The United Federation is a force in Eureka Seven who Gekkostate is at odds with.

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The United Federation of Predgio Towers is a military force under the command of The Council of the Sages (Coda, Braya and Kuzemi), who serve as not only the main authority of the United Federation but also the entire world. Serving under the Council is Colonel Dewey Novak, who, as the Lieutenant-General at that time, directed a powerful and elite military force called the S.O.F, also known as the "Special Operation Forces", and enlisted several highly military-skilled individuals, such as his own younger brother Holland. Prior to the series' debut, Adroc was a scientist who served in the Federation to study the Scub Coral, through which, he discovered Eureka and the Nirvash typeZERO. After his disappearance following the first activation of the Seven Swell, the Federation, under Dewey's order, placed Eureka in the SOF to use the Nirvash for the military's own benefit. After Holland deserted the military, taking Eureka and the Nirvash with him, Dewey was blamed for his brother's actions and imprisoned by the Council of Sages. after his release, he sought complete control over the Federation in his attempts to exterminate the Scub Coral. The Federation is responsible for building the Oratorio Number 8, which is designed with the purpose of destroying the Scub Command Cluster, and to achieve his goal to gain power over the Federation, Dewey murders all but one of the sages; the sole survivor, Coda, gives him the authority of the military.

The Gekkostate is stuck in a violent, bitter war against the Federation military because the Gekkostate seeks to protect the Scub Coral and prove Adroc's theory that it is a sentient living being. Initially, the Gekko crew thinks the entire Federation wants to eliminate the Scub Coral, but they later learn that it is simply Dewey's own personal goal and the rest of the Federation is following him out of obedience. Towards the end of the series, the Gekkostate manages to convince only the Izumo crew, led by Captain Jurgens, of Dewey's intentions, and the Izumo crew fights against the Federation to help the Gekkostate protect the Scub Command Cluster and save the world from the Limit of Questions.

They have a hierarchy of military forces that seems to start at the top at Federation forces then to the State Army. Below those are multiple groups of vigilante forces which operate under private individuals who have obtained licenses from the government, such as Charles and Ray Beams.

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