The Special Operations Force, or S.O.F., was a special military force under the directive of the United Federation.

Before the beginning of the series, the leader of the S.O.F. was Dewey Novak. His younger brother, Holland Novak, and another officer, Charles Beams, both served as unit leaders. Talho is known to have served as an intelligence officer, but got demoted due to her illicit relationship with her superior officer, who was likely to be Dewey. Eureka was transferred to the SOF following Adroc Thurston's disappearance, and was placed in Holland's care.

The SOF is known for it's role in the Cuidades del Cielo massacre, which occurred three years prior to the series beginning. The SOF stormed into the city based on Dewey's claims that the Vodarac people were protecting the Coralians, which led them to being labeled as terrorists, and it led to numerous fatalities. However, once Holland discovered Dewey's true intentions from Norb, he quit the military, taking Eureka, Talho, Ken-Goh, and the Gekko with him. Dewey was blamed for his brother's actions on deserting the military and was imprisoned. Afterwards, the SOF was disbanded (while in the manga, it was reinstated following Dewey's release from prison).

Known SOF members[edit | edit source]

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