The Nirvash utilizing Trapars to fly in the air.

Transparence light particles (トランサパランス・ライト・パーティクル toransaparensu Raito Pātikuru), or simply trapar (トラパー torapā), are a form of energy produced by the Scub Coral. Trapars are a particulate matter which behaves much like water or strong wind currents. In order to "ride" trapar, the utilization of reflection films are required which are created from captured skyfish. Trapar are released from the Scub Coral's powerful metabolism. As a result, trapar can be completely manipulated and produced by coralians.

Eureka Seven: AOEdit

In AO, trapars are not very abandunt in the atmosphere and have to be mined from Scub Coral remains. Ao utilizes his ability to see trapars to pilot the Nirvash Neo by following their flow. Also, the fact that the main difference between Ao and humans is his ability to see the Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrums; puts trapars somewhere in either of the two light spectrums (likely being in the Ultraviolet spectrum as it has a higher energy level than infrared.) Also in Eureka Seven: AO, it is revealed that trapar is a danger to the well-being of a Human-Coralian hybrid and is even fatal to the hybrid in dense quantities; seen when it was revealed that Renton and Eureka's daughter turned to stone and died three months after birth due to the Human and Coralian cells rejecting each other because of the atmosphere of their world. Renton and Eureka's decision to send their son, Ao, to the past in another universe would prevent him from suffering from the same fate as the atmosphere there would allow him to survive.

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