Vivid Bit




Japanese Airdate

15 May, 2005

English Airdate

13 May, 2006

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Renton goes with Talho and Hilda on a routine shopping errand, but when Talho gets drunk and into trouble, it's up to Renton to protect her by piloting a combat LFO for the first time.


The episode begins with Mischa conducting a series of tests with Renton, Eureka, and the Nirvash. Eureka effortlessly takes the Nirvash through a dizzying array of maneuvers, all of which contribute to Renton's severe case of motion sickness.

Renton's embarrassing musing about his feelings for Eureka are overheard by Talho, who proceeds to tease and blackmail him. Holland and Eureka go shopping for mechanical parts for the Nirvash, while Hilda, Talho, and Renton go shopping for personal items. After learning that a certain ring was just sold out at a jewelry store, Talho proceeds to get drunk at a local diner.

Three heavily modified LFOs (complete with huge subwoofers) pull into the diner's parking lot. Talho gets into a fight with the riders, who decide to try to take advantage of her. Renton tries to stop them using the 606, but he is outmaneuvered by the more experienced riders. Hilda contacts Holland and Eureka, who hurry to the diner in the Nirvash.

Before the offending rider could do anything, Holland restrains him, as Eureka and the Nirvash eviscerate one of the LFOs that was kicking the fallen 606. The third rider tries to crush Talho, but instead crushes a jewelry box as Holland tackles her to safety. Enraged, Holland opens the cockpit and retaliates.

Renton comes to in the copilot seat of the 606 with Talho and a mountain of gifts. Talho eases Renton's cramped situation by switching the canopy to transparent, and Renton says that he doesn't become sick when he's piloting or lifting—a fact that Hilda proceeds to exploit. Although it is crushed, the ring Holland purchased is treasured by Talho. Renton then proceeeds to throw up in the 606, much to Talho and Hilda's disgust.


  • The name of this episode is a reference to "Vivid" by Electronic.
  • Eureka's "children" make it clear that they dislike Renton.
  • Mattieu reveals that the children are actually adopted by Eureka.
  • According to Renton, his first week after joining the Gekkostate has not been so exciting as he thought it would be; he is forced to do maid-like chores and becomes the target for pranks by fellow crew members.
  • Renton humiliates himself by throwing up on the Nirvash due to not being used to pilot it, which everyone, especially the kids, make fun of.
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