A Seventh Swell generated by Renton and Eureka w/ the Spec 2 Nirvash.

The Seven Swell Phenomenon is a rare event of immense dormant power within the archetype of the Nirvash typeZERO that is triggered through the "Amita Drive" and "Compac Drive". In order to release the Seven Swell, the minds of the pilots of the Nirvash must have an emotional agreement. When it is released, the results is a explosion of trapar waves in various colors. Although it is said to be so dangerous to the point it is banned from ever being unleashed, the effects of event are unknown but it is suggested to be what made Ray Beams sterile, and most things caught in its path will either be blown away or incinerated. It has also shown to make LFOs go crazy(shedding their armor, exposing their arch type bodies). When it's seen for the first time during the series it causes a massive crater to form and changes the other LFOs into salt. It lasts for exactly 1246 seconds.

The first time the Seven Swell was released was a decade before the series began, during an experiment Adroc was conducting with Eureka and the Nirvash. However, this only triggered the First Summer of Love due to him not being Eureka's true partner, and Adroc sacrificed his life to stop the event from the destruction of the world. The second time the Seven Swell was released was in the second episode, due to Renton's overwhelming desire to protect Eureka. After becoming the co-pilot of the Nirvash, Renton and Eureka are able to release the Seven Swell more often when their minds are in perfect synch, and they are able to use it defeat the Nirvash typeTheEND in one of their battles and destroy the antibody Coralians.

Eureka Seven: AO[edit | edit source]

The Seven Swell appears a few times in AO, but as pillars of light. It is also revealed that the Seven Swell is capable of taking individuals or objects to a different universe or time. Specifically, at the end of episode 22, when seven pillars of light revealed to actually be the Seven Swell appear to Renton to take him to the world Eureka and their son, Ao are in.

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