Terminus typeR606
Driver Matthieu
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The Terminus typeR606 is a Light Finding Operation in Eureka Seven.


The typeR606 is mainly piloted by Matthieu, accompanied by Stoner, who is generally taking photos for Ray=out, for most of the series. The typeR606 is yellow-orange in color. Its high maneuverability and short activation time makes it the easiest craft to pilot. It is equipped with a pair of boomerang knives, an arm-mounted chain gun, but no fixed directed energy weaponry. In episode 20, Holland Novak pilots the 606 with a large beam gun mounted on its right arm, in place of a boomerang knife. The 606 is seen equipped with this weapon again in episodes 40-42. The 606 also makes an appearance in the video game, Eureka Seven vol.2: The New Vision, it's armament is similar to the anime series' 606, along with a machine gun mounted on its left arm.


  • Interestingly, the Nirvash Type-Zero is stated to be the only LFO built from an Archetype that was intended as a two-seater unit from the outset, whereas the typeR606 was apparently built from a similar archetype to most normal LFOs; in spite of this it features a two-person cockpit, which takes up most of its upper torso and covers the area where a standard Terminus' head is mounted.
  • Like the rest of the Terminus series LFOs, the 606 is a reference to the Roland TR-606 drum machine.
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