• Hi! In the Eureka Seven Hi Evolution: Anemone movie, its revealed that every version of Eureka Seven is considered canon and official.

    When Anemone frees eureka after an encounter that looks like its was taken straight out of Summer Wars film, Eureka mentions having a dream about being with Renton.

    And this dream sequence (which is a blink and you miss it event) shows scenes from every single version of the eureka seven franchise- The manga, the games, the sequel series, the films, the ovas, etc.. All of it.

    This confirms that every variation of Eureka Seven that has ever been released is part of the same universe and canon. 

    Which means, there isn't any non canon or different elements to the series. everything is part of the same experience that Renton and Eureka had.

    I thought you should know. ^^

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