Spearhead SH-101
Spearhead sh-101 pair
Driver Charles Beams
Ray Beams
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The only model of the Spearhead series that appears in Eureka Seven is the Spearhead SH-101 (スピアヘッド SH-101), the two of which seen are piloted by the freelancers, Charles and Ray.

The Spearhead is a special combat LFO that doesn't lift using a board, instead, it uses ref board-like plates attached to its back near the waist. The SH-101 is equipped with several lasers on independently mobile mounting points and a pair of large retractable knives in its forearms. It also has a battering ram on its head to smash holes through windows or other weak points on an enemy craft. Charles Beams makes a comment that the SH-101's specs should be much higher than the Nirvash typeZERO's Spec 1 even though it is eluding his SH-101 with much ease. The existence of the Spearheads are unknown, after Charles and Ray are killed.

Flying without needing a ref board as they are attached to the body instead