Toshio Fukai
フカイ・トシオ (Fukai Toshio)
First Appearance

AO Anime Episode 1

Last Appearance

AO Anime Episode 24

Voiced by:

Katsunosuke Hori


R Bruce Elliott

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Personal Information

Ao Fukai (adopted grandson)



Toshio Fukai is a character in Eureka Seven: AO. A doctor on the island of Iwato Jima, he is Ao Fukai's guardian and friend


Toshio took in Eureka, who was then pregnant with her son, Ao, and hid her from the locals, due to their hatred towards her for being a foreigner and having such strange hair, the result of which they vandalized his home. After Eureka was taken by the Americans during the Scub Coral incident that happened 10 years before the anime begins, he adopts Ao and raises him as his own grandson. Despite Ao not being biologically related to him, he cares deeply for Ao and always wants the best for him. Once Ao reaches middle school age, he allows Ao to choose to continue going to school or to join up with Generation Bleu, saying he's old enough to decide for himself after he witnesses Ao pilot the Nirvash Neo to defeat the Secret attacking Iwato.

Toshio doesn't make any other significant appearances until episodes 14 and 24. In episode 14, Ao returns home to search for information about his older sister, whom he had been unaware of, and confided in Toshio that he believed his father abandoned his mother. Toshio then tells Ao that Eureka had told him that her husband was fighting for her and Ao's lives. In the same episode, it was revealed that he delivered Ao when he was born. In episode 24, Ao's father, Renton Thurston, suddenly arrives and thanks Toshio for taking care of his family. Soon after, once Renton leaves and takes the Quartz Gun from him, Toshio reveals to Ao that Eureka told him that his older sister died as an infant and his parents' reason for trying to destroy the Scub Coral is to keep Ao alive. It is unknown what happened to him after the Quartz Gun was fired for the last time, although he is most likely continuing his medical practice, living away from other people while helping them when they need it, and may not remember Ao.