The Swan (Hakucho-Go in the original Japanese) is the ship that serves as the home and base of operations of mercenary Charles Beams and his wife Ray.

It is an airship with two underbelly launch catapults, used to launch the Beams's two Spearhead LFOs, and its bird-like overall design makes it extremely similar in appearance to the SL-1200 MkII Gekko. The Swan is of a class of ship that is used by the Federation military, though in a customized white-on-blue paint scheme rather than the Federation model's solid black.

After running away from the Gekko, Renton found himself taken in by Charles and Ray onboard the Swan, whose accomodations are much more homelike than on the Gekko. After Renton leaves the Swan to return to the Gekko, Eureka, who had stolen Gidget's ref board and left to try and find him, stumbles across the Swan's flightpath, and Ray unsuccessfully attempts to shoot her down with the Swan's guns.

The Swan's final sortie is when Ray, driven mad with grief and anger over Charles's death and desperate to kill Eureka, whom she holds personally responsible for her infertility, launches a last-ditch coordinated attack against the Gekko using the Swan and the remotely-operated Spearheads. After the Spearheads are destroyed, she attempts to ram the Swan into the Gekko, which destroys it with a salvo from its laser cannons along with Holland Novak attacking it with his Terminus typeR909.

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