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The Final Frontier


Japanese Airdate

20 November, 2012

English Airdate

15 October, 2013

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The Final Frontier (ザ・ファイナル・フロンティア Za Fainaru Furontia) is the twenty-third episode of the anime series Eureka Seven: AO. It was part of the hour-long ending of the anime series shown on November 2012 together with the final episode, The Door Into Summer.

The episode title is derived from the album The Final Frontier by the British band Iron Maiden.


Truth and Ao fight for the Quartz Gun until it fires once more, erasing Truth and converting Ao's Nirvash into the "Nirvash Neo". It also rewrites history once more to render it such that Generation Bleu defeated the Allied forces including Naru. As Naru is being hospitalized, Ao witnesses the Nirvash Spec V3 coming from the pillar and encounters it, meeting his father Renton for the first time.

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