Hi. I'm Zero. Been a part of this wikia since February, 2009. Talk to me on my Talk Page.

Normally, I seem asleep. But if something catches my interest I persue it till the end. What ever goals I set myself. I never give up untill they are met or proven impossible. Not even if they take a decade. Seriously. Zero Sign - Zero - Talk 15:23, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

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Anime Episode PagesEdit

  1. Blue Monday (NH)
  2. Blue Sky Fish (NH)
  3. Motion Blue (Complete)
  4. Watermelon (UC)
  5. Vivid Bit (NH)
  6. Childhood (NH)
  7. Absolute Defeat (NH)
  8. Glorious Brilliance (NH)
  9. Paper Moon Shine (NH)
  10. Higher Than the Sun (NH)
  11. Into the Nature (NH)
  12. Acperience 1 (NH)
  13. The Beginning (NH)
  14. Memory Band (NH)
  15. Human Behavior (NH)
  16. Opposite View (NH)
  17. Sky Rock Gate (NH)
  18. Ill Communication (NH)
  19. Acperience 2 (NH)
  20. Substance Abuse (NH)
  21. Runaway (NH)
  22. Crackpot (NH)
  23. Differentia (NH)
  24. Paradise Lost (NH)
  25. World's End Garden (NH)
  26. Morning Glory (NH)
  27. Helter Skelter (NH)
  28. Memento Mori (NH)
  29. Keep on Movin' (NH)
  30. Change of Life (NH)
  31. Animal Attack (NH)
  32. Start It Up (NH)
  33. Pacific State (NH)
  34. Inner Flight (NH)
  35. Astral Apache (NH)
  36. Fantasia (NH)
  37. Raise Your Hand (NH)
  38. Date of Birth (NH)
  39. Join the Future (NH)
  40. Cosmic Trigger (NH)
  41. Acperience 3 (NH)
  42. Star Dancer (NH)
  43. The Sunshine Underground (NH)
  44. It's All in the Mind (NH)
  45. Don't You Want Me? (NH)
  46. Planet Rock (NH)
  47. Acperience 4 (NH)
  48. Ballet Mechanique (NH)
  49. Shout to the Top! (NH)
  50. Wish Upon a Star (NH)

Manga Chapter PagesEdit

  1. Start Today

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