ストナー (Sutonā)
First Appearance
  • Manga Chapter Unknown
  • Anime Episode 1
Voiced by:

Yasunori Matsumoto


Doug Stone

Biological Information
  • 30 years old (debut) (E7)
  • 32 years old (ending) E7)
  • 46 years old (debut) (AO; if he appeared)
  • 48 years old (ending) (AO; if he appeared)


Physical description


Hair color

Dark Gray

Eye color


Personal Information



Dewey Novak

Stoner (ストナー Sutonā) is a member of the Gekkostate, serving as their photographer.

Character[edit | edit source]

Stoner is the photographer and journalist for ray=out, an underground lifter-culture periodical magazine where he denounces the military's crimes and depicts the daily life of the Gekkostate members to their fans around the world. Stoner is a pacifist and, unlike most of the crew, not a lift boarder, so he does not use an LFO. Instead, he rides with Matthieu. Being a pacifist, he does not like to use weapons either. This is evident when Ray and Charles infiltrate the Gekko and he declines the use of a weapon and mentions that "whatever happens, happens".

His role on the Gekkostate, other than documenting their adventures and publishing them in ray=out, is that of a philosopher. He is one of the few members who understands the complicated relationship between humans, trapar, and the Scub Coral, and how science and religion oppose each other in the world's current circumstances. He takes an interest in Renton and Eureka's unique relationship and decides to help spread the truth about them by using a picture of them happily riding a longboard in the sunset as the front cover of the next issue of ray=out. This alone allows the Gekkostate to earn the alliance of the Izumo crew, along with Jurgens and Dominic.

In episode 38, he tells Eureka that he is a "war orphan". Stoner often likes to expound on his philosophical ideas at any time and place, including those which may be least appropriate, such as from the back seat of the R606 in the middle of LFO combat. He also likes to take photos mid-flight, and often requests Matthieu fly in such a way as to make his pictures come out perfectly, in spite of the situation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has a resemblance to Ernesto "Che" Guevara.
  • There is speculation that he smokes marijuana, although it could be due to his name.
  • He is the one responsible for Maurice's interest in photography, after having taught him how to use a camera in episode 30.
  • In Eureka Seven: The Day After, Stoner resigned from the Gekkostate on April 1, 12006, and it is speculated that he travels around the world with Hap.
  • In the final chapter of the manga, he is last seen working as a freelance photographer.

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