Terminus typeR808
Driver Hilda
Height 14.2 (LFO)
2.7 (vehicle)
Weight 23.3
Max Output 4100/110-130
Max Velocity 260
Seating Capacity 1
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The Terminus typeR808 (ターミナス type R808(通称 ハチ・マル・ハチ) Tāminasu type R808 (Tsuushou Hachi Maru Hachi)) is a Light Finding Operation piloted by Hilda.


The R808 is baby blue in color, and its head has sensors only on the left side, giving it a peculiar asymmetrical appearance. It is equipped with a pair of flying-disc knives and a dual high-power long-range laser cannon, giving it the most firepower of the Gekko LFOs. It has a very high power consumption, so its range of activity is limited. This LFO specializes in mid-to-long combat, it can engage in close-range combat with it's knives though it's recommended to steer clear from the front lines.

Trivia Edit

Like the rest of the Terminus series LFOs, the 808 is a reference to the Roland TR-808 drum machine.
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