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Terminus typeR505
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Driver Holland Novak
Sumner Sturgeon
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The Terminus typeR505 is a Light Finding Operation in Eureka Seven.


The typeR505 LFO is used by Sumner Sturgeon in TR1: New Wave. Additionally, it was used by Holland Novak when he was still in the Special Operations Forces, and used by the pilots of the second SOF squadron (including Logica) in the manga, when it was reformed by Dewey Novak. Sumner's unit is black and white in color, since it was originally intended to be a spare-parts machine for his squadron; the standard type is olive, and the SOF's standard 505 is navy blue. All stock 505s have a single visor-shaped main sensor on their "face," and a smaller secondary sensor above it; the SOF types, including Sumner's, also have a pair of fin-shaped antennae on their head. The 505 is notable in that it was one of the first mass-produced LFO's ever to be equipped with a fully functional lift board.

The 505 is equipped with a pair of boomerang knives and has a variety of optional back weapons, including various laser guns, machine guns, railguns, rocket launchers, and a quad missile launcher pod intended for aerial combat. Sumner's is upgraded over the years, including the addition of a ref-board, and later custom modifications which appear to add two five-tube missile launchers to the sides, increased speed and agility, and a modified head module with four eye-like sensors. This variant of the R505 is named the TypeR505 Kai.


Like the rest of the Terminus series LFOs, the 505 is a reference to the Roland TR-505 drum machine.