Terminus B303
Driver Holland Novak
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The Terminus typeB303 "Devilfish" is a Light Finding Operation in Eureka Seven.


The typeB303 "Devilfish" is piloted by Holland Novak. The typeB303 "Devilfish" is likely one of the most powerful and dangerous LFOs, due to its unique design. Unlike other LFOs, it is not equipped with a limiter, which allows it to function to the very zenith of its capabilities. However, to keep up, the pilot must take special drugs which enhances their nervous system to keep them from blacking out. Constant intake of these drugs can have dire consequences and is considered near-suicidal. As shown in the movie, the typeB303 "Devilfish" is thought of being able to allow the pilot to determine the 'Soul' of a target to allow a more accurate kill as shown in the movie, Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows. No details have been given to believe that this is a function in the Anime series.

The Devilfish is silver in color and has the novel ability to function in both space and planetary atmospheres. It was apparently in top-secret storage for some time, before Holland retrieves it to replace his destroyed typeR909. The Devilfish is armed with two laser cannons and a set of smaller homing lasers, both built into the shoulders. The lift board of the Devilfish also features powerful verniers for quick thrusts in certain directions. It is capable of flying at considerable speed for an unknown distance without a lift board thanks to rockets mounted on its back. It is not known if it has a vehicle mode like the other Terminus series.

The Devilfish is used frequently by Holland after his Terminus typeR909 is destroyed by the Nirvash TypeTheEND. Its abilities, along with Hollands skills, can absolutely crush enemy KLF squadrons by itself. Its fate is left unknown at the end of the series once Holland performs a kamikaze attack into the Ginga's 2nd command bridge.


  • The name typeB303 "Devilfish" is a direct reference to the famous Devilfish mod for the Roland TB-303 bass-line synthesizer, which vastly expands the capabilities of the machine.
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