhance their evolution, and the chosen one is Renton. Renton escapes, taking Nirvash and Dominic with him to stop the Coralians from destroying the planet. Their attempt fails, leaving them critically injuried, but Renton refuses to give up and heads back for one more fight.

Dominic sacrifices himself to help Renton reach inside the Zone, and Renton encounters a fake Eureka, who tries to get him to merge with the Zone. Eureka stops him but he is eaten by a Coralian, who tells him that their strategy of survival is fighting and killing. Renton and Eureka disapprove and insist that protecting the one they love is the way to survive. Together, they fight and destroy the Coralian, and share their first kiss. As they witness the Coralians disappear and the planet return to normal, Renton tells Eureka that he loves her and they share an embrace as she disappears, leaving Renton saddened as he realizes that Eureka is really gone. Two years later, Renton is nearly 17, has moved back to Bellforest, and is raising Eureka's adopted children with his grandfather's help. Renton spends all his time repairing windmills and refuses to accept that Eureka is dead because he believes that her choice to live means that she will still come back to him. In the final scene, he sees a rainbow in the sky and senses Eureka grab his hand as he reaches out to it.

Film[edit | edit source]

In the film, Renton is a serious and anti-social teenage boy who is hardened by his childhood dream of being with Eureka forever and willing to do anything to make that dream come true. As a young boy and the son of scientists, he became the owner of a Nirvash Larvae that he only understands and was best friends with Eureka, and was taught about dreams coming true through believing in them by Professor Dominic. After Eureka was taken away by the military, Renton, who realized that he loved her, vowed to find her no matter what. After his parents died, Renton became a child soldier and was assigned to the Gekkostate, and his first assignment was to capture the military's top secret project, who turns out to be Eureka. Renton later finds out from Eureka that she is a spy robot created by the Azo so she can gather information on the humans so the Azo can destroy them, but she refuses to go along with her mission because she doesn't want Renton to die. Determined to be with Eureka, Renton vows to fight anyone who gets in their way of having a future together. When Eureka is assaulted by Hap and Stoner, Renton beats them in a rage but is shot in the abdomen by Hap, leaving him hospitalized. It turns out that Renton is the "chosen boy", the partner of the "chosen girl" who can open the gates to Neverland where dreams can come true, and he was sought out by the Gekkostate because they wish to remain eternally young. Discovering this, Renton rejects them and escapes, taking Eureka and Nirvash with him. During their escape, Renton confesses his love to Eureka and they vow to be together no matter what. The fight against Holland causes Renton to lose consciousness from blood loss and Eureka sacrifices her memories to save him. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Warsaw with Eureka (long hair, naked, and incapable of speech) and an oversized Nirvash larvae. Nirvash bids him farewell and disappears, and although Renton is sad by Nirvash's departure and Eureka's sacrifice, he is content that he and Eureka will now have a happy future together.

At the end of Hi Evolution 2 - Renton is seen raising his drive and saying something in japanese.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Eureka Thurston[edit | edit source]

Renton and Eureka.

Eureka is Renton's partner and wife.

She has been with Renton ever since Nirvash had crashed at Axel Thurston's garage, and among all the people Renton has met, she is the closest and dearest to him. Renton fell in love with Eureka at first sight because he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Even after the day he met her and not knowing her name, he risked his life to deliver the Amita Drive to her and confessed his love to her, which left her confused. Renton agreed to join the Gekkostate after Eureka told him that she may need him to pilot Nirvash and he was determined to be near her as much as possible.

However, while Eureka was oblivious of what "love" meant and didn't reciprocate his feelings, Renton admired Eureka for her piloting skills and became incredibly shy at the thought of having an intimate relationship with her. However, after she confided in him about her past misdeeds and her desire to atone them, Renton comforted her and told her that she can become a better person by protecting people rather than fighting them. He developed a personal desire to help her overcome her struggles after coming to realize how his presence affects her and the Nirvash. Renton's admiration and infatuation towards Eureka later grew into genuine care and affection, allowing him to truly fall in love with her.

However, when Eureka began to doubt herself as Nirvash's pilot, she blamed Renton for this and withdrew from him, which confused and angered him. After he saved her from being absorbed by the Scub Coral and she rejected his confession, he took this as proof that Eureka hates him, and in despair, he quits the Gekkostate without telling her. However, while he felt that leaving would have been best for her to recover and move on with her life, he was unable to stop missing her and realized that he wants to reconcile with, leading him to rescue her from Charles and Ray after she realized her true feelings for him and left the ship to look for him.

Eureka declared Renton as her partner and she wants to be with him forever, allowing them to reconcile and begin a relationship. After declaring their love for each other, they become deeply devoted to each other and are concerned for the other's safety. Eureka learns to trust Renton more than anyone and depends on him for emotional support, and he always encourages her to give her best when it comes to protecting people in order to help her reconcile with her feelings of guilt for her past misdeeds and her lack of confidence in herself. Eureka credits Renton for teaching her the true meaning of love and life, and he is the reason why she has changed into a better person and values the planet they live on.

Overtime, their relationship becomes very serious, to the point where they cannot live apart without the other; seen when Eureka fell into a deep depression when Renton deflected from the Gekkostate and when she agreed to merge with the Scub Coral with him if it meant they would be together forever. Renton does not give concern for his safety when it comes to rescuing Eureka and cannot stand to see her in pain.

It is through their deep love for each other that they are able to perform many of the impossibles, such as crossing the Great Wall to reach the Promised land, which is Earth, and saving the world from the Limit of Questions. Although Renton was aware that some people may still reject Eureka for being a Coralian and they face ostracism for their relationship, he believes that they will be happy together and is willing to do anything to stay with her. When Eureka was about to become the next Command Cluster, Renton saved her, professed his promise to be with her forever, and they shared their first kiss, which activated the Second Summer of Love and saved the planet. Renton and Eureka then decided to return to Bellforest and raise the children like a family.

A year later, Renton married Eureka, and over the next few years, they have two children together; a daughter named Amber (died three months after the birth), and a son named Ao.

Maurice, Maeter, Linck[edit | edit source]

Maurice, Maeter and Linck are Eureka's adoptive children.

Though the first two seasons, the relationship between Renton and the children was hostile due their belief that he was trying to take Eureka, whom they think of as their mother, away from them. They often pull pranks on him and seemed to dislike him, and even though he initially disliked them back, he never treated them badly. In seasons 3 and 4, their relationship deepens as Renton serves as a father figure to them, although Maurice rejected to acknowledge Renton as part of their "family", while Renton developed an instant bond with Maeter and Linck. Overtime, Renton grew to love the kids and treated them as if they were his own children, often making them toys and comforting them when they are in distress. In season 4, they are finally able to accept him as part of their family when Renton tells them how much he loves them and wants to be their father. In the episode 50, Maurice was able to implicitly call Renton "papa". In the final episode, they are adopted by Renton and have taken his last name.

Ao Thurston[edit | edit source]

Ao is Renton's son.

Ao had always hated Renton when he was a child because he thought he was a deadbeat father who abandoned him and Eureka. After hearing the truth from Eureka's past-self and his guardian, telling him that Renton was fighting for them, his hatred towards him lightened, but he still wanted to punch him when they first met. After hearing that Renton always loved his family and wanted to destroy the Scub Coral in order to prevent his son from suffering the same fate as his daughter had, Ao was touched and happy to know his father loves him and decided to save Eureka by having her reunite with Renton because of the sacrifice his father made to keep him alive and now kind of loves him. Before parting ways, Renton gave Ao his old ref board and tells Ao that the sacrifices he made to protect Ao were worth it.

Amber Thurston[edit | edit source]

Amber was Renton's daughter.

Renton loved his daughter more than anything, but her death at only three months had a profound effect on him. The circumstances surrounding her death presumably causes him to blame himself for her death, that he wanted to have a child with Eureka so badly he ignored the risks of having a hybrid child in trapar-filled atmosphere and his decision led to Amber's death, and he still mourns the loss of his precious little girl. It is her death that leads Renton to deciding to destroy the Scub Coral and separate himself from Eureka by sending her to another world and time in order for their secondborn, Ao, to survive.

Thurston Family[edit | edit source]

Renton is the son of Adroc Thurston, who was a military scientist who specialized in studying the Scub Coral and later was presumed to have died as he stopped the First Summer of Love from destroying the planet. Renton was very young when Adroc disappeared, and because he doesn't remember him, Renton held some resentment towards his father for "abandoning" the family for his research. However, he wanted to know more about him to help himself understand the kind of person his father once was. After his father's "death", he was raised by his older sister, Diane, and his paternal grandfather, Axel. Renton was very close to Diane and thought of her as a surrogate mother, and he credits her influence for helping him face the hardships in front of him.

Two years after Adroc's "death", Diane disappeared, and he was left in the care of his grandfather. Renton always longed to find Diane and reunite with her, even though many always assumed she was dead but he rejected this assumption. Axel was always protective of him and berated Renton for his dreams of lifting and becoming part of the Gekkostate. He initially refused to let Renton join the Gekkostate out of fear of losing his grandson, who was his only remaining relative, but decided that Renton is old enough to make his own decisions and he should see the world in order to decide what he wants to do with his life. In season 4, Renton discovers that his father and sister are, in fact alive; they had merged with the Scub Command Cluster and he was able to meet them once more. At the end of the series, the family is expanded when Renton marries Eureka and adopts Maurice, Maeter, and Linck, and when Ao and Amber are born.

Renton never known his mother, because the woman died during the childbirth.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Holland Novak[edit | edit source]

Renton idolized Holland and joined the Gekkostate to be near him, and had been unaware that Holland once dated his older sister, Diane. However, once Holland saw that Eureka was preferring Renton over him as her partner, he became physically and emotionally abusive towards Renton; he refused to acknowledge Renton as her partner, and did whatever he could to keep them apart, even blaming Renton for all of Eureka's problems. This treatment caused Renton to hate him in return but he initially tolerated it because his priority was to help Eureka overcome her issues.

It was Holland who later forced Renton away from the Gekko after blaming him for ruining Eureka's well-being and banning him from ever visiting with her. He was indifferent to Renton's abandonment but once Eureka started missing him and he was confronted that the Nirvash needed Renton and Eureka to maximize its full power, he began to acknowledge that Renton is important, but didn't fully accept the partnership between Renton and Eureka until he heard the two confess their feelings.

After this, he fully accepts Renton as a member of the Gekkostate and as Eureka's partner. Overtime, he becomes protective of the boy and seems to adopt a role of a secondary surrogate father figure following Charles' death and realizing he was unjustified to treat Renton badly. His final words towards Renton were "It's just like him to graduate without consent".

In the manga, Renton has a far better relationship with Holland, as the ladder has never physically or emotionally abuse him in any way, as well as the fact that Holland gives him the respect he deserves, he also acknowledges Renton as Eureka's partner, and never try to keep them apart.

Talho Yuki[edit | edit source]

When Renton first joined the Gekkostate, Talho enjoyed teasing him and often used his feelings for Eureka against him to get him to do whatever she wanted him to. Renton was confused over her actions towards him, but he was able to win her respect after saving her from some thugs. She was one of the few members of the crew who felt that Renton was being treated unfairly and deserved recognition for his importance on the Gekko.

She especially took the firm step in defending Renton when Holland started abusing him and confronted him for his hypocrisy in beating Renton for things that aren't his fault when it is Holland who runs away from his problems. However, she still treated Renton harshly so that he could learn to understand the situations around him and grow up. After his return to the Gekko, along with becoming somewhat more gentle with Renton and learning to look past his relation to Diane, also admitted that she has been unfair to him as well when she apologized for Holland's and indirectly her own behavior towards him. Talho takes on a surrogate mother figure towards him and offers him advice on how to strengthen his relationship with Eureka onwards.

Gekkostate[edit | edit source]

Renton's relationship with the Gekkostate started off as intense but later became that of a family. In seasons 1 and 2, Renton was the "busboy of the Gekko" and was forced to do maid-like chores. He was often dismissed or ignored by his crew mates, teased by the children, and abused physically and emotionally by Holland, who refused to acknowledge him as Eureka's partner. This mistreatment caused him to believe that he was hated by everyone, including Eureka.

Renton was able to pilot the Nirvash type ZERO with Eureka, but when Eureka was hospitalized, Renton was forbidden to be on the Nirvash. This vanishes after it is discovered that the Nirvash needs both Eureka and Renton to maximize its full power. Due to the ill treatment he received, he eventually left the Gekko, but upon his return, the members of Gekkostate exhibited greater respect for Renton and are more open towards him as both individuals and fellow shipmates, especially after discovering he is truly Eureka's partner.

Furthermore, Renton gained their trust as his skills as an LFO pilot improve and he matures more. Eventually, his relationship with the members of Gekkostate evolves into a familial one, which is affirmed by Ken-Goh by referring to Renton as "their son" in the last episode. Renton also emphatically insists on calling Moon Doggie "Brother Doggie", establishing him as his older brother.

Charles and Ray Beams[edit | edit source]

When Renton left the Gekkostate, he met Charles and Ray Beams in a town. The two of them brought him to their ship and allowed him to stay after he explained to them that he was traveling around with no where to go but kept his true identity a secret. Through the brief time he was with them, they treated Renton as their son, and Renton felt happy and accepted. Charles taught Renton about the trapar winds and to feel them, and that for Renton to achieve freedom, he has to keep his word and face the hardships around him.

Then Renton discovered that the Beams were part of the military set on capturing the Nirvash and the Gekkostate, and although he was troubled by the decision of staying with them and letting the Gekkostate be caught or leaving and hurting the couple who loved him like a son, he chose to leave them. When Renton returned to the Gekkostate to warn the crew about the couple, Charles and Ray were killed by Holland, and with that Renton changed a bit more and realized what Charles taught him was the thing for him to save Eureka. Although disturbed of their involvement with the military and their desperate attempts to kill Eureka and the Gekkostate, Renton knows that they were actually good people at heart, and because of this, he is able to forgive them for their actions and keeps the memories of his time with them close in mind.

Dominic Sorel[edit | edit source]

Renton first met Dominic in season 1, when the two reluctantly allied together to get medicine for Eureka and Anemone. Despite technically being enemies, they parted ways on good terms, and don't personally met again, although, they encountered each other again as Renton helped Anemone understand her feelings for Dominic, who came to save her. In the manga, they have a stronger partnership, where Dominic sacrifices himself to help Renton get to Eureka and stop the Coralian Zone from destroying the planet.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To self) It all sucks. This town sucks, my life sucks, but as long as I got waves, everything's okay. As long as I can lift, it's no problem. So you see, I'm okay, sis! I've got my lifting and as long as I can keep lifting, no matter where I am, everything's great...
  • (To self) But you know what Holland says about that? 'Where you were born, doesn't matter much. The spot a person really needs is always right in front of their eyes'. I'm gonna get big, right here on this spot. You see I'm gonna earn myself a really big name and then I'll pull off a cut-back-drop-turn on an LFO just like Holland.
  • (To self) This totally sucks. That's right. This city completely sucks. It's a hopeless city that's like the definition of sucks. Even if I wanna lift, you don't get any decent waves here. If you want any kind of life, you gotta join the military. But then, I don't know how it is I'm gonna be able to get out of this city. I'm too young to know that. I mean, I've only been alive for 14 years. So all I can do is stay here in the city that totally sucks.
  • (To self) This just...this just...this city just...SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!
  • (About Eureka) She's so cute!
  • (To self) I'm so smart!
  • (About Eureka) Amazing! She's so nice!
  • (To Eureka) It's alright! I may not look it, but I'm a professional mechanic.
  • (To Eureka) See, when you become a mechanic of my caliber, you can sense that machines have feelings, too.
  • (To self) Sis, this is amazing. She's the ideal girl that doesn't think that the things I say are strange! Sure, she's a little weird, but she's so worried about having trashed my room that she wants to use a flamethrower to burn...burn...burn!?
  • (To self) I know what you're thinking, sis. But it's not like I'm trying to pull off this crazy stunt just because Grandpa told me to. It's just...it's just, I had to tell that girl what I wasn't able to say to her before. The things you told me way back then and the things I have come to believe in now. So, let's go, Renton! Come on, let's go! I'm taking off after that girl.
  • (To Eureka) You see, I did it because of you and I can't do it without you! I guess that I'm totally in love with you!
  • (To self) But, at that moment, all I wanted to do is rescue her. And then, it was like, Nirvash told me to trust it, to trust that feeling. That's why I finally decided to believe in it. But believing it, I thought that just maybe I would be able to rescue her. Because I thought that it would be the proof of what I believe in.
  • (To Axel) So, I'm gonna stop running away now. I'm gonna stop. I'm not gonna run anymore. I'm gonna get some training. I wanna train so that, someday, I can become a mechanic, just like you, Grandpa.
  • (To self) I guess, maybe I should have taken some time and given this whole situation a lot more thought. And I really should have tried to imagine exactly what kind of life I was getting myself into and what kind of experiences were waiting ahead for me. But sis...I was just so happy about finally finding something I could really live for, and I was so engrossed by the clear eyes of the girl who's next to me. I used to feel like it was wrong, to even be thinking about this sort of thing.
  • (To self) Whoever said that first love is both sweet and sour is dead wrong; it's only bitter.
  • (To self) Right. I won't let go even if I die! And I don't want to let go either.
  • (To self) I am me!
  • (To self) No, it's okay. It's better if you don't know right now. Just stay who you are.
  • (To Eureka) You like me, Eureka?
  • (To Eureka) I love you, Eureka.
  • (To Holland) Never beg...you earn, by winning, or else you won't get anything...that's right, isn't it, Holland?
  • (To self) I can fly.
  • I'm sorry Eureka ... I'm going to have to destoy some of your coralian friends because no matter what I HAVE TO BE WHERE YOU ARE EEUURREEKKAA!!!!
  • Don't just say bye-bye. Don't just go by yourself.....Eureka.
  • (To Ao) If it's for you, I don't care how much hardships I had to endure...son.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • From the first episode, Renton made it clear that he hated his father, Adroc, because he believed Adroc abandoned the family for his research, and felt no sympathy for the man despite him being "dead". However, when Eureka told Renton that Adroc released the Amita drive to protect his family, Renton was able to forgive his father and even expressed his feelings with no malice to him when they finally met in the Scub Command Center.
  • Although he is initially presented as an immature boy, Renton is revealed to actually be a genius; seen with his skills in mechanical engineering, his ability to pilot Nirvash, and when he invents the first IFO by combining his knowledge of the Scub Coral and LFOs.
  • In the manga, Renton designed the Nirvash TypeZERO spec 2 form from parts, which earned him recognition as a mechanic almost as great as his grandfather.
  • Renton joined the Gekkostate for three reasons: to lift as much as possible, to be near Holland, and to be together with Eureka. However, his reasons become that to protect Eureka and end the war between the humans and Coralians.
  • In Eureka Seven: AO, the front set of his brown hair is white; why this happened is never explained.
  • His son, Ao, inherited all of Renton's facial features while having Eureka's eye and skin color. Ao's hair was originally brown like Renton's, but it turned turquoise when he first came into contact with the Nirvash. He is also as blunt as Renton is, according to Eureka.
  • Although he doesn't want to be involved with violence and use guns, Renton is willing to fight in order to protect his loved ones, and has used a gun without firing one about three times in Eureka Seven and carries around the rifle that had previously belonged to Charles in Eureka Seven: AO.
  • It is revealed in episode 50 (according to the family record book) that Renton married Eureka and adopted the children on April 2, 12006.
    • The episode also revealed that his date of birth is on February 28, 11090.
  • Renton was 16 when he married Eureka and adopted the children. Although the age of consent to marriage is unknown in the Eureka Seven series, it is more likely that he needed consent from his grandfather (as his only guardian) to get married. The formality of the adoption is unknown, as adoptive parents must be at least 18 or older to legally adopt.
  • In total, Renton has five children with Eureka: three sons and two daughters. At 16, he adopts Maurice, Maeter and Linck, and has always treated them as his own children. Shortly after, Eureka gives birth to his biological children, Amber and Ao.
  • It is thought that Renton's name is inspired by Mark Renton, a character from the film Trainspotting and his surname, Thurston, is a reference to Thurston Moore of the band Sonic Youth.
  • How Renton resented his father, Adroc, for supposedly abandoning the family for his research is similar to how his own son, Ao, resents him due to Ao's initial belief that Renton abandoned him and Eureka. However, Renton later discovered that his father sacrificed himself to save his family and the planet from the First Summer of Love. Also, Ao discovered that Renton always loved him and Eureka, and sacrificed his own happiness and was trying to destroy the Scub Coral in order to save his son due to the guilt he feels for failing to save his late daughter.
  • According to the DVD commentary of Episode 1 done by Kaori Nazuka and Yuko Sanpei (Eureka's and Renton's respective seiyus), it was decided in the studio while recording episode 1 by the cast members that all males in the Thurston snort when they become angry (As Axel did when Renton claimed he would put him in a retirement home in Episode 1). It can be assumed that this applies to Renton, Adrock, and Ao as well.
  • In the first novel, Blue Monday, it is noted that Renton is the third shortest boy in his school and he had dated one classmate, but never had a romantic interest in girls until he met Eureka.
  • Despite rejecting his grandfather's attempts to force him to become a mechanic, Renton always intended to be a mechanic and actually enjoys it. Also, even though he wanted nothing to do with the military, he ended up working for the military as a scientist due to his work in creating the RA272 Nirvash and his involvement in conducting research on the disappearance of the Scub Coral.
  • In Eureka Seven: AO, Eureka told Ao that his Quartz Gun is the weapon Renton has been searching for a long time in order to save them, but how he has knowledge of the gun, which originates from Ao's world and wasn't in Ao's possession during her first appearance, is unknown.
  • Keiji Fujiwara (his voiced actor as an adult) also voiced Holland Novak.
  • In the final chapter of Eureka Seven nAnO, Renton still retains his sense of humor as an adult and what he wanted upon meeting Ao for the first time was a kiss, but was awarded with a punch from his son instead. However, he quickly forgave Ao and shared a happy family reunion with Eureka and Ao by playing soccer.

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